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Social media advertising started out as a single-channel practise more than a decade ago when the idea of a digital media platform where people could share their thoughts, emotions and opinions saw a rise in getting socially accepted on an at least not so narrow scale. Back then general SM sites existed only, and throughout the years more and more specialized ones emerged. You can now Snap a moment, Tweet a thought, or Pin an idea, the latter gaining increasing attention overtime.

We love to pin the moment. Read on if you do so too.

1. Why Do You Use Pinterest?

This is the type of questions which is inevitably going to produce vague answers. There could be an infinite number of reasons why one would decide to go to Pinterest instead of Snapchat, YouTube, or TikTok, and the same could be said why you wouldn’t go to Pinterest. However, some reasons could be pointed out, as the SM site clearly has its reasoning done well for their 335 million (yes) monthly active users.

Pinterest is a great tool to gain inspiration from the smallest to the largest challenges in life.

If you want to find entertainment or information on a product, you may go to YouTube, to stay connected with your friends you may go to Instagram, and for a more direct way of communication you may send them a Snap. However, when you are looking for ideas, in general, from things like decorating your room, planning your summer outfit, or even looking for the perfect gift for your significant other, you might as well decide to go to Pinterest. The platform is FULL of greater and greater ideas for many, many different things, they are easy to access and with the site’s built-in AI when you come across an idea of your preference, you are bombarded with additional ones that, in the most cases, reflect your desires. Wanna gain inspiration for something in life? Give Pinterest a shot.

Pinterest helps your search by leading to relevant websites, outside of the platform.

When you find an idea, you can Pin it, save it for later, but you may also decide to visit the source of those pins externally, which may help you find other stuff of your interest. If you are planning on decorating your room, for general items it’s good to find something you like and they search for something locally or domestically, as a lot of times many items look pretty similar, right? However, in case you need a specialized item, or a custom-design done and you finally, after a long day of search you found one, it might be great if you could catch the source immediately. On Pinterest, businesses can advertise themselves, which allows them to better reach out to you, but allows you, the user too to really find the stuff you desire.

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2. Facts. Data. Stats. The Geeky Stuff For Pinterest

Pinterest is a transparent organization, and due to its impact on the social and business world many studies and researches are being conducted on the platform. Here are the ones we found to be the most interesting and important ones to day.

Social media satisfactory index.

According to the social media satisfactory index, a measuring tool to gain an insight on the overall goods & bads of using one specific SM site in comparison to another one, Pinterest scores the highest with a score of 77 out of 100.

Growth & user base.

If you want to be part of a community, it helps if there are others in that circle too, right? Well, Pinterest has 335 million active monthly users, with a 26% growth achieved from last year.

Who uses it.

According to a recent study conducted by ComScore 80% of U.S. women use the paltform, including a lot of moms too. Additionally, 46% of women claim to be an active Pinner, in contrast to only 17% of men claiming to be so.

Wealth relevance.

Interestingly, it turns out that the social media site is much more popular amongst high income households than low income families. 41% of high income families claim to use Pinterest, whereas only 18% of low income households to the same.

Search type.

Pinterest has one competitive advantage over other platforms, and that is their visual search integration feature. According to official data by Pinterest there are approx. 600 million visual searches done per month, with 62% of millenials claiming that they demand such a feature.

Shopping statistics.

48% of people reportedly use Pinterest for shopping purposes too. Also, 85% of Pinterest shoppers put visuals above functionality with the product they are paying for. Periodic products work too, there’re approx. 3 BILLION saved holiday related pins per year.

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3. Getting Started? Here’re a Few Tips to Follow.

Get your name right.

The same way as on a YouTube channel on Pinterest naming is a crucial part for raising attention amongst the vast number of users. Naming depends on your goal too, be sure to clarify what your goals are when you register.

Create your boards.

This is Pinterest’s unique feature. You can not only save posts like on Instagram, but create boards of interests to better categorize your saved content. On Instagram, you can create folders for your saved posts as well, but on Pinterest these boards can be made public, allowing for another creative way of expressing yourself and reaching out to your audience.

Marketing, marketing, marketing.

If you want to take things to the next level you should consider advertising on the site too. Advertising on Pinterest is a different discussion, but generally speaking as 97% of searches on the platform is unbranded, it allows for a great and dependable way of advertising.

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4. Final Words

Pinterest allows for an all-around social media site, specializing in serving you with a great way to search for ideas, gain inspiration, and maybe even do the shopping there. Boards allow for a great way to organize your content, and the built-in ad features are something to look after as well. Backed by visual-searching Pinterest is a great social media platform to be on.


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.


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