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Snapchat provides an easy way to reach the young audience, preferably under the age of 25. With other social media platforms, both demographical and geographical filtering is available, however, Snap allows for a creative set-up of geographic based targeting, called geo-fencing.

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1. Geo-Fencing

With many social media platforms setting-up an ad is not a visual process, you rely on charts, drop-downs, tickboxes and scales to set up the segmentation and targeting of your campaign. Snap, however, allows you to set-up geographics-based targeting using your fingers and its built-in Maps integration, also known as geo-fencing. Via geo-fencing, you can easily target smaller locations for your ad, such as a restaurant or a specific event, which brings us to the next point.

Geo-fencing provides small-scale businesses with the oportunity to grow.

With campaign-based ad-setups, such as Facebook ads, broader targeting works much better than literally targeting a single restaurant, as we never actually “see” what we are targeting. However, as Snapchat is an app that relies on the overall visual experience it provides, geo-fencing might be a great solution for small-scale businesses, as money is only charged upon each 1000 impressions, and the ads are only shown to those currently at the restaurant, so to say.

Geo-fencing works well for event marketing.

It may not be a great idea to run an entire campaign for a single event, especially if it’s a small-scale event. Campaigns promoting that there is going to be an event work, but what about entertaining the audience while at the event, what about serving them well? Well, with geo-fencing you can set up ads to run at the event’s location, during the event, making every moment captured more personal, unique and satisfactory.

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2. Geo-Filters & Lenses

Geo-fencing provides an overall framework for ad-setups, however, what comes after depends on you. Snapchat’s unique arsenal of visual advertising includes filters and lenses, which may help you improve on your service’s quality while serving your customers.

Geo-filters allow for a location-based screen overlay effect.

Filters are image overlay effects that you can place on the top of any snap you take. These include both photos and videos as well, and the desired filter can be selected upon taking the Snap. These overlay effects are artistic in a sense that they contain visual information, instead of relying on pure text-based communication. You can creatively set up a targeted geo-filter for your venue, such as a restaurant, shopping mall or the area of an event, so that snaps taken there can be edited in a unique way, creating immersive experiences for your customers.

Filters can be used in correlation with geo-lenses too.

Lenses are real-time 3D photo & video effects that rely on augmented reality and artificial intelligence to project digital information into the physical world using your smartphone’s camera. This can be done in two ways: altering something existing in the real world, such as recoloring your hair or changing your facial structure, or placing a digital object into the real world. Snapchat allows lenses to be part of a campaign, and with the right geo-fencing set-up you can turn your customers into a pack of fries while they are sitting at your restaurant, increasing the overall immersion and experience of your service.

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3. Snapcodes

Although not exactly part of Snapchat’s advertising arsenal, Snapcodes can still bring a creative way to reach your customers and serve them well. Snapcodes are just like QR codes, unique to Snapchat. The same way a QR code has a CTA of taking you to a website or app download page snapcodes can take you to your restaurant’s website, open the menu card on your phone, or take your customers to you Instagram page for boosting traffic.

Snapcodes may be used for special discounts and coupons.

With snapcodes, you can also give your customers special discounts. For instance, you can set up a snapcode at each table in your restaurant, one of which has a unique CTA of downloading a coupon code. By doing so you improve the overall immersion of your service.

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4. Final words

Snapchat’s unique way of advertising techniques provide you with a great variety of opportunities to grow your local or small-scale business. If you aren’t using Snapchat as part of your advertising campaign, you may be missing out on many opportunities for boosting your sales and overall traffic.


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.

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