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Give upon billboards and rented car doors, social media advertising is THE way to go for improved awareness, a denser traffic, or an increase in your sales. Certain questions arise as you are working on your marketing plan. Which channels to use, what kind of ads to run, whom to target, and the list goes on. As a general tip, relying on the most popular social media channels with the highest potential reach could be a great starting point for the undecided. Facebook, the #01 social media platform with almost 3 billion registered users as of by 2020 is hard to put up any claims against when it comes to default channel selection.

Interested in creating your own campaigns? READ. ON.

1. What to Expect from Facebook?

When it comes ad set-up you can expect a LOT from Facebook for little effort given. Understanding takes experience, of course, but solely talking about ad-setup the platform provides a highly customizable solution with an easened up learning curve. On Facebook, campaigns are extensively high of customizability and they allow you to target who you want, when you want, where you want it, and how do you actually plan on reaching your audience.

People are willingly spending their money on Facebook, 73% claim they made a purchase in the past.

It’s great to expose yourself to the public and dive deep into the digital world, but if your goal cannot be attained in the end, why bother at the first place? Fortunately, about 7 of 10 individuals use the social media site to not only spend their time scrolling their feed, but actually make their shopping there. On top of that, with 4.5 billion internet users in 2020 it is unlikely that your ads will not arrive at your target.

17 billion USD in ad revenue by 2020 despite a decrease in demand for ads due to COVID-19.

17. BILLION. Dollars. That’s right, despite a vastly decreased demand for ads during the spiking point of COVID-19 the company still managed to gather such a vast amount of cash in ad revenue in 2020. Since it is the most widely used platform, and shopping on it is also socially adapted to, Facebook has proven that it remains a reliable source of digital income even under the worst circumstances for businesses.

The platform adds new and new features overtime. No abandonment.

Facebook is adding new and new features overtime, even on a monthly basis. New frontiers and new challenges arise overtime, and as such, the platform marketers choose as the main problem solvers for the advertising tasks they are facing need to change and adapt as well. Abandonment is extremely important, and seeing the team behind the platform constantly developing better and better solutions for its business users is a huge plus.

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2. Facebook Ad Types

Just like on every other social media platform capable of delivering ads Facebook’s ad manager also has a great number of options while setting-up an ad. However, despite the advantage of customization, the platform offers so many different ad types that it could be confusing when taking a first look. Below, the different ad types are broken down.

Messenger ads.

Before we get into what kind of ads appear on Facebook’s site, it is also relevant to consider the SM’s, social media platform’s child, Messenger. Having a chat-focused app set-up as a potential sales channel could be a great idea if it makes sense for the product or brand you are offering to reach out to your existing or potential customers in a more direct way. With Messenger, you ad will be shown in the inbox of your target user.

Local awareness ads.

Local awareness ads work best with Facebook’s built-in location-based targeting system. If you are the owner of a local store, then this ad type might be the perfect one for you, as it allows for an ad-setup, where your banners are only shown to people within a certain geographical location. Also, you can include a “Call now” or “Shop now” icon if you desire.

Offer ads.

With offer ads, anybody who clicks on your ad receives an email coupon that they can use to get a discount in your shop.

Event ads.

With this ad type you can invite people to join an upcoming event of yours. Talk about wide reach, huh? With event ads you can also set-up geographical targeting as well, if you want to limit your ad shown to a certain audience of people.

App ads.

App ads allow you to drive traffic to your Desktop, Mobile or Instagram app install page. With this ad type users can click on the “Install” button and be taken to your app’s install page directly.

Page post ads.

Page post ads are ads which appear in between posts while scrolling your Facebook feed. They can be in photo, video or text format and can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be “Like” ads, which is simply a post with an interactable Like Button. Creativity is all that you need.

Carousal & DPA ads.

Carousal ads contain multiple photos or videos all cluttered into a single ad. This might be extremely useful for showing off certain products. DPAs, dynamic product ads are retargeting ads based on your product catalogue. They work flawlessly well for boosting sales.

Collection & canvas ads.

Collection ads are product that’s with which you can show off multiple products at the same time, whereas canvas ads are interactable product ads on the mobile platform.


The current remaining ad formats include common photo and video ads, as well as boosted posts. Boosted posts are simple posts which you pay Facebook to promote for you on your site.

3. What Comes Next?

Creating audiences.

On Facebook, you can select geographic, demographic, interest-driven and behavioural targeting when it comes to your saved audiences. Each of them allows for unique settings and characteristics, interest-based targeting probably being one of the more interesting ones, as it relies on Facebook’s primary data collected from its users’ activities.

Ad bidding.

Facebook is auto-optimizing your ad delivery based on the bidding approach you choose. You can select a daily budget with unlimited ad duration, or you can set a total ad-set budget and select the start and end dates. You can also select how you ad should be delivered, are you aiming for reach or people interested?

Ad reporting.

Once all-set you can set up your own unique ad-reporting solution using Facebook’s report customiser. Different report formats with different KPIs included serve different purposes, and it’s also a plus that you have control over such a parameter.

4. Final Words

Facebook provides an all-around solution for social media advertising. With its detailed ad-setup you can really customize your marketing plan with the ad types you want, and with you paying for it as you want. If you are not doing the social media site yet, you should. Looks too challenging? Focus on the reward. Facebook is a great universal platform.


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.

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