In our industry, packages are very often offered that are supposed to make life easier for customers at a kind of flat rate, by not going into too much detail about the service composition. You can stand by it as you like, but the past has also shown that a granular representation of the services can often be confusing. That is why we have decided to summarize and describe our support in packages so that every customer can find himself again. IMPORTANT: These are not “real” packages, but reference values for various scenarios as we have seen them with us in recent years. 😀

Performance Service.

Performance Service describes a package size in which the entrepreneur only needs services to operate 2 specific channels. In this case, we encounter situations in which there is usually already a collaboration with a web and / or design agency and the company has not yet made any or hardly any efforts in online marketing. The necessary budget to cover agency costs is EUR 1.500,00.

Included services

  • Implementation of tracking codes
  • Setup of accounts/ restructuring of accounts (2 channels)
  • Monitoring and optimization of campaigns of 2 specific channel
  • Analysis of the user behaviour on the website (success measuring)

Ideal for  testing of different channels.
Many entrepreneurs do not know at the beginning which channel (Google Ads, Facebook, etc.) is suitable for them to advertise their brand, product or service. On a small scale, we can also test individual channels one after the other, and then check which one represents the greatest potential for us in total.

Interaction with internal and external resources necessary.
In this package, creative work and work on the website are not covered by us. The respective advertising material should therefore be provided by the company in any case.

Efficient analysis.
Since we limit ourselves to just one channel in this package, the overall budget remains very controllable and the advertising costs are directly effective in relation to the number of visitors to the website. The effect can be isolated well, especially when playing on one channel, since with several channels they often influence each other.

Fullstack Service.

As the name suggests, this service includes all sub-areas / departments of our range of services. In this package, we take on all sub-areas, starting with the creation of the content for the campaign management, conception of the campaign strategy, as well as comprehensive monthly / weekly analyzes in joint meetings. This package is usually chosen by companies that want to use all meaningful channels immediately or in the medium term in order to generate new customers or visibility. In order to cover all services, a budget of  EUR 4.500,00 is needed to cover agency costs.

Our services

  • Comprehensive strategy workshop
  • Support with internal budget and resource planning
  • Conception and creation of materials (video, image, text)
  • Target group segmentation, profiling and consumer insights
  • Implementation of the campaign strategy on all channels
  • Ongoing analysis and proactive suggestions for expansion of the data obtained

High and fast availability for changes and campaigns.
Thanks to our 24/7 availability, we can react to changes or error messages in the campaigns at any time. Our team works remotely and can be reached flexibly in terms of time so that actions and changes to the campaigns can take place quickly.

Outsourcing is usually cheaper than building up the internet.
In most cases it is difficult to find employees who can cover the entire spectrum of online marketing. The multitude of channels, constant innovations and changes in the handling of accounts, as well as the wide range of skills make all-rounders very rare. We offer all of this on terms that are usually more cost-effective than building up additional employees.

Carefree operational and strategic support without resource bottlenecks and idle times.
If we take care of all accounts and campaigns, the company has a contact person in our project management who coordinates all requirements and a campaign manager who is responsible for ongoing development. We are also happy to coordinate the purchase of external service providers or negotiate third-party marketing products for the benefit of our customers.

Custom Service.

The Custom Service includes every project that we do not fit into the two packages presented. This is about a high degree of individuality and special customer situations in which certain services are sometimes constantly or only occasionally purchased. Sparring accompaniments can be realized, whereby we support the development of internal know-how at the customer.

Our services

  • Qualitative support for campaigns through professional feedback
  • Set up and support individual channels
  • Irregular creation of advertising material
  • Strategic support as required

High demand for flexibility.
The customer has the greatest possible flexibility and can expand or reduce at any time. In contrast to package bookings, however, individual services are calculated at a higher hourly rate.

Unclear internal planning.
If it is still unclear within a company how this should develop in relation to marketing, then individual services usually offer an ideal, situation-related supplement.



Self-service is a business area that is currently still in development. We are planning an internal platform that provides interfaces and possibilities so that sole proprietorships or companies whose budget or objectives are not suitable with personal support can plan and update their campaigns themselves using our content and live coaching. For entrepreneurs who like to tackle things themselves, but don’t want to be alone.

Launch: 2022

Our services

  • Large database of knowledge and courses
  • Integration of all common channels
  • Subscription membership
  • Precise support via live call
  • Passive support and supervision by the agency’s staff


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