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Backslash Week 39 – News of the Week

We share our knowledge of online marketing, digitalization and entrepreneurship with you – read about the latest trends of the digital world, webdesign and SEA strategies or even get tips and suggestions for your social media presence.

Week 39 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened throughout this period. We’ve got some fascinating news for you. First, we mention how you can now share your posts to multiple groups at once on Facebook. Tiktok is also just launched its new ’Be Cybersmart’ campaign to help improve online security awareness. Later on, we mention that Snapchat has partnered up with WPP to advence AR. Google also just launched its new Multitask Unified Model this week, so we summarized the key points. Lastly, we provide a few insights on the newest updates of Facebook and Instagram direct messages.

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Facebook is testing a feature that lets people share one post to multiple groups at once. The feature will allow people to share the same post with up to 10 groups at once. Users can set up their different groups and select which one they want to share the content with.


This new feature will be a great way for marketers and influencers to reach more audiences without having to post it on their individual pages or groups. And for users trying their best not to spam other members in the group, they can finally do this without too much hassle.


WhatsApp limited message sharing to five times per message in January of last year in an attempt to curb the spread of disinformation in the platform, particularly COVID conspiracy content. In order to limit the capacity for misuse of its network, WhatsApp later added even stricter message forwarding restrictions.


As a result, WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, has essentially conceded that limiting the number of times a message may be forwarded, particularly in group chats, can have a significant influence on curbing the spread of disinformation. But now it wants to make those capabilities available on Facebook?


It’s ironic that this comes at a time when Facebook is being chastised for prioritizing its own development over the public good, and when it’s being questioned about how it encourages the spread of disinformation. And in the midst of all of this, the platform is still experimenting with new features that would effectively allow for this type of behavior.


TikTok has launched a new campaign, ’Be Cybersmart’, to help improve online security awareness. The company is aiming to educate and empower its users on how they can stay safe while using their app.


TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. It had more than 250 million monthly active users in January 2019 and it’s only getting more popular every day. It’s no surprise, however, that with this many users, the safety and security of tiktokers and their accounts can be in danger.


Indeed, as the pandemic encourages more people to work from home, cybersecurity must become a higher priority. There’s already a good case to be made that digital literacy and safety should be taught in every school, and as more activities are tied to our online identities, and scam activity advances along with those developments, the demand for such instruction will only grow.


In addition to the new campaign, TikTok has partnered with The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) to promote more education and interest in cybersecurity efforts, including the NSCA’s Cybersecurity Education and Career Resources Library. This should help to generate more interest in cybersecurity careers, and TikTok is now a major sponsor of the annual Cyber Games, bolstering support for cybersecurity education.


As a result, it’s encouraging to see TikTok focusing more on this aspect, which, given its popularity among younger audiences, might have a significant impact. The company hopes that this campaign will encourage online safety and educate its users about privacy settings, hacking, and other cyber threats.


Snapchat has teamed up with advertising giant WPP to develop new augmented reality (AR) and eCommerce features, the company announced last week. The two companies will collaborate on new projects to assist WPP clients to create AR commercials, advancing digital ad alternatives for many more businesses around the world while also increasing Snapchat’s income potential.


Snapchat is also developing a number of new augmented reality capabilities to aid eCommerce discovery, including a growing number of digital ‘try-on’ tools and virtual products for digital avatars, which is a growing area of interest.


Snap will also work with WPP on new products and technology, as well as providing information into user trends and teach WPP employees on the latest AR tools and techniques. WPP and Snap both benefit from the agreement. WPP has regional agencies in 110 countries and works with a lot of big brands, so Snap will have additional opportunities to show off its ad offers to big spenders.


The agreement could pave the way for enormous prospects for both companies, with advanced features linked with the expansion of eCommerce and new technologies pushing AR into the mainstream.


Google has announced a number of upcoming search enhancements aimed at making product discovery easier and offering better contextual search results by combining different inputs.


The most significant new feature is the adoption of its Multitask Unified Model (MUM) for search, which will allow users to conduct searches using variable inputs, such as graphics, as search parameters, allowing for more extensive discovery. This model improves the search results and helps users find what they are searching for more efficiently. It also helps the eCommerce websites rank better in Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs) which will make it easier for them to convert shoppers into buyers.


Google’s MUM method will also enable broader contextual searches based on advanced machine learning, with the addition of a new element dubbed “Things to Know” to help searchers find the information they need.


With additional features of projects and associated discovery being added to search results, this might become another SEO consideration. As a result, making sure you’re up to date on the newest trends and generating website content based on these features could be really beneficial in terms of maximizing discovery.


The first iteration of this functionality will be available in the next weeks, with more to come in the following months, according to Google.


Facebook has unveiled a slew of new Messenger and Instagram Direct features, including cross-app group chats, which allow you to participate in group discussions across the two apps, new group typing indicators to increase participation, and polls in your IG DMs.


Facebook has been working on a new feature that would allow its users to chat with people from other apps. This new update is now live for both Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct. This cross-app group chat update is part of Facebook’s larger initiative to deliver more services within its own app suite rather than relying on third-party providers like WhatsApp, which it had acquired in 2014, and was widely expected to abandon following the Cambridge Analytica scandal earlier this year.


Polls will also be available in cross-app group discussions, thanks to Facebook’s addition of polls in Instagram DMs. That could provide another interaction option, while the cross-app feature is yet another important step in strengthening the company’s integration efforts and bringing its entire array of messaging tools together.


Facebook is also rolling out new group typing indications, which will let you know when your pals are typing at the same time, as well as new chat themes on both Messenger and IG.


We truly hope you’ve learned something new today and become more familiar with the new features and updates of Facebook, Tiktok, Snapchat, Google, and Instagram.


Would you like to know more? We are always here to help you out! Feel free to contact us any time! Stay tuned, archetype!


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Backslash Week 39 – News of the Week

We share our knowledge of online marketing, digitalization and entrepreneurship with you – read about the latest trends of the digital world, webdesign and SEA strategies or even get tips and suggestions for your social media presence.

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