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Kathrin Schuhmeister.

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Kathrin Schuhmeister is a young attorney who has already made a name for herself as a successful lawyer. She manages her own law firm, where she combines the benefits of working in a small company with those of working in a large one.

A woman lawyer? Yes, there is such a thing. Being a woman in law is not something new. And while the profession is still male-dominated, many women are successfully working in law today. It is not unusual to find female lawyers with families and children. Self-employment may seem risky but it has its merits for women who want the freedom to organize their time. You just have to be courageous enough to take that leap and prepare yourself for the economic risk.


Rural law firms often face an uphill battle in enticing the right kind of clients. This doesn’t mean they should be overlooked, however. Instead, rural lawyers must be consciously open to the outside world and actively seek out opportunities for growth that might not otherwise come their way. Rural law firms must also get creative with marketing and branding strategies (e.g., sponsoring fire department festivals). Kathrin opened her own law firm in January 2016. The location she chose was the best thing for her because it’s close to the main square and not in a side alley. She found that good locations are worth the investment, especially in the countryside. Not only did she open her office where people could see it from the street but she made sure to always be present whenever clients need her expertise.

As a lawyer with many years of experience, she has been able to develop expertise in various areas of law. Her main areas of practice are family law, inheritance law, and contract drafting. In addition to these core areas, she also enjoys working in criminal law. The focus of her law practice has always been family law, but it developed out of necessity when she went self-employed. She found that most men also prefer to go to a female lawyer, which is surprising considering the history of gender discrimination in the legal world.

The courts assume that as a woman, you would take a much more intense interest in these matters. Therefore, female legal support is sought not much in divorce cases, but also in matters of maintenance or custody. Female lawyers are often sought out to represent the interests of women and children during divorces, child custody disputes, and other family law cases.

In contract law, the focus is on gift contracts and purchase contracts. In the case of gift contracts, there is often a family connection behind it, because her clients often think of wanting to settle any property transfers within the family during their lifetime when they draw up their wills. It always depends on what people want. There is a group that wants to settle things already during their lifetime, which she thinks is very good. As it is very important to consider the distribution of your property and how it should be managed in advance.

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She was born and raised in Himberg, where she still lives. Growing up, she knew a lot of people, which has helped her with her business contacts. Another advantage is that her grandfather founded a law firm there that was continued by her father and uncle. This has certainly helped in the area. Also, you really have to engage in the marketplace. You can’t just be sitting on your hands and waiting for all this “stuff” to come to you. That’s not how it happens.

That means that you always have a chance to be remembered everywhere you go. You can bump into your colleagues at events or while waiting in line somewhere. It’s easy to strike up a conversation with them, and they might remember you later when they need your expertise on something specific.

A “forest and meadow” lawyer, she’s there for you in any situation. She works with a number of specialists, whom she’s happy to refer to clients. She works with a number of specialists who are available to her clients on referral. If Kathrin determines that her expertise is not the best match for the client’s challenges, she will refer them to an expert in that field. She will not only help you through your current problem but also be there for you in the future.

Kathrin Schuhmeister thinks that law is a great profession, but only if you’re willing to bear the risk. It’s a long journey with a lot of fixed costs, like chamber dues and secretarial services. But it’s worth it in the long run, especially when you’ve been lucky enough to have your mother and father self-employed. She is a self-employed entrepreneur who has been living the dream. Her vision is to work towards building her business and making it big. It was practically laid in her cradle that she would be an entrepreneur. As for the future, she can imagine that there will be about five to ten new people working for her in the next five to ten years.


Within a very short period of time, the two teams of NDA and Kathrin were able to establish productive and efficient teamwork. Our main focus was to bring in more customers from the near area and we can proudly say that we succeeded. Achieving positive results together is always special to us. We started doing online marketing for the law firm to generate more leads and attract a wider audience of people interested in their services. This has helped them grow their business and reach more people than ever before.

At the beginning of the work, the task was to carry out an analysis of the potential and thus to select the channels as conclusively as possible. The focus was clearly on generating new clients for the law firm in the vicinity of the company’s location. Therefore our first thought was to improve the performance of all digital advertising channels, especially Search Engine Advertising. It was important because it would have an impact on the total performance of the law firm. When we set up Google Ads campaigns, our main objectives were to increase brand awareness and generate more leads.

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We were happy to partner with Kathrin Schuhmeister in order to help her grow her company. She’s very good at what she’s doing and we were happy to help her expand the reach of the company. Efficient workflows allow us to implement projects quickly and on point. We are pleased that Kathrin was open to new ideas, which resulted in new interesting projects that were fun to work on.

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"We hit the nail on the head with the law firm in the east of Vienna and the collaboration with Kathrin Schuhmeister. Since we already had a lot of experience in the field of lawyers, the tried and tested were quickly implemented and brought into the race. The focus on search engine advertising was initially obvious - all in all, it quickly became apparent that we were able to generate sustainable leads through Google Ads and thus caused a noticeable increase in sales."
Andreas Kraus ‚Äď CEO of NDA Agency


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Kathrin Schuhmeister



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