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BUMAS GmbH was founded in 2014 with the goal of developing dog accessories that meet the high demands of both dogs and owners. Verena Lanner had a dream of creating unique dog supplies. She had a vision to develop the most comfortable muzzle for her dogs. Now, BUMAS is a professional company that specializes in dog accessories located in Pöttelsdorf, Austria. They're colorful and friendly just like dogs themselves.

BUMAS is a customer from the very beginning and is supported by us in all channels and services. When we got to know each other, the customer took the first steps in the area of search engine advertising. The campaigns were poorly specified and not yet fully geared to the most relevant search terms. After a short time, we managed to restructure the campaigns and achieve our first success. Today we have scaled the relevant channels to the maximum and are optimizing the budget and graphics/animations.


Verena wanted it to fit better than the standard plastic muzzle and not be as hard as a leather muzzle. She tinkered with different materials to find the perfect one. She came up with the idea THE – BioThane¬ģ. It has the same advantages as leather without the disadvantages. She built sample muzzles for her two doggies. That’s the origin of BUMAS – colorful custom muzzles.

In February 2013, BUMAS went online and learned about the shop ‚ÄúDoggerie‚ÄĚ. Verena started spreading her new idea in similar circles, including a friend who owns a dog boutique and shop. The idea caught on and an opportunity was offered in the stores. BUMAS set its first foot into the sales world and went online with its official Facebook page. In March 2013, BUMAS almost immediately got the next request from a shop in Vienna ‚Äď Dogzone.

The demand grew and grew, and soon Verena suspected that she could not supply all the muzzles in demand herself. She needed help. At the end of the year, in December 2013, Cavalry was founded. She found the perfect company for production in Burgenland. Verena wanted to keep the production in Austria. Therefore, the price-quality ratio was a problem at first. However, the most suitable solution was found in Pet-Care.

Modern technology and traditional craftsmanship combine in their products, including mouth loops made of plastic, metal, leather, and BioThane¬ģ muzzles. Their BUMAS products are as unique as their dog. Their dog muzzles, collars, and leashes are custom-made, colorful, and handcrafted from the comfortable material BioThane¬ģ. The perfect dog muzzle and the most individual, innovative product for the dog-human team on the market. BUMAS are handmade in P√∂ttelsdorf, Austria. Their passion is muzzles that are made to measure. Quality is in the foreground, as well as the pursuit of perfection.

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BUMAS is a professional company that specializes in dog accessories. They’re colorful and friendly just like dogs themselves. Whether tone-in-tone, Neon Colors, reflective, or simply the favorite colors – muzzles, collars, and leashes can be created for the dog.


What the customer wants, they make. Every dog is something special. That is why every BUMAS product is individually handmade according to the dog’s measurements. Nothing is impossible. Depending on the dog’s character, they add additional features to the BUMAS muzzle and choose the right collar and leash.

As a special feature, all BUMAS products are made of the innovative and soft material BioThane¬ģ. Due to its softness, it is very comfortable and has a smooth surface without sharp edges. BUMAS products do not scratch or pinch the hair. The material is durable, easy to clean, and waterproof. BUMAS makes the perfect dog muzzle and the most individual, innovative product for the dog-human team on the market! The enthusiasm and passion for their products, to create something special and new for the dog, set this company apart from the others.


The goal was to improve the performance of all digital advertising channels, especially Search Engine Advertising. It was important because it would have an impact on the total performance of the BUMAS. When we set up Google Ads campaigns, our main objectives were to increase brand awareness, increase and maintain constant sales in Europe and America. We set up campaigns for each country where the potential was identified. In addition, further, expansion was planned. Currently, there are campaigns for almost all countries in Europe as well as for the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Purchases through the website have steadily increased, and the Google Ads campaigns reach around 130 purchases from all over the world every month. The cost per acquisition is around ‚ā¨25. The campaigns generate around 1.8 million impressions per month in all advertised countries.
Search campaigns deliver an average of 8.8% overall CTR, while display campaigns deliver 0.65%. Interested customers who have already been on the website are approached again via the social media remarketing ads and the USPs (hand and custom-made muzzle, exactly fitting for your dog, washable, plastic-free, made of biothane, waterproof, etc.) are highlighted again and promoted by BUMAS.

The Facebook ads and Google Display Ads were used to reach the target group of dog owners and people interested in pet accessories. The ads were strategically placed to send the message that this company cares about its customers. The tasks of the NDA also included displaying banners with pictures of BUMAS cooperation partners from all over the world. It was important to show that we are a global company and not just a local business. The continuous expansion of sub-pages on special dog breeds and dog training. This is a niche that people are genuinely interested in, and we’re always adding more and more content to keep up with demand.


We’ve been able to increase sales significantly by working with SEA. They helped us build a powerful marketing campaign that reached a wide audience and we couldn’t be happier with the results! Not only have we seen increases in conversions, but we’ve also been able to follow up with customers after they clicked on their ads and visited the site.

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"In the cooperation with NDA GmbH, the effects quickly became clear. Andreas and his team work very goal-oriented. They created the perfect online marketing mix for my company.  Forus, this means more success with less effort. Therefore I can give a clear recommendation!"
Ing. Ulrich Andreas Hirschhofer - CEO at BUMAS GmbH


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