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As COVID-19 is not only threatening your health, but your company’s health too it makes sense to shift focus from the potential for growth to a chance for survival. Money only comes if the opportunity is given for it, and that opportunity has to be created first. Some demographic groups are pretty easy to reach as they are active users of the most popular online advertising channels. However, there are groups which show only little adaptation and a moderately decreased drive to accept doing shopping online. So, how to reach them, then?

If you are targeting the older generation for driving money into your business, you should definitely read on.

1. Find Them Where They Are

When you have to imagine someone who spends the major part of his day scrolling through his feed on social media, smashing the like buttons, sharing the content and being an active member of the online community the younger this “someone” happens to be, the more likely that he fits the description above. At least, that’s what comes to our minds, right? Well, recent data shows different results…

84% of Baby Boomers say social media improves their lives, Facebook grows fastest among people 55+

It’s not surprising that boomers lag behind at adopting the newest forms of digital communication, as this is the generation that grew up in a world of costly long-distance phone calls, who turned 40 around the time emailing became a thing, and who were already close to retirement when social media started seeing a rise approx. 8 years ago. However, it seems that social and technological acceptance is, in fact, happening and Facebook’s user base was increased the most by those of the older generation, as well.

Data reveals elderly goes techy and prefers online shopping during COVID-19

According to the Pew Research Center Facebook saw the highest growth in usage preference amongst people 55+ over the past 8 years. The technological acceptance of Facebook rose from 4 out of 10 boomer using it on a regular basis to 6 of the elderly group being an active user of the platform by 2019. The preference for online shopping saw a huge improvement for the demographic as well, with Healthcare products and Household Appliances being the two most popular categories, followed upon by (e)books. Also, the large majority of boomers that shop online prefer to do it on their PC rather than their smartphone.

62% of Baby Boomers want to touch or feel the item prior to buying it

Despite how the older generation is slowly yet steadily turning digital too, 62% of them reportedly still prefers to feel a product before actually paying for that. Additionally, although not necessarily “picky”, they still double check what they are buying, and they do it via researching on online user reviews and by checking the company’s site too. This means that advertisers should encourage their audience to leave reviews and give feedback on their products.

2. How to Reach Them, Then?

According to recent data by Statista the most broadly preferred social media channels by boomers are Facebook and YouTube. The latter is understandable too, as this is the generation who were in their primes when TVs became common-place. Moreover, 1 out of 10 boomers are willing to reach out to new forms of home entertainment during COVID-19, such as Netflix. Additionally, 70% of them watches videos on a weekly basis, and the vast majority prefers to use the Internet for staying in touch with those important to them, and to spend their time reading blogs and articles.

SEO and targeted emails may be the key to drive engagement with people above 55

Recent study reveals that the most effective ways for reaching the generation is via search engine optimization, SEO, and targeted email campaigns. PPC may work too, as that goes quite well with what has been reported above. Also, the fact that SEO turned out to be one of the most effective ways for selling to that generation corresponds to the data behind how boomers prefer to visit the company’s site before a purchase, or research more the product itself

Boomers want to feel younger and prefer to receive positive emotional stimulation in regards

Don’t even try to hint at their ages, study reveals. Positive word usage is key in copy-writing, and hinting upon their ages is a lot of times perceived derogatorily, says the study. Clear, low-context communication with informative content and a sense of respect should do the most for creating empathy and positive emotional engagement with your company’s ads. Also, if possible, try to have live email / phone support, as that provides a sense of trust among the demographic.

3. Final words

COVID-19 is surely a challenge for all businesses around the world, especially the ones whose audience is not as used to such a digital shift in shopping habits as the pandemic proposes. If you are selling to the older generations consider increasing your ad spending on Facebook ads that provide both informative content and drive traffic to your company’s landing page, and be sure to conduct further research on SEO too. Live customer support and a sense of reachability is crucial too. If you are planning on selling to baby boomers, be advised that home-related products and ebooks are your best choices. What to expect from the future, no one knows, but it will surely be interesting to see how the digital elderly will behave once Millenials grow old.


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.

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