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There are many, many different ways to express yourself, either as an individual or as a business. For the former, you have verbal and non-verbal communication, for the latter, you have to decide upon your communications-mix or the channels you will be using to reach out to the desired members of your target audience. These channels can take many different forms, one of them is commonly referred to as search engine advertising.

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Before we get into the details, it must first be clarified what is beneath the surface of the ocean of paid digital information exchange. SEA stands for search engine advertising, which pretty much summarizes what it actually is. However, search engine marketing and optimization are also existent terms in the thesaurus, with a slightly to moderately differed connotation to them.

Search. Engine. Optimization.

Search engine optimization, also referred to simply as SEO stands for all the things you do to increase traffic to your website by tinkering the results in the most commonly used search engines, like Google or Yahoo. You tinker them by recognising which keywords would people searching for you or your direct competition would be using to do that so, as well as ensuring that those keywords make you appear amongst the first search results. SEO is more complicated than that and there is much more to it, but simply breaking it down, it is the magic of keywords used by search engines.

Paid SEA & SEM.

Search engine marketing and search engine advertising are two terms that go hand-in-hand, a lot of times they are used quite close to each other. SEA and SEO can be referred to as the two main branches of search engine marketing, which widely refers to any form of advertising related activities done purposefully on search engines. SEO is the magic behind keyword-tinkering, whereas SEA stands for all the paid ads being placed on search engine results in any forms. This means anything from sponsored search results to static & animated banners being placed on websites. In other words, SEO is unpaid and indirect, whereas SEA is paid and direct.

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2. Why SEA Is So Good

An unbreakable shield to ad-blockers.

Ad-blockers and other ad-blocking solutions exist in order to decrease the annoyance level on digital entertainment platforms where paid-ads negatively influence the user’s overall enjoyment and potentially post-watch satisfaction level. This includes ads removed from YouTube videos or websites. However, sponsored search results yield no negative effect on the user’s emotions, and as such, they are unnecessary to be blocked. This is a huge advantage of SEA compared to other forms of paid advertising, as the potential for your ads not even showing is not there, unlike the other aforementioned paid channels.

A solution for low-rank SEO.

No matter how good your SEO is, sometimes, Google or the corresponding search engine just does not give you a high enough score compared to your competition. If unpaid search engine advertisements yield no recognisable and profitable results for you, paid search ads via SEA a lot of times beat that challenge.

Great for urgent cases of advertising.

With SEO you are advertising for free, however, the results are a lot of times, and in most cases, uncertain. However, with urgent cases of advertisement, where results must be shown to your audience, such as COVID-19 related governmental announcements, you really want to decrease the luck factor and ensure that your results are certainly shown. SEA helps.

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3. From Physical to Digital

If you are not that present on the Internet yet, SEA is a definitive go for exposing yourself to the world. Say you are a local store and the vast majority if not a hundred percent of your revenue is coming from your physical store.

SEA for expansion.

You may feel that it is time to expand as, although your revenue chain has been quite stable, still, you feel that there could be more to it. When a local business goes digital, a Facebook site is inevitable. However, it will probably not differentiate you from the rest, as let’s be honest, a FB site is a pretty basic thing nowadays. A huge leap forward could be, however, investing into unpaid and paid search engine marketing, SEO and SEA. They will ensure that when somebody searches for you in your corresponding niche, you will be the one shown to the searcher as first. In other words, you gain exposure, and potentially traffic is driven to your site.

SEA for digitalisation.

If you are literally non-existent online, because you have managed to grow your business without doing so, still, eventually the physical landscape will decrease your growth rate, if you don’t switch or expand to digital advertising. Online marketing includes and imaginably vast toolbox of both paid and unpaid advertising practises for growth. SEA is probably the best way to start, as you first need to gain exposure and let people know that you exist. Directed exposure could be achieved via a word-of-mouth on a smaller scale, but in order to turn random people into leads and eventually, and hopefully, customers you need to capture those channels which users use to search for stuff. Those are search engines, for the majority. As such, the most used search engine channel, Google, is probably your way to go.

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4. Final Words

Search engine advertising is a general marketing practise which has proven itself to be an excellent communications tool and channel both for small and large-scale enterprises. It is a great way to advertise yourself upon going digital, or for growth. If you want to expand, grow, or announce, SEA is a definitive go.


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