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Traditional ways of online advertising includes social media marketing, search engine optimization, as well as influencer marketing as a starting point. There are more direct methods, such as influencers where you reach out to people and pay them to promote your product. On the other hand, many methods exist for driving traffic, improving upon exposure or boosting sales from a back-end development side, where you are not directly reaching out to people, but rather achieve that your banners appear where they need to be, when they need to be there and they do it for the right audience. Welcome to Taboola.

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1. What is Taboola?

When it comes to advertising we tend to think in well-segmented ways. There is a product, there is a channel, there is the target and there is us. Taboola, the worlds largest content discovery platform, however, helps us become a better version of ourselves in each perspectives. The site is responsible for delivering 360 billion (yes) content recommendations to more than 10 000 publishers and brands per month. In other words, if you have been searching for “the one” solution to increasing your exposure, you have found it.

Almost 50% of the Internet population is within reach, 1000 employees worldwide.

Now, you may be wondering what it actually takes to achieve such results, as, in case you decide to trust the company with solving the aforementioned challenges in your business life, then it’s a great way to earn trust to actually get to know who you are working with. Taboola has 1000+ employees settled in 18 offices worldwide and via their integrated system, they cover almost half of all internet users globally.

High engagement. Ad recommendations. Backed by technology. Taboola.

But what do they actually do? Well, if you have seen any ad recommendations on any sites you have been scrolling recently, chances are the brain behind the decision that those ads had to be shown to you was probably Taboola’s own artificial intelligence solution. The platform smartly recognises what is it that a mobile or desktop user is a actually interested in and the personally adjusts our ad recommendations individually. Say we don’t need AI…

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2. How Does Advertising Work There?

Taboola mostly relies on so-called in-feed placements. An in-feed placement is simply a static, banner-type ad that appears on websites where ads are enabled. In today’s world ad-revenue is amongst the most widely practised income sources both for smaller and larger-scale companies as well. Taboola, however, saves a lot of time and effort as it can automate even the process of creating an in-feed banner and generate one for you based on your desired preferences.

Select URL.

First, select the desired URL of the product, brand, blog or message that you want to advertise. Paste it into Taboola’s editor and in some cases, that’s it, voila. The editor does the rest of the magic for you and generates a plug ‘n play in-feed ad out of the domain address you’ve just inserted. You will have the opportunity to edit it, of course, more on that later.

Choose your platform.

Once the ad or the automatically generated blueprint for your ad is set you need to select where do you want to actually show it. The editor breaks it down to two easy-to-understand markets: desktop & mobile. Once decided you can move on to the next step and customize your ad.

Ad customization.

Not going into too much details here, but you have plenty of options to get a highly personal solution in the ad design process, including text-based editing, and graphical editing as well.

Bidding & reporting.

Once done you have to select how much do you want to spend on your ad, how do you want that amount to be spent, and when do you want it to happen. Just like on other platforms, you can also select your target audience, go for demographic or geographic segmentation, and finally get a overall comprehensive view of how you ad is going to look like both from a design and functionality perspective. While running your campaign, reports will automatically be generated for you as well.

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3. Any Challenges?

Ad quality.

Whereas automation saves a lot of time and effort, it may sometimes be a challenge rather than a helping hand, as robots are not humans and humane intuition hasn’t been invented by an AI yet. In some cases, the ad may appear sketchy at best, in which case manual editing may be required. Also, since Taboola deals with in-feed static ads, fanciness is limited by its nature too.

Ad bidding.

The initial goal of an advertiser is selecting the right audience and ensuring that the platform actually shows their ads to their target individuals. And if they do, we call it success, right? Well, not exactly. Sometimes it could happen that you visit a website and certain ads are shown under such caption as “You Might Also Like” or “More From The Web”. You visit just one other site with a totally different topic to the ones visited prior, and the ads that appear under those captions will be utterly different. This is good, on one hand as it shows how well and accurately Taboola’s AI adapts to a user’s digital behaviour. On the other hand, it is not realistic to claim that you are no longer interested in something just because you visited a single site which does not correlate with the topics you appeared to be interested before.

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4. Final Words

Taboola provides a niche-type solution for a non-niche marketplace with hundreds of millions if not billions of people reached on a monthly basis. If you want to reach out to every potential way of exposure, Taboola solves in-feed ads and ad recommendations for you.


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.

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