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You got the idea, you got the plan, you got the excitement. You’ve been staying loyal to your vision and now the time has come, you are ready to take off. You are ready to be exposed, and you are ready to #make #money. But where do you start? Well, if you are just about to launch your business or your have recently done so you may be missing out on most loyal community out of all social media platforms.

Read on and master the Way of The Redditor.

1. What Is Reddit And How Does It Help Me?

Each social media platform has its unique uses, right? On Facebook, you scroll through your feed and chat, on Instagram you take the coolest photos and videos you got to get that #instavibe, and on Snapchat you send random snaps to your friends in random times to surprise them with something unexpectedly random. So, how does Reddit fall into this place, then? Well, no one could have said it any better that the founder himself, Alexis Ohanian:

“Reddit offers the opportunity for us, as humans, to connect on a much deeper, broader level because users have an alter ego and aren’t tied to a social network of friends with whom they want to share how perfect their lives are.”

– Alexis Ohanian, 2020

What’s unique about Reddit is that it has the most active community out of all SM platforms, and reaching out to random people on it does not feel weird like with Facebook or Instagram. When I started using Reddit, my first posts were about some questions I had in mind by that time. I found a group for that, posted my question and received 5-6 answers in the first hour. Talk about being active, huh? As the CEO stated, having an alter ego helps a lot with being open about your thoughts and opinions, especially when you are interacting with people you’ve never met.

How does interacting work on Reddit? How do I build a community there?

As things are anonymous in a way that you are posting, up-voting (liking), commenting and sharing with a username of your choice rather than your actual name from real life it makes it easier to build communities as people do not need to think about impressing there friends, or considering what others may think if they expose themselves in any ways, be it an up-vote, a comment, or being an active member of a specific group. On Reddit, creating a community is super easy, and is highly customizable too, so that you can really create something unique and special.

So, how do I manage my community? Is everyone allowed to post, can I make rules there?

Reddit is all about posting, voting on a post, commenting on it and sharing it. It’s ultimately a post-driven platform, be it a question bothering your head for days, asking for an opinion, or showcasing something cool that you’ve done or created recently, either in text, photo or video format. The platform is driven by communities, which serve as specialized groups containing from some to millions of people interested in one commonly shared specific topic. And that is where niche advertising comes into place. Before we dive deeply into how advertising should be done on the platform, the biggest mistakes have to be clarified first so that you can avoid making them.

#raise #a #crowd #before #funding

2. How NOT To Advertise On Reddit

Word of mouth is a double or nothing investment, and people like to work together as a community.

Reddit posts can be up-voted or down-voted, unlike on Facebook or Instagram where you cannot “dislike” a post and have it documented in any ways. This makes Reddit unique to its competitors, as you can have an honest and sincere opinion on any content on the platform, again, sort of anonymously. It’s not you who doesn’t like something, it’s your username. This creates an atmosphere which promotes a sharing of opinions, and eliminates social pressure put upon by others. This makes word of mouth a double or nothing exchange, as if the community likes something, it’ll lead to more likes, but the opposite is just as true so too. Redditors especially despise the sense of distrust, fake things, being tricked, or social lies, and they prefer honesty, information and fun. Every Reddit group (or niche) has its own atmoshphere depending on the topic it was created for, some technical questions prefer more informative content and low-context communication, while some groups allow for high-context and more casual communication. The accurate recognition is key, here.

Groups are about asking question in a certain topic, not about promoting one’s self there.

The most famous Reddit advertising mistakes include ones where a certain company tries advertising itself in a certain group (sub-reddit) specializing in that topic. If it’s pure advertisement, and it is clear that it is an ad, such as how Google Ads are shown as Ads, Instagram Ads are shown as Promoted content, and Facebook ads are clearly ads themselves, then be sure NOT to post them on Reddit, as it may (and probably will) backfire. Be humble, kind, approachable, down to Earth and inform the sub-reddit about your existence and focus on not pushing any harder than you need to do.

Promoted ads are present, but may not yield as positive results as desired.

Other than the cheeky way of advertising without actually advertising Reddit has an ad manager too where companies can reach out to their desired audiences in a similar fashion to how other popular SM platforms do it. However, promoted ads also follow the shadows of up and down-votes, and as such it is important to ensure that you are honest and take responsibility about your product or offer. As alter-ego allows for a stronger, more honest emotional response the site may not be the best one for running targeted campaigns and spending a major part of your advertising budget (more on that later).

#recognize #evaluate #contribute #grow

3. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Reddit Ads.

The Good.

If your product, brand or message is compatible with specialized, highly-personal ways of advertising and you feel like niche-marketing fits your campaign than Reddit might be a viable channel to explore and conquer. Also, if building a highly active, loyal community is part of your campaign then the platform also serves as a great side-channel to explore. Since “spreading the word” and reaching out to the unknown are the core ideas behind the platform it can be an incredibly effective channel to drive traffic and increase your sales, such as how Findlay Hats made $28.000 from a single Reddit post.

The Bad.

Reddit’s community despises dishonesty and unclarity and is extremely sensitive about that. Also, the site’s ad manager does not offer such a broad variety of potential advertising strategies like Instagram or Snapchat does, i.e. there is no option for product ads, deep-linked content or importing your product catalogue. Also, multiple companies report positive yet not compelling results when compared to other social media channels.

The Ugly.

Successful Reddit marketers seem to rely more on the community than the ads manager to drive success, which may be a turn-off to some advertisers, and it could happen that an honest, sincere and enjoyable post hits 25.000 views and makes it #top in the corresponding niche, but paid advertising yields zero results. It depends highly on the advertiser, the product, the campaign and the communication strategy used.

#spread #the #word #not #the #ad

4. Final Words

Reddit remains a question mark in advertising, as it serves as an excellent tool for specialized niche-marketing, but may yield ugly results with your typical promoted advertising campaigns. Nevertheless, the platform is worth trying and might turn out unexpectedly successful for community-driven ad set-ups.


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.

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