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Artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum intelligence? These are all too fancy ways for expressing how much technology has advanced over the past decades. AI has been on the rise and machines continously manage to interact increasingly more effectively with the world around them, with a decreasing need for humans actually controlling them. Advertising is a practise which has its ups and downs, the fun and the boring part, where on one day you feel you are the most important person on the entire planet, the other day you are just an Excel clerk. AI, however, has already been implemented for marketing solutions to help advertisers better manage their time and effort and cut back on time-consuming tasks, such as research and analytics. Here’s where Programmatic joins the game.

Read on, human.

1. How is Programmatic Helping You?

Programmatic is a platform where advertising practises are driven by the latest and most powerful artificial intelligence technology. While on other platforms data gathering is already automated, on programmatic the AI analyses the buyers behaviour as well real-time, which allows for real-time campaign adjustments if necessary.

Programmatic is an automated process of buying and selling ad-inventory

I am sure that you experienced it in the past, that you search for a specific thing in any search engine, and on the next site you visit you are seeing ads related to that specific topic. On programmatic buying ad inventory results exactly in such phenomena. Once the user searches for a specific topic, product or solution programmatic analyzes their behaviour based on the following five factors:

  • Behaviour
  • Engagement level
  • Social engagement
  • Location
  • Timer / visit

Once alanyzed, the automated system decides which ads to place. Since buying and selling ad-inventory is automated, programmatic makes the entire process of campaign set-up and management take much less time and effort. However, the platform also allows for traditional (manual) exchange. This is called programmatic direct. Via direct, the analyzes and targeting is still automated, but the decision itself is taken by the advertisers. Traditional advertisers who prefer the “old” way of dealing with ad-exchange, hence, also have an option there.

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2. Should You Be There?

There are many reasons why you would want to be on programmatic, here are the top reasons why is programmatic actually beneficial. First and foremost, as it relies on artificial intelligence, you are really investing into the future if you decide to invest into programmatic. AI has already proven itself to work flawlessly with overcoming human’s performance in repeatable, pattern-driven tasks. Say marketing is not one of them!

Programmatic allows for absolute accuracy with targeting and positioning.

For accurate targeting, marketers in the old days had to rely on manual data gathering and data mining. However, with AI everything has changed and many processes have been automated. On the other hand, a help in decision making hasn’t been properly implemented yet regarding artificial intelligence. With programmatic, this changes too.

Efficiency is key and programmatic just provides that.

Via automation sending the right message, at the right time and right format is possible with ease. Targeting is a crucial step in successful marketing practices and automation and artificial intelligence works flawlessly well with the practice.

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3. Things to Keep in Mind on Programmatic

Ad blocking is a real thing, and it could destroy your sales.

Ad blockers and tracking blockers are becoming increasingly more accurate as technology is advancing, and certain ad-blockers might be able to block even your programmatic ads too.

Data reliability. Randomness could cause serious issues with accuracy.

While it might come handy in certain cases that programmatic relies on data gathered by the users themselves, in some cases this leads to inaccuracy too. Googling and searching for stuff on YouTube is a lot of times not a well-thought process, it is not precise, but rather random. Also, if we consider that the AI of these platforms also influence the user’s decision, due to the butterfly effect certain data gathered may not be reliable and valid.

Sometimes programmatic can be inaccurate too. At its core.

Even with artificial intelligence behind it programmatic could still be inaccurate in some cases. Your ads may end up on the wrong site, where the topic does not match the audience’s and you may be losing money for that virtual billboard. Still, it is worth giving it a try.

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4. Final Words

Programmatic provides a viable ad-exchange platform backed by artificial intelligence, and it allows for a perfect cooperation between the AI and the human. Every strategy have its flaws but the platform is definitely a consideration if you want to invest into the future rather than the present.


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