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We are counting, are you counting too? Little more than three weeks left from 2020 and the world is entering a new year, with new challenges, resolutions and goals set for both people and businesses. For the latter, it means new short-term and mid-term targets, especially when considering how massive damage has been dealt to the world economy by COVID-19. This article provides a brief overview about how 2021 is looking like for Google.

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1. New Year’s Focus: Helping Local Businesses

The pandemic proved how valuable local businesses are, especially to Google. With a major focus shifted towards general adaptability to the demanding environmental factors, as well as both local and large-scale businesses formulating a crisis plan to overcome the challenges proposed we saw a remarkable increase in the number of and overall take on services aiming at providing a helping hand to small scale and micro organizations on Google’s side.

2021 will be a year of continous improvements.

Local businesses contribute to an essential part of Google’s business model and revenue chain. In other words, they are important. Google rolled out the changes they thought would aid businesses at surviving during these challenging times, and they did it quite quickly too. The company really tried to emphasize the importance of partnership and cooperation with the businesses they work together with, and the fact that they value long-term relationships. 2021 is expected to be not so different, given how COVID-19 is still an active issue around the world, only difference being is that now companies are more experienced in crisis and change management, as well as more willingly accept the idea of digitalization and electronic commerce.

Google MyBusiness is going to improve too.

Google expanded the managerial features of its MyBusiness platform, and they will continue on this path too. Google MyBusiness is essential to any organizations with a Google profile, hence it is important that overall user experience & accessibility is top-notch. Updates has already been seen in through the overall user-experience, such as making it easier for businesses to update their profiles. We could expect further updates on this topic in the near future.

Google Maps is getting updates too.

Google Maps is seeing major improvements too, which is especially important for local businesses, such as restaurants or general stores, which are not that active on the digital platform yet. The updates were related to COVID-19, such as a live view on “red” areas around a city where the infected are of a much greater number and are clustered. Moreover, Google made updates to finding a common ground between what is advised for and against during the pandemic, such as making it easier for people to travel safely. With corona virus not planning on leaving our lives soon, we could expect Google to continue on this path and come up with more and more innovative updates in the near future as well.

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2. A Year For Expansion at Google

As a business, when you are faced with a major and retrospectively unknown challenge, you can either decide to try to push the issues away by actively reacting to them, and try to proactively prevent further damage to be taken, or you could try to passively absorb the damage, mitigating the amount of loss to be suffered and start working on a recovery plan. It appears that Google is going with the former, coming up with new expansion plans for the upcoming year despite the challenging business environment proposed by COVID-19.

India is in the spotlights.

With such a large corporation, large numbers may appear to be small when placed next to the even larger numbers sometimes presented by the company. It is a fact, however, that Google announced a $10 billion investment to India to take place in early 2021. The country represents an excellent opportunity for the company to grow, especially considering the fact that growth for such a large-scale corporation is simply about expansion, and Google has many areas in which they could expand, such as Google Cloud or education, for which the business environment in India provides promising options.

Google is targeting new industries too.

Healthcare and education are the company’s top targets for the upcoming year regarding the industrial perspective. Google now provides cloud-based solutions for the healthcare sector to help optimize the relevant processes, as well as speed up the entire workflow. In addition to the supply provided by the company, demand is seeing a natural increase too as a direct result of COVID-19. Google is also making major investments into telehealth, to help automate a lot of processes with the help of cloud-computing, AI and machine learning. Simply put, soon in the future we will probably see a much greater cooperation between humans and robots / digital agents across healthcare institutions. For that, allow for whatever your imagination allows, as the future is turning into the present at a quite promising pace.

Furthermore, the firm is targeting the education sector as well, again, with cloud-based solutions. Google Classroom now has a devastating number of 50 new features. These do not only include technical upgrades, but also keep children’s safety in mind, which may be especially interesting for primary school education. Also, Google is investing into higher education too, with its certification program now only taking 6 months to complete, much faster than a 3-4 years long college degree. Also, it is way cheaper. Google is clearly pushing the gas towards becoming the #01 player in the relevant nichés for healthcare and education.

Advertising at its finest.

The company is aiming to ensure that its recurring revenue chain is a safe road to take for its business partners, in fact, 80% of Google’s revenue is from ads, still, which makes it a key factor in the company’s success. The firm is testing new features day by day, both by improving already existing ways of earning money via the platform, and also by targeting cooperation with other sites as well, such as YouTube. Simply put, Google wants to ensure that the entire journey of the customer acquisition process is secured.

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3. Privacy Issues Should be Dealt With

More transparency demanded.

The company is trying to ensure that its users, the wast majority of smart device / computer owners around the globe, can browse the web in a more transparent way. An example to that is how Google now allows users to check which cookies are tracking them on Chrome, or how users can now create a “knowledge center” for themselves, which let’s Google know what they already know and what they don’t. It’s an interesting move for both sides, as it really does allow Google to help out its users better, and it also allows its partners, advertisers, to gain a better & much deeper insight into how informed or uninformed their (potential) customers are.

Google in question.

A lawsuit was issued to Google regarding the overall approach its search engine’s design is taking. The suit simply stated that Google disrupted fair competition, as it allowed for the possibility to restrict competition in search, negatively affecting the overall market as a whole. An arguable statement, however, it does result in not only placing the company into the spotlights, but also the topic of privacy as a whole. Although the lawsuit itself is expected to go on for years, as with lawsuits in general, the raise in awareness for privacy-related issues & regulations is certainly a direct affect deriving from the issue itself. In 2021, we could expect both Google and other PaaS and SaaS providers to take privacy more seriously and more transparently.

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4. Final Words

2020 was a year of ever-lasting challenges for both us, individuals and businesses as well. Next year will hopefully provide a better opportunity for growth, as well as allow businesses to recover from the damage taken as a result of the pandemic. Google is showing an overall positive picture for the upcoming annual period with expansions planned, investments made into R&D, as well as customer & user value put into the spotlights for future upgrades.

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We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.

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