Web PROJECT process.

First meeting - Video

The first meeting is usually carried out via video call and is used to get a rough overview of the project. The focus here is primarily on being able to estimate the scope and feasibility of the technology.

Preparation form

In preparation for the workshop, we have created a checklist that asks for the necessary information in advance. The better we know about the upcoming project, the more efficiently we can organize the workshop.


In the course of a comprehensive workshop, we can discuss the requirements and parameters of the project in detail with you and thus gain a detailed picture of your project. We will discuss the structure, the necessary functions with you and answer other questions about your website.

Offer creation

On the basis of the workshop, we create a detailed offer, including a schedule in which the entire project is handled. The cost calculation is to be seen as a fixed price and basically does not vary. However, it is important that there is close cooperation, especially when it comes to delivering the content.

Marketing project process.

Introduction call

Before we can start with the first steps, we want to get to know each other briefly in an online call.

Onboarding setup

Before each new project, the data required for our administrative processes is collected using an online form. We use this to create all preparations with regard to our own customer portal and other approvals.


After we have received all the information, you will receive an offer for a kickoff workshop to discuss all parameters of your situation in detail. In the workshop we discuss buyer personas, objectives, advertising material and existing accounts, as well as your schedule and advise you on your budget.

Implementation proposal

The results of the workshop enable us to develop a concrete implementation proposal for your marketing measures. We take into account the target group and the available budget in order to create an ideal mix.

Account setup

In the course of the setup process, we create the necessary accounts and ensure that all necessary access to run the campaign is granted. Our customers have full access to the accounts created at all times and are provided with live reporting that shows all of the key campaign parameters.


Start your campaign today – bring your tasks, we do the rest.