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Social Media Ads Manager M/F/D.


We offer flat hierarchies, a relaxed working atmosphere and numerous opportunities for further training. If you would like to develop independently in a creative environment and work with a young, dynamic team, then you have come to the right place.

We work remotely, which means that you can basically choose the time and place of your work yourself. We are convinced that personal responsibility and self-organisation lead to more efficiency. We work on joint projects from different locations and are in constant contact.

We are happy to take the time to give you all the information you need.

However, there are a few things you should consider before applying to us, because after all, your personality must also match ours.

Worklife: You will encounter a lot of flexibility in terms of space and time with us. You are an adult and we have no interest in controlling where and when you do your tasks. The only thing that counts for us is that your tasks are completed on time.

Commitment: We are an agency and our task is to support our customers with campaigns if they don’t have the time. Online marketing runs around the clock and it is common practice that our customers (entrepreneurs) only find time for their marketing affairs after their day-to-day business. So if you have a problem with being available in emergencies, even if it should be in the evening, then you are probably wrong with us.

Money & Benefits: We know that this is an important point in the application and in any case a parameter that has to be right. We have pay transparency and everyone is rewarded in terms of responsibility and role. However, our focus is not on appeasing a toxic environment with “compensation for pain and suffering”. It is not about high starting salaries, but of automatic growth in salaries based on the company’s success. Anyways, the gross annual salary is just a benchmark that has to be set. We will evaluate a good package for you.


Your tasks

  • Coordination/contribution to the campaign team
  • Setup, optimization of different campaigns & channels
  • Interaction with other departments
  • Support for digital marketing and engagement activities
  • Collaboration with our graphic team in terms of ad formats
  • Responsibility for media budgets, including Planning, control, reporting and optimization
  • Recommendations and further campaign development of our clients’ campaigns
  • Preparation of analyzes

Your profile

  • Experience in the field / in a digital team or in an agency
  • Degree in digital marketing, communications or any other related field
  • 2-4 years of experience in online marketing, digital marketing
  • Ability to operate and handle all common performance channels in terms of Social Media
  • Languages: DE, EN

That's a plus

  • Several years of experience within an agency
  • Usability in a wide range of SaaS tools for online marketing
  • Knowledge of additional languages








Remote Control

We offer remote work to everybody who is able to perform. It's up to you where you solve your tasks and generate value for our agency.


We believe in a good balance between work and life. Therefore we try to adjust ourselves to the necessities of running an agency these days.


We are very engaged into sports and also we got many clients here. Through our business memberships we get access to a lot of events, where you can easily be part of.


We grant good bonuses based on performance and reliability. It's all about your engagement and the overall value you put into the company.


With us, you get the chance to develop yourself. Start building a job according to your interests.


On a daily basis, there is no fixed timeframe. Start your day as you like.

Get in touch


Nothing to it for you? Then simply enter your data here on your own initiative, upload your CV and we will keep you evident until we have the right one for you.



Let's talk and drink coffee.



Let's talk and drink coffee.