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Content Creation.

What if the real attraction of the internet was not determined by groundbreaking features or eyecatching interfaces? Users are exposed to thousands of impressions every day – they are immune to plain advertising. They want entertainment, emotion and authenticity. Let’s tell them something interesting.
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Our role in the creation of advertising material can vary depending on the project. Of course, we offer the entire spectrum in the creation of graphic assets ourselves or together with partners. This includes, among other things, the conception and creation of landing pages, websites (WordPress), web shops (Woocommerce), as well as the entire graphic range that is required for the implementation of campaigns. For this purpose, we create, for example, HTML5 or AMPHTML banners in the common standard formats or different video formats that are necessary for channels such as Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube or Instagram. For the production of the raw material, we only turn to hand-picked partners with top equipment and experience.


The creation of suitable content may decide about your success with digital campaigns. In fact, we do not have much time to get the message delivered to the user. Therefore, a very attracting banner or video can make the difference for sure. Beyond our operational services, we try to focus on a very efficient process here as well.




Every design process and every designer is different - individual projects also require individual characters. It can happen that A does not understand what B means and vice versa. For this reason, we get to know each other and decide together what we are going to do.


Budgeting & Extent

This is a tricky point, especially for creative services. Our attention is worthy. We love stringency, honesty and direct communication. Money is not everything, but we have to agree on a framework.


Design concept

Once we have gained a first impression, we don't fiddle about for long, because long project lead times are our enemy. That's why you have to cooperate and provide objective revisions.


Approvals & Content

It can go that fast - the process is over and we have a satisfactory result. We place the content, you do the checking. After the written acceptance there will be no rowing back.

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Here again? Obviously you are more of a visual type – we’re sure we have the right project for you.

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“In the online world, we only have a few moments to
provide an impression of our product or service to the
Content creation is all about ensuring eye-catching
features paired with style and brand conformity – a fine

– Andreas Treitl, MSc.


Video, images, banners – Content and
Impressions everywhere – are you ready?

Social Media Creation.

Communication on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or others has become an unavoidable corporate task. Anyone who questions the importance and necessity today has decisively missed the change in behavior in the consumption of media.

Nevertheless, the effort that is put into administration and support should be carefully considered, because in the rarest cases communication in the form of contributions is sufficient to reach new customers.

A good mix of paid and organic campaigns can produce significant results when compared to solo approaches. For this reason, we are convinced that a certain solid basic communication must always be present in order to be successful with campaigns.

Webdesign & Webshop.

Together with our various partners, we support you with your website in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for your company. We take care of the coordination and try to create a good understanding between you and our designers.

Technologically, we mostly work with Wordpress and use the latest version of the Elementor Page Builder here. When it comes to online shops
WoCommerce to the application, whereby we can also use other systems here. Extensive interface topics, as well as networking with merchandise management, are also guaranteed by partners in the implementation.

Audio Production

An audio production can be many things. Be it a podcast or a voice recording for your next campaign. Podcast is getting more and more attention. Listen to it.

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Landing Page Design & Optimization.

Optionally, we can design landing pages for our customers’ campaigns. To do this, we stick to common design lines and animations that we use to convert the paid customers. The first step is to define which specific goal the landing page should pursue. 

On this basis, a strategy is finally developed in which the structure of the page, the most important measurement points, conversions and the general design are designed. If the basic structure has been approved by the customer after the revision, we take care of the first implementation and creation of texts, as well as video and image content, if necessary.

Graphics & Animation.

In the course of the conception of campaigns all kinds of work around creative content is necessary. Regardless of which channel (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Youtube, etc.) you want to use, animated and suitable content is essential.

For the purpose of creating this, we use a number of tools that make our lives easier. These include the Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Web Designer but also other web applications with which banners and video animations can be created.

Video Production.

Due to the fact that content is consumed in short intervals, platforms using video media more frequently. We experience an indispensable part of advertising – without it becomes difficult to survive.

Banner Design.

Banners have become an indispensable medium for making a lasting impression in a short period of time. We use a variety of tools to create the right banners for every campaign and requirement. The Universal Ad Package (UAP) formats are the most widely used here, as they are promoted by most websites and advertisers. In general, however, it is possible to create any combination of banner sizes.



Let's talk and drink coffee.



Let's talk and drink coffee.