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F/LIST has grown into a global manufacturer of bespoke and high-quality aircraft, yacht, and luxury residence interiors. Founded as a family business in Austria, F/LIST now operates in six other countries.

Anyone who looks at the products and services of F / LIST probably does not want to immediately recognize how much commitment, love and detail has to go into every single move in order to be able to produce such perfect and luxurious goods. It was a special challenge for us, as it was difficult to imagine generating new customer contacts via online advertising in the luxury segment of private jet owners. However, through intelligent targeting and a well-considered selection of keywords, we have managed to generate far more inquiries for sales appointments than we thought.


Started as a family business, F/ LIST has developed into a global manufacturer of bespoke and high-quality interiors for aircraft, yachts, and luxury residences, based in Austria and now represented in six other countries. The focus is on three business areas: Aircraft Interiors, Yacht Interiors, and Luxury Residence Interiors.

In one of her interviews, Katharina tells how it all began. The business ran as a normal carpentry business, the grandfather did what other carpenters do, build and sell furniture. In 1962, Katharina’s father joined the company, followed a few years later by his brothers. Among the first projects was the interior design of hotels in Russia and Europe. A turning point in her career that changed direction happened when an owner of a company known for prestigious German shipyards discovered that an Austrian family business was behind the quality woodwork. Katharina explains that his father and siblings immediately said yes and began producing high-quality cruise ship furniture. Although they were in a niche segment, they managed to break into an expensive yacht market. The recession of the early 2000s meant a downturn in yacht production for Catherine’s father. Unfortunately, the crisis left them without a job.

Her father had difficulty getting new orders after the crises. At her father’s request, she returned home and threw herself full force into the family business. Katharina has been the managing director of L/ LIST since 2009 but joined the company years earlier. Since she has been with the company, it has grown tremendously. She has always been very personable and focused when it comes to the business. Her dynamic approach is key to the business and that has shaped the company’s development over time. She also advises to always listen to your gut. She thinks it is good to be a female leader as she is not compared to her father anyway. However, her leadership style is different from her father’s. Catherine empowers employees and relies on them to make decisions. Her employees appreciate her and the work she does.

The company and all of its 8 subsidiaries have proven their success. They have around 800 employees, many of whom have been with them for decades. They work closely with clients in more than 30 countries on yacht, hotel, and residential projects. They also design and create aircraft interiors for the world’s leading manufacturers of business jets such as Bombardier, Embraer, and Pilatus. The focus is now on three divisions: Aircraft Interiors, Yacht Interiors, and Luxury Residence Interiors.



Cleaning and sanitizing of aircraft should be a high priority. F/ LIST discovered that this area had hygiene and sanitation issues that needed to be changed. Therefore, they placed flooring that would be the easiest to clean and the easiest to maintain. The team at F/ LIST saw the challenges of the path as opportunities and were not afraid to take advantage of them. It was the same way when they entered the aviation industry. They learned the lessons through the challenges of entering the segment. Today, the sector accounts for almost 80% of its revenue. F/ LIST has been involved in various aspects of designing, building, and maintaining more than 1500 business jets till 2019.

They also offer in-house design services for projects, making it easier for the client to not bring their own designer. Whatever they do, they do it with high values, which characterizes them a lot. In addition, they do educational programs for young people to learn the basics. F/ LIST has set up a school for the young generation to further their education and improve their personal, language, and professional skills. The best way to measure the success of the program is how many of their apprentices stay with F/ LIST. So. many. The use of AI, digitalization, and automation is accelerating, and F/ LIST is keeping pace.

“Our production quality is extremely high due to the machinery and automation. But all this has no meaning without craftsmen. Anyone can buy machines. It’s craftsmanship that distinguishes us, that symbiosis between art and technology.” – Katharina List-Nagl – CEO at F/LIST

F/ LIST is embracing the changing future by finding a new way to collaborate and grow in the future. Even as the internal forces of change emerge from the pandemic and F/ LIST must juggle retaining, inspiring, and retaining its existing workforce for the long term. F/ LIST certainly knows itself what future it wants, but considerations must be made to achieve positive outcomes. They have developed a strategy where they look back at the past for 5 years and use reverse tactics of what worked well and what didn’t. That way they can be ready for the next 5 years.


We, the NDA team, were happy to offer our help and provide solutions to expand and increase the online reach of the F/ LIST brand. Digital marketing services are widely used, but let’s look at what was done to take the company to the next level. One of our responsibilities was to set up Google Analytics capability on F/ LIST’s website to increase overall performance. Also, Google Search Ads and Google Display Advertising provided F/ LIST to deliver the best results possible. The goal of the campaign was to gather leads that would potentially be interested in making inquiries for F/ LIST’s products and services. To achieve this, various actions were measured on their website. For example downloads of informational materials, form submissions, or even clicks and copy actions on the email address and phone numbers. Our NDA team took care of the daily control and optimization of the running campaigns.

F/ LIST turns crisis into growth through tapping the potential of online marketing and sales digitization. In addition to global expansion, F/ LIST established a transformation process to accelerate their innovation and sales processes. The implementation of a new CRM and sales enablement platform, a direct mailing tool, and a graphic and technical upgrade of the website formed the basis for further performance marketing activities. Crucial PPC measures were rolled out very promptly and cost-effectively at the beginning of the pandemic. F/ LIST recognized the key benefits of merging sales and marketing. Combining the best of both worlds, i.e. traditional offline sales with cutting-edge digital marketing methods… And always with the support of the NDA Agency.

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We were hugely excited and enjoyed the whole process with the campaign, as it brought so many positive effects of diversity and impressive results. Starting with the first workshop, the team at F/ LIST was very focused and on point throughout the process. After highly targeted search ads, we were able to successfully set up retargeting campaigns that were the center of attention. During the process, our team created some great creatives such as animated and non-animated banner designs for F/ LIST, to promote products and increase reach in Google or other platforms. Continuously monitoring and optimizing the placement of the ad designs was part of our job. The direct placement of banners within thematically relevant websites thus became more important.

We are definitely looking forward to many more successful campaigns in the future!

"The results of the campaigns were really unexpected. We measured a very high rate of conversions, which is very uncommon in that kind of niche and level of products."
Andreas Kraus – CEO of NDA Agency


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