Search Engine Advertising.

SEA (search engine advertising) is a sub-area in search engine marketing and forms the supplementary area to SEO (search engine optimization). In contrast to SEO, SEA does not deal with organic search results, but with paid text ads in search engines.

Yandex Ads

Paid search ads appear in Yandex search results and on Yandex Advertising Network search partner sites — some of the most popular sites in Russia covering an audience of 34 million users.

Google Ads

With Google Ads, you can reach potential customers who are looking for companies like yours in Google Search or Google Maps. You only pay for results, e.g. For example, for clicks that users use to reach your website or for calls to your company.

Microsoft Ads

Bing Ads deliver search ads in the Bing search engine and are offered under Microsoft Advertising. The ads can be managed independently or synchronized by importing the Google Ads campaigns.

The benefits of SEA.

Result-related costs

High customer qualification

Small regional display

Intelligent delivery

Many possibilities for optimization

Understandable results

Hang on...

We will provide a whitepaper that contains the most important parameters about search engine advertising.



Text Ads.

In the text lines you can highlight certain information about your products or services. A call-to-action for the desired action by the user is also useful. Users pay special attention to the headline. Therefore, you should use words that are frequently entered as search terms on Google.

Shopping Ads.

As a retailer, you can use shopping campaigns to advertise your products in stores and online shops, increase the number of website hits or visits to your stores and generate qualified leads. If you are interested in shopping campaigns, send us your product data via the Merchant Center and set up a Google Ads campaign. For this campaign, we then create ads that are shown on Google and other websites to present your offer to potential customers.

Call-Only Ads.

Call ads are designed to encourage users to call your company. They are only delivered on devices that can be used to make calls. When a prospect clicks or taps the ad, they can call you right away. Call reports are only available on the search network. These reports use Google forwarding numbers to measure the performance of the call extension or call ad.



The point is to address the potential customer by means of text exactly when he is in the state of problem solving. The searcher should click on the ad and be brought into direct contact with the result of his or her search interest.

As a rule, we take 1-2 weeks to set up the campaigns and implement the necessary concepts so that there is enough leeway for revisions.

Essentially we need information about legal issues. This includes the choice of words, licenses or other powers in medical or technical terms.

Results can be seen immediately. As soon as the campaigns go live, the ads are delivered or tested by Google.

Every click someone conducts on your ads has to be paid to Google directly.


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