Display Advertising.

If you do not fully utilize your reach despite numerous conversions, the reason could be that you are not yet using the Google Display Network (GDN) properly. Because the huge advertising network often catches users before they have heard of your product and guides them straight into the buying process with your company.

The benefits of Display Advertising.

High possible reach through a big network

Cost efficient remarketing and branding

Dynamic campaign options using feeds and website content

Checkout our paper about all banner sizes

We created a sheet, including all common and most used banner formats for top display advertising.


NDA-Whitepaper-AdFormat-DisplayAdvertising (3 MB)

Mobile Leaderboard (320×50)

The 320×50 banner is by far the most widely used ad for mobile, both in browsers and in apps. In fact, our research shows that:
If you want to maximize your ad reach in 2018 I highly recommend having a few of these formats in your inventory.

Medium Rectangle Ad (300×250)

No Display Ad campaign is complete without the Medium Rectangle. This standard banner has 40% of global inventory and is by far the most important inventory in your advertising arsenal.

The reason it’s so popular is that it works well on both mobile and desktop.

Leaderboard Banner (728×90)

Also known as a Horizontal Banner, this is the 2nd most common ad size among global inventory, with 25% of global impressions. This banner combined with the Medium Rectangle and the Mobile Leaderboard should cover most of your Display Advertising needs.

The 728×90 Leaderboard is part of the IAB standard banner sizes, and works well on the Google Display Network

Wide Skyscraper (160×600)

Sometimes called a Standing Banner, this is the more common of the two Skyscraper banners with 12% of global inventory.

There is a thinner version of this ad, simply called Skyscraper, with the size 120×600 that is aimed at websites that cannot accommodate the Wide Skyscraper, but when choosing between the two, the Wide Skyscraper is your safest bet.

More sites use this banner size than the thinner Skyscraper and it’s placed along the sidebar of a website. About 12% of global ad inventory is made up of the Wide Skyscraper whereas only 0.2% consists of the thinner Skyscraper.



The Google Display Network is particularly suitable as a remarketing component to enable a re-approach to existing Google Ads campaigns.

The setup process is usually completed within a week.

Static or animated banners

The first results appear shortly after the start of the campaign, after the banners and landing pages have been checked.

Basically, you are paying for viewable impressions.


Video, images, banners – Content and Impressions everywhere – are you ready?