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Backslash Week 52 – News of the Week

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Week 52 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened throughout this period. We’ve got some fascinating news for you. First, we summarize the new predictions of Adam Mosseri about Instagram in 2022. Clubhouse has also just added the ’Saved Replays’ feature and unveiled a new app icon. Later on, we mention that TikTok is currently testing a ’Re-Post’ option to boost the distribution of their clips. LinkedIn has also just launched a new campaign about the importance of representation in the workplace, so we summarized the key points. Lastly, we provide a few insights on Meta’s newsletter platform Bulletin and how it performed last year.

Lies unbedingt weiter.


Instagram copied nearly everything TikTok has to offer in 2021, and according to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, you can anticipate even more of the same in 2022, as the platform focuses on its core areas of growth, including streamlining its video formats to increase interaction.


In the video that Mosseri shared, he summarizes the previous year and adds that in 2022, Instagram will focus on two main themes: ‘Video and Control.’ In terms of video, Mosseri adds that Reels will continue to be the main focus: “We’re going to focus even more on video and combine all of our video formats around Reels,” says the company.


The development of TikTok has put pressure on Instagram, which was previously the dominant platform for young people to communicate, and since then, IG has been trying to catch up in any way possible, which has resulted in mixed results in terms of perception and usage.


However, their efforts have paid off in terms of total utilization. Reels had been the top contributor to engagement growth on Instagram, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and with the broader consumer movement toward short-form video, it makes sense for Instagram to keep up with the times and line with what people want to view.


Reels clips are now integrated into your main Instagram feed as Instagram combined its video formats in October, and has since started automatically converting shorter recordings into Reels clips as it seeks to boost Reels’ reach and exposure.


We believe that, eventually, Instagram will switch to a full-screen Reels/Stories feed, stepping away from the usual home stream of static posts, putting much more emphasis on the format, and making it the primary connection option, similar to TikTok.


This past week, the Clubhouse team announced the launch of Saved Replays, a new feature that allows users to save audio from recorded Clubhouse talks for later listening. You can store replays for a room by tapping the three dots menu from the hallway or a live room, where you’ll find an option to ‘Save Replay’ for later. Your Saved Replays will thereafter be accessible via a new share icon at the top of your profile.


The capacity to save the audio for a later stage adds to the utility and functionality of the option, providing more flexibility and utility in your Clubhouse experience. Clubhouse successfully launched its recorded rooms option in November, after it was spotted in testing by multiple users, and the ability to save the audio for a later date adds to the versatility and functionality of the option, providing more flexibility and utility in your Clubhouse experience.


In other Clubhouse news, the app got a new app icon, with streaming influencer Abraxas Higgins taking on the role as the app’s new face.


According to Clubhouse:


“A former Wall Street banker turned music marketing strategist turned audio influencer. In addition to being the host of Clubhouse’s beloved morning show 9AM in London, Abraxas is also the most followed person in the UK on Clubhouse and makes more money now from brand partners than he did as an investment strategist.”


Whatsoever, many people still use Clubhouse, and it’s notably popular in India, so the social audio app may still have commercial possibilities.


Several TikTok users are reportedly testing a new ‘Repost’ feature, which allows them to re-share TikTok clips with their followers, with the re-posted clip appearing in their connections’ feeds.


Some users have noticed a new ‘Repost‘ button in their sharing options, which effectively amplifies that clip by re-posting it in both your contacts’ ‘Following’ and ‘For You’ feeds. Your contacts will be able to see that you’ve re-posted a clip in the video details, as well as any comments you’ve contributed to the clip.


So this is just another way to boost clips you like by sharing them with all of your friends at once, rather than sending each clip individually – though it’s interesting to see TikTok testing the waters with re-sharing in this way while other social and messaging platforms consider the negative effects on user engagement.


Making it easier to re-share posts raises the likelihood of misinformation spreading further, as it’s only a tap away. While TikTok isn’t recognized for being a major source of false information or destructive hoax campaigns, the ability to re-share content more quickly provides more potential on this front, which might be troublesome.


If TikTok can find the right balance of adding this “re-post” feature, it will be able to provide an easier distribution platform for its content creators. Additionally, they hope that this new feature will allow the clips on TikTok to be shared with even more people who potentially never downloaded the app.


In a world where people often feel underrepresented, LinkedIn wants to make sure that they help people get their voices heard. They have been working hard to make the workplace a place for everyone. In an effort to bring more diversity and inclusion, LinkedIn has been pushing for more inclusiveness and representation in the workplace. They have launched campaigns and offered tools in order to try and eradicate the feeling of exclusion in the workplace.


The company has launched a new promotional campaign which intends to stress the value of diversity in the workplace and give more avenues for people to express themselves in their professional careers.


Gender pronouns, which LinkedIn added as an optional profile entry in March, are the main focus. Since then, LinkedIn claims that over 6 million members have updated their pronouns to their profile display, a significant step toward creating a more open and inclusive workplace.


According to LinkedIn, in comparison to a year earlier, over half of job seekers in the United States believe they’re more likely to be themselves in the workplace. And they’ve seen these discussions take place in our LinkedIn community around the world, as their members rethink their priorities and relationships with work and life, and reclaim that being professional means creating inclusive spaces and cultures that honor each other as individuals so that they can bring their unique experiences and perspectives to the table.


The new campaign is part of LinkedIn’s bigger ‘What Does it Mean to be Professional’ push, which investigates how the modern workforce is changing, and the altering expectations, and opportunities as a result.


Right now, as new norms emerge, we have the opportunity to make big changes in our approach to professionalism and workplace relationships in a variety of ways.


Meta has released a year-end update on its Bulletin newsletter platform, which it first debuted in April as part of a commitment to help artists and subscribers engage more by leveraging the company’s huge reach to scale newsletter growth.


While Meta hasn’t yet established itself as a serious competitor to Substack and other newsletter providers, it has been steadily improving, and it could soon become a major consideration for writers in a variety of fields.


According to Meta:


“When we launched Bulletin, we began with a small group of voices to learn how to best support their work. Six months later, we have more than 115 publications on Bulletin, and we’re energized by all the ways this first group has made meaningful connections with their audiences. This is the start of our overall effort to connect people in a more significant way to content from a broader set of sources and experts.”


In August, Meta added 25 local news journalists to its roster of Bulletin writers, whom it will finance for the first year of their existence. Again, with so many local newsrooms having been forced to close in recent years, the platform might be a major hub for such if it can provide a realistic mechanism for local news writers to generate money from their work while also showcasing relevant news items to Facebook users via feeds.


Meta is also bringing additional tools and third-party connections to provide more creative and research possibilities (including a data insights partnership with LexisNexis), as well as free educational opportunities for Bulletin authors to help them start their own newsletter businesses.


We truly hope you’ve learned something new today and become more familiar with the new features and updates of Instagram, TikTok, Clubhouse, LinkedIn and Meta.


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Backslash Week 52 – News of the Week

Wir teilen unser Wissen über Online-Marketing, Digitalisierung und Unternehmertum mit Ihnen - lesen Sie über die neuesten Trends der digitalen Welt, Webdesign und SEA-Strategien oder holen Sie sich Tipps und Anregungen für Ihren Social-Media-Auftritt.

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