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Backslash Week 50 – News of the Week

Wir teilen unser Wissen über Online-Marketing, Digitalisierung und Unternehmertum mit Ihnen - lesen Sie über die neuesten Trends der digitalen Welt, Webdesign und SEA-Strategien oder holen Sie sich Tipps und Anregungen für Ihren Social-Media-Auftritt.

Week 50 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened throughout this period. We’ve got some fascinating news for you. First, we summarize the updates about Google’s new app Qaya, which will focus on facilitating monetization for creators. YouTube has also just launched a new update to YouTube Studio App to bring it more into line with the desktop version. Later on, we mention that Meta just launched a new legal effort against scammers. TikTok has also made a huge announcement – it will open up TikTok Kitchen, a delivery-only restaurant chain. Lastly, we provide a few insights on SnapChat, which also just launched the new Story Studio app.

Lies unbedingt weiter.


Google has released a new tool to assist creators in monetizing their online presence. The app includes direct links to a digital storefront where you can sell anything you want using a variety of payment options.


Qaya is an app that helps creators get paid for what they do best – create. The app connects creators with brands, retailers, and influencers who are looking for content to use around the world.


According to Google:


“Creators use Qaya as the hub for their business activity across the web. Many link to their Qaya storefronts from their social media bios, and showcase digital products they upload or products and services hosted on other sites. We provide custom yourname.channel or qaya.store/your-name URLs, with payment functionality built in.”


Google added that creators on the app will be able to sell anything from trapeze workout manuals to health training videos, picture filters, beat packs, ASMR read-alouds, productivity layouts, knitting designs, and much more. Google is working on subscription and other revenue possibilities for the app, which will enable both gated and free products, as well as creator tipping.


Qaya will be integrated with Google-owned properties such as YouTube, allowing producers to promote Qaya products immediately beneath their YouTube videos. There are also customer management and analytics features, which may help to improve sales success and provide value to the package.


The app is now only available in the United States, but Google plans to expand its availability in the near future.


YouTube has announced some new upgrades to its YouTube Studio mobile app, which will allow creators to manage their channels on the go while also making it easy to monitor performance across desktop and mobile, rather than forcing channel managers to log in on a desktop device.


The most significant change is the addition of new comment search criteria, providing authors more options for connecting with followers and increasing interaction. For searching your channel comments, there are now additional filters accessible. Among the new filter options are for example: Have I already responded to this comment? Does the comment contain a question? Is the commenter a channel member?


That provides you a lot more capacity for replying to important comments from your mobile device, ensuring that they’re dealt with quickly, which might be a tremendously advantageous addition for channels with a lot of comments.


The company has also updated the YouTube Studio app with additional analytics features, bringing it more in line with the desktop version, such as insights into recurring viewers, comparative view counts, and more.


YouTube says it will try to guarantee that any metrics added to the desktop version of the app are also available on the mobile platform in the future, offering more comparability and value across the two platforms.


They have also updated the Studio app icon to make it more consistent with the rest of the YouTube applications, as well as moving numerous function tabs to the new bottom bar, which makes them more accessible, as they were previously included under the three dots function menu.


To sum it up, the key focus is on ensuring that the desktop and mobile Studio applications are in sync, allowing customers to manage their YouTube presence while on the road. And, as more people manage their channels remotely, this should give creators more working freedom, allowing them to make the most of their YouTube material.


Phishing scams are a common problem on social media. With a new federal lawsuit in California against a group that had been conducting phishing attacks designed to trick users into sharing their login credentials via fake login pages for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, Meta has launched its latest legal effort to stamp out scammers seeking to dupe people via its platforms.


More than 39,000 websites imitating Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp login pages were created as part of this phishing effort. People were asked to input their usernames and passwords on these websites, which Defendants collected.


This is a fantastic result, but it’s likely a drop in the bucket, given that web scammers are continuously developing their methods and coming up with new ways to target people in order to defraud them or sell their information to third parties for other malicious purposes.


That is why Meta’s legal enforcement activities are critical since they create an additional level of consequence and risk for these con artists. Over the last few years, Meta has increased its legal recourse efforts in an effort to prevent future fraudsters by establishing a stronger precedent for such crimes, which has resulted in courts recognizing the importance of such instances and imposing harsher fines and demerits as a result.


TikTok is launching a new chain of delivery-only restaurants across the United States, in a move that I doubt many people saw coming. The platform will translate viral cooking videos from the app into themed menu items.


On December 17, the video-sharing platform announced its partnership with Virtual Dining Concepts to operate TikTok Kitchen delivery-only locations across the country beginning in March. With millions of views, food and recipe videos have become a popular feature of the site’s programming. More than 1 billion individuals utilize the site on a monthly basis, according to the business.


About 300 TikTok restaurants are planned across the country for the debut, with more than 1,000 projected by the end of 2022, according to co-founder Robert Earl. Mr. Beast, a YouTube personality, has used the same approach to launch his chain of delivery-only ‘Mr. Beast Burger‘ restaurants, which has now served over a million burgers and is expanding into new regions.


Because no physical storefronts are involved, the approach entails employing employees and kitchens from other, existing restaurants to fulfill local orders, resulting in fewer overheads and greater scalability and growth flexibility.


The TikTok Kitchen menu will be inspired by the app’s most popular food trends, such as baked feta spaghetti, which was named Google’s most-searched dish of 2021. Spaghetti chips—cooked pasta shapes that are cheese-coated and air-fried—as well as a smash burger and corn ribs prepared by ripping off portions of corn and covering them with spices and Parmesan are all on the inaugural menu.


To begin, the menu will be rotated every three months. Earl believes that if a cuisine becomes popular, there will be opportunities to include it on menus. It remains to be seen whether items like baked feta pasta become regular offers.


Snapchat has shifted its focus on video content by launching Story Studio, an app for video creators to help them make their stories more compelling. Snapchat has rolled out a new ‘Story Studio’ app to a restricted group of users, which allows you to build more intricate vertical movies that you can subsequently submit to the main app.


As described by Snapchat:


“Use the frame-precise trimming, splitting, and timing tools to get your edits just right. Add layers and captions to tell your story, and then Sounds from Snapchat. Try the latest Lens that everyone is talking about, and add smooth transitions from one video to another. When you’re ready to share, send it to Snapchat to share on your Story or on Spotlight.”


Story Studio, which was first unveiled at the company’s Partner Summit in May, allows customers access to a variety of more in-depth editing tools for creating more complicated video segments. Videos generated in the app can then be exported to the main Snapchat app, as well as downloaded and shared on other platforms if desired.


However, Story Studio is only available to a select few people. The app is currently only available as an “early version” to iOS users in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.


We truly hope you’ve learned something new today and become more familiar with the new features and updates of Google, YouTube, Meta, TikTok and Snapchat.


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Backslash Week 50 – News of the Week

Wir teilen unser Wissen über Online-Marketing, Digitalisierung und Unternehmertum mit Ihnen - lesen Sie über die neuesten Trends der digitalen Welt, Webdesign und SEA-Strategien oder holen Sie sich Tipps und Anregungen für Ihren Social-Media-Auftritt.

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