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Week 38 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened throughout this period. We’ve got some interesting news for you. First, we talk about TikTok reaching a huge milestone. Twitter is also testing more options to help users avoid negativity on the app. Later on, we mention how Facebook is currently experimenting with new business context elements in Ad Display. Snapchat also just launched its new Holiday Trends Guide this week, so we summarized the key points. Lastly, we provide a few insights on Pinterest’s second Creators Festival event and how you could benefit from it.  

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TikTok, the popular video-sharing application, has reached a new milestone. The app now has more than a billion monthly active users worldwide. Despite being on the verge of being outlawed in the United States, being outlawed in its second-largest usage market, being almost completely sold off, and facing direct competition, the company is still thriving.


The app was first launched in September 2016 and now holds the title of being the most popular social media platform for teenagers. It now reaches over 15% of all teens with its 454 million monthly users in America alone. The variety of videos combined with its editing features are what have made this app so popular among teens. It is also available on Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to people around the world.


To put things in perspective, TikTok has grown from 54 million users in January 2018 to a billion presently, which means it has added 950 million members in 45 months. Instagram’s active users increased from 100 million in February 2013 to one billion in June 2018 (a 66-month period), which is not directly comparable owing to differences in mobile connectivity, usage, and other factors. However, it does provide some insight into TikTok’s success.


“Every month, more than 1 billion individuals across the world come to TikTok to be amused while learning, laughing, or discovering something new,” says TikTok CEO Shouzi Chew. “We’re privileged to serve as a home for our incredibly diverse community of families, small companies, and innovators who morph into our favorite celebrities.”


Twitter is testing a new feature to filter out negative interactions in the app. The company is moving towards a more proactive approach when it comes to dealing with toxic interactions on the platform. The company was criticized for not taking enough action against abusive behavior on the platform. They have been gradually rolling out features and updates in order to deal with this problem.


Twitter has brought out a number of new control tools in the last year, including reply controls to limit uninvited comments, warnings on potentially damaging and/or offensive replies, and Safety Mode, which informs users when their tweets are receiving unfavorable attention. These new features might have a significant impact — and Twitter isn’t done yet. The app has revealed a couple more new control settings this week, which could help users avoid unwanted interactions and the mental anguish that often accompany them when their tweets are targeted for abuse.


To begin, Twitter is working on new ‘Filter’ and ‘Limit’ settings, which, according to Twitter, would help users keep potentially harmful content – and the people who make it – out of their replies. But, perhaps more importantly, the Filter option means that any replies you choose to hide will be hidden from everyone else in the app except the person who tweeted them, similar to Facebook’s ‘Hide’ option for post comments. While there are always fears that people would use these features essentially as blinders to block out things they don’t want to deal with, which could limit beneficial discourse and valuable perspective, why shouldn’t people be able to do that if it provides them a better in-app experience?


Facebook is experimenting with another method of providing extra context on paid ads, this time through a horizontal scrolling display of additional information beneath the ad image display. The new Facebook ad includes extra information about the business, such as phone number, reviews, hours of operation, and other related information. It also allows visitors to take a virtual tour of the business with 360-degree videos.


This could be especially useful in sorting out scammers who are trying to make money off of Facebook ads. Since 2016, when it was revealed that Russian-based groups were attempting to influence US voters through targeted Facebook ad campaigns, Facebook has been experimenting with additional ad-context features. Among the improvements, Facebook has tightened its rules on the use of political and issue-based advertising, and users can now quickly tap through to find out more about the advertiser who is financing each campaign.


It appears to be a worthwhile initiative that will lend respectability to marketing campaigns. While smaller marketers may be affected (e.g., having a smaller following reduces trust), the benefits in terms of possible misuse may be greater.


For the Christmas season, Snapchat has released a new holiday marketing guide. The guide is a one-stop-shop for retailers, brands, and advertisers looking to improve their strategy. The 16-page book contains a variety of useful suggestions and platform recommendations to help you get the most out of your approach. It contains a short rundown of the most important aspects of Snap advertising. The article also covers Snap’s many ad types and targeting tips for your campaigns.


As a result of the pandemic, more individuals are spending more time on their mobile devices, and eCommerce rates have reached new highs. Social commerce is an extension of that, with every social platform now looking into ways to assist marketers present their items in-stream, in order to catch people where they’re most engaged.


Snap’s handbook follows suit, beginning with a broad overview of campaign planning and strategy. Snap’s holiday planning resources, when used together, may help you choose the correct ad types and how to utilize them, while the usage notes can help you target and maximize response. If you’re thinking about launching a Christmas campaign on Snap, it’s worth a look since there may be things you didn’t think of or that will help you clarify your ideas.


Snapchat is known for its innovative ad formats like Snap Ads which are short video ads that pop up in users’ feeds during specific time periods. However, with this new guide, Snapchat shows an interest in offering more traditional advertising products.


Pinterest will host its annual Creators Festival next month for the second year in a row, where the platform will reveal new features, highlight critical usage trends, provide engagement advice for Pin marketers, and more. The Pinterest Creators Festival allows Pinterest to present its developing vision for the platform, including new tools and upcoming features, while also fostering connections amongst Pin creators.


Pinterest has witnessed a significant increase in usage as more people opt to browse and shop online during the pandemic, and as a result, Pinterest is looking to introduce additional features and formats to coincide with this change and maximize engagement while it has people’s attention.


Pinterest’s version on the Stories format, Idea Pins, has been a big addition on this front, pushing into broader social media usage trends, while it’s also been inspired by TikTok, with a limited test of a new, full-screen, vertical Pin feed it’s calling ‘Watch’ mode. Pinterest also appears to be stepping up its game with a new feature called ‘Takes,’ which, like TikTok’s remix option, will allow users to respond to an Idea Pin with their own video.


It might be worth tuning in with announcements like this on the program, and with the holiday season approaching, it might also provide some final notes of inspiration for your ads.


We truly hope you’ve learned something new today and become more familiar with the new features and updates of TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Pinterest.


Would you like to know more? We are always here to help you out! Feel free to contact us any time! Stay tuned, archetype!


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Backslash Week 38 – News of the Week

Wir teilen unser Wissen über Online-Marketing, Digitalisierung und Unternehmertum mit Ihnen - lesen Sie über die neuesten Trends der digitalen Welt, Webdesign und SEA-Strategien oder holen Sie sich Tipps und Anregungen für Ihren Social-Media-Auftritt.

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