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Backslash Week 01 – News of the Week

Wir teilen unser Wissen über Online-Marketing, Digitalisierung und Unternehmertum mit Ihnen - lesen Sie über die neuesten Trends der digitalen Welt, Webdesign und SEA-Strategien oder holen Sie sich Tipps und Anregungen für Ihren Social-Media-Auftritt.

The first week of 2022 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened throughout this period. We’ve got some fascinating news for you. First, we summarize what data TikTok just shared about the value of collaborating with creators on ad campaigns. Instagram is also testing a new ’Status’ display to see what your connections are up to. Later on, we mention that Twitter is also currently testing a new search bar above the main feed in its app. Facebook has just launched a new ’Privacy Center’ to offer more control over privacy and data-sharing, so we summarized the key points. Lastly, we provide a few insights on Pinterest’s new ’Profiles’ tab which will help creators to reach more users on the app.

Lies unbedingt weiter.


TikTok, the popular app that helps users create and share short videos with friends, has been partnering with other brands to create branded content. The company has a unique perspective when it comes to creativity and collaboration. It has a large number of users who can create original content for brands within seconds at any given moment, while also being able to amplify the reach of a brand’s campaign by helping to spread it virally.


From both an individual creator and a company standpoint, the key to success on TikTok is to connect with the platform’s content trends. Understanding that TikTok video clips have their own feel and style is crucial to obtaining a large audience and resonance on the app.


For companies, this involves conducting research and spending time in the app – or collaborating with established creators and leveraging their platform experience to help enhance your messaging and appeal.


As TikTok’s recent study on ad success through partnership with creators shows, this can be a very worthwhile method. The platform reviewed over 2,800 marketing campaigns to gain new insight into how collaborations with creators help to boost results, taking a closer look at how businesses are seeing success with their TikTok initiatives.


To begin with, TikTok discovered that commercials made in collaboration with creators have stronger recall and longer watch rates. Ads made in collaboration with TikTok creators also witnessed a 91 percent increase in 6-second views compared to non-creator partnerships. That emphasizes the importance of connecting to in-app trends and viewer behaviors — if it looks and feels more native to TikTok, and originates from the app’s creative core, via creators who know and practice that approach, TikTok viewers are more likely to respond positively. Ads created in collaboration with creators also have greater interaction rates in most forms, according to the data.


TikTok, of course, profits from facilitating creator relationships, with its Creator Marketplace effectively serving as an additional cash stream for creators, ideally keeping them on TikTok rather than switching to other platforms.


That implies TikTok has a vested interest in increasing the value of such collaborations. But the numbers don’t lie, and everyone who’s used TikTok knows that making native-looking, platform-aligned clips gets better results — since the more ad-like a video appears in your feed, the easier it is to skip and go on.


Instagram is currently rolling out a new ‘profile status’ feature to more users, which allows you to create a status notification on your profile that will last for 24 hours (unless you change it).


When you have access, the new status option will appear beneath your username at the top of the screen in your IG Direct messaging page, allowing you to choose from a variety of status options to display to your friends. As indicated in the last screenshot, your selected status is then displayed on both the Direct tab and on your profile.


Instagram has been testing this functionality for a while, with the ability to set a status transferring from the Instagram Threads app, which was shut down late last year.


Threads was created to improve chatting with your closest friends as part of Instagram’s bigger attempt to capitalize on the popularity of messaging in the app, with one feature being the ability to set a status to let your friends know what you’re up to at any given time.


Threads took it a step further with auto-status, which, when enabled, automatically updates your status based on your location, battery life, movement, and other factors.


Last year, right before the Threads shutdown, Instagram tried something similar, so it seems probable that all users would soon be allowed to update their status with these 24-hour options, giving your connections additional insight into what you’re up to at any given time.


There’s a practical benefit here, and it’ll be fascinating to see whether Instagram decides to include the auto-status feature from Threads into the main app as well.


As part of Instagram’s broader roll-out/test, the new status option is currently only visible for some users.


Here’s a new Twitter experiment that’s little yet could be useful. Twitter recently started a test in which your tweet search options will be integrated into the app’s main home screen, making it quicker to conduct a search throughout the platform without having to move to the Explore tab.


Twitter is experimenting with two different layouts: one with a full search text bar at the top of the main timeline, and another with a smaller magnifying glass symbol next to your timeline settings.


To do a search in the app before this update, you had to go to the special ‘Explore’ tab, which has a search query bar at the top of the screen.


Will the ability to search from the home screen encourage more people to do so? Maybe. It’s difficult to imagine it having a significant impact on user behavior, but merely providing people with a more clear search option could serve to raise awareness and get more people thinking about how they’d like to find additional conversations going on in the app.


It doesn’t seem like a big deal, especially because most people already know how to use the app to search. But, again, perhaps that simple message at the top of the page will encourage more users to search the app and participate in conversations and exchanges.


Facebook has been in the news recently for a number of privacy-related issues. In an effort to regain the trust of its users, Facebook is launching a new “Privacy Center” that will give people more control over their privacy and data-sharing options.


The new Privacy Center, which will first be available to some Facebook desktop users in the United States, is divided into five sections, each of which explains what data Meta collects and how you can opt-out of data tracking.


The first is the issue of security. You may learn more about account security, how to set up features like two-factor authentication, and how Meta combats data scraping.


The second is the concept of sharing. If you have any queries regarding who sees what you post or how to clean up outdated posts on your profile using tools like Manage Activity, you can refer to this article.


Collection is the third element. Learn about the many types of data that Meta collects and how to examine it using tools such as Access Your Information.


Use is the fourth. Learn more about how and why we utilize data, as well as the options we provide for controlling how your data is used.


The fifth is advertisements. Learn how your data is used to determine the ads you see and how to use ad controls such as Ad Preferences.


The new Privacy Center is now only available to some Facebook desktop users, with Meta expecting a wider rollout ‘in the coming months.’ The new ‘Privacy Center’ link will be found in the ‘Settings and Privacy’ area for those with access.


With the launch of a new ‘Profiles‘ page within Pin search, Pinterest hopes to increase creator discovery by highlighting relevant creators associated with any search term.


Users may find specific creators via the new ‘Profiles’ tab, which can be used in searches for user names or inside topic and product categories. Pinners will be able to locate the best creators for each subject, which will assist increase creative exposure and presence.


The new ‘Profiles’ option was first introduced in October as part of Pinterest’s Creators’ Festival event, but it’s now being made available to more users worldwide, increasing the app’s discovery potential.


Pinterest, like all platforms, is attempting to retain its best creative talent and encourage its most popular users to publish more frequently in order to maintain user interest.


Pinterest introduced its $500k Creator Fund in April of last year, and its Creator Rewards program in October, which rewards creators for participating in a variety of tasks tied to app usage.


With every platform competing for attention, all social apps are looking for the best incentives to better match notable voices with their apps, and with TikTok and Instagram making huge pushes into eCommerce, Pinterest could lose its top stars if it can’t compete.


We truly hope you’ve learned something new today and become more familiar with the new features and updates of TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


Möchtest du mehr wissen? Wir sind immer für dich da! Du kannst uns jederzeit kontaktieren! Bleib dran, Archetyp!


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Backslash Week 01 – News of the Week

Wir teilen unser Wissen über Online-Marketing, Digitalisierung und Unternehmertum mit Ihnen - lesen Sie über die neuesten Trends der digitalen Welt, Webdesign und SEA-Strategien oder holen Sie sich Tipps und Anregungen für Ihren Social-Media-Auftritt.

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