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Measuring, monitoring and optimizing campaigns only works if the "sensor technology" is set up correctly. We have various tools available for this,
which we select and test carefully. Paired with a little bit of coding you are able to understand what is necessary.

Custom Tracking

On the web, we can find a myriad of measuring instruments. We use the world of Google to measure websites according to predefined standards and to set individual goals and data for campaigns.

Web Analytics

Each campaign is subject to its own key figures. Not all can be recognized at first glance when you enter the Analytics tool. We create the necessary segments and data views so our clients are able to make better conclusions.

Marketing Intelligence

No - of course, we do not cover everything here. However, certain aspects are necessary to properly prepare for our work. As part of our research, we analyse the market and the competition so that we can position our clients perfectly.

Custom Reporting

Adapted to our client's needs, we configure reports and support you in calculating the profitability of your measures.

Competitor Analysis

In order to be able to determine the positioning and the bidding strategy, we assess all the parameters around the visibility of the competitors.

Topic Monitoring

Depending on the area in which a company is positioned, it is all the more important to maintain an overview, especially in the case of more complex issues.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis starts with the preparation to campaigns, texts, landing pages, or simply to be able to perform an estimation of the budgetary effort.

B2B Lead Research

Our lead research service is designed to help you find leads that make sense for your business. This means researching ones that are part of your target audience, collecting their contact information, and compiling it in an easy to use format.

Web crawling

Web Crawling is an essential part to get traffic to your website and thus it is an important part of SEO and Digital Marketing Services. Just tell us what web data you need and let us take care of the rest.

Internet Research

The internet is a gold mine of information for those conducting marketing research. Our internet research specialists will provide you with an in-depth analysis and detailed reports on industry trends, market news, competitor analysis, company performance, consumer preferences, purchase habits etc.

Data Preparation

Do you want to get the maximum out of your product data?
Through optimally prepared product data, products are displayed in a more targeted manner, are better positioned and receive more clicks, since the potential buyer finds exactly what he is looking for.

Web scraping

Web scraping is a popular method of acquiring data and getting content from open sources with minimal efforts. Web scraping, when executed correctly can extract key data that will help any organization take optimum financial and marketing decisions. 


We use these tools which help us to get even more out of the collected data.


Analyses and reports can be very exciting. For the number fans among you we have summarized the most interesting projects.

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Definition of KPIs

Depending on the respective company, different key figures serve to measure economic success. Depending on the structure of the website, the correct ones must be chosen.


Implementing measurement

Within the framework of the given parameters, we assess which approach we pursue and which signals we use as indicators of the correct user behaviour.


Account Configuration & Setup

In case all necessary accounts are not yet available, we set up the missing ones and configure necessary links for data exchange between the individual third-party tools.



Based on the customer's requirements and wishes, we use different reporting solutions to provide real-time campaign insights.


"The difference is in the details. Where many people stop, we feel obliged to go the last mile - because we know that entrepreneurs need a strong partner with know-how that translates the inflationary used key figures into an understandable language."

- Ing. Andreas Kraus, MSc.

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