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Nearly 3 billion people play games. Mobile gaming is the most popular category on the app stores and gamers spend a full working day every week playing their favorite games.

Gaming is the largest form
of Entertainment.

The advertisements are dynamically placed in-game on the basis of an advertising budget. In the game, the advertising spaces are dynamically played out, which enables a quantified measurement of success.

Due to the boom of mobile devices and the matching games, the advertising possibilities in games are almost limitless. Through targeted campaigns, traffic, clicks and conversions can be increased.

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Adverty In-Game example.

A special form of dynamic in-game advertising is the incentives, which give the player a direct advantage. They are realized as clickable advertisements or as advertising levels implemented in the game. For clicking or running the game, the player receives a reward in the game currency or additional game inventory.

Don’t break immersion
Ads that redirects gamers out of gameplay is a big no go. Gamers do not want to be distracted by objects that are not related to the game they’re playing.

Maintain authenticity
Adding originality and authenticity to a game’s environment is the most important thing. Using native in-game advertising as an example, the ads served in-game have all the necessary filters, overlays and visual effects applied to the creative to ensure that it looks authentic to the environment. Product placement could work as well but brands need to think very carefully about how their product should be presented in the game.

The expectations of the players
Especially in browser and mobile games, players accept the placement of advertising. Especially if the games are offered for free. However, players react negatively to advertising content that is perceived as personally irrelevant or that disturbs the fun of the game. Advertising must, therefore, be integrated into the game context and fit the game. Most players accept advertising during loading times. And thanks to modern ad server technologies, demographic data can also be used to display suitable content. Under no circumstances should the flow of the game be interrupted or the fun of the game diminished.

Adverty Advantages.

Billions of everyday people are gamers.


Nearly everyone is a gamer

A third of the world's population plays online games and half a billion people watch esports. The majority of mobile gamers are female and more than a fifth are 50 and older Mobile is the only gaming platform with gender equality.


Mobile Gaming

The youngest, largest and fastest growing gaming platform, focusing on free-to-play games from casual to esports, usually with high, global reach. 91% of time spent on mobile devices is spent in-app.


Reach & Spend

The potential is far from exhausted. The ad spend ratio in the social media market is 26.6% compared to consumers, whereas the ratio for gaming is 1.7%.



In-Game Ads are the ideal platform to get the attention of your customers and bind them to the brand of your company.


There are 2.5 billion people in the world playing games, everywhere.



So many possibilities and so little time. Here you will find a fraction of the services that we implement in your project, so that you also generate maximum reach and address your target group.

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