SK Rapid Wien is the largest Austrian football club based in Vienna and is considered the most successful club in Austrian football history with 32 national titles. The sports club Rapid Wien was founded in 1898 as the Erster Wiener Arbeiterverein Football Club.

SK Rapid Wien was and is a very special partnership for us that has been active for two years. Whether together in the business club or in the marketing meeting, the employees of this club have their passion for sport and the club on their tongues. We are happy to have come together thanks to a good incident and support the sports club in matters relating to banner marketing, advertising and analysis.


SK Rapid Wien is the largest Austrian football club based in Vienna and is considered the most successful club in Austrian football history with 32 national titles. The sports club Rapid Wien was founded in 1898 as the Erster Wiener Arbeiterverein Football Club. The history of SK Rapid began in the 19th century. The original club colors were red and blue, which are still often used at matches today. On 8 January 1899, the club was renamed Sportklub Rapid Wien. In 1904 the team became green and white.

The very first Austrian Championship from 1911-12 was won by one point and the title was defended the following season. Playing Watching Rapid became a hobby for more and more Viennese. The team played with competence and fighting spirit and managed to be promoted to the highest Austrian football league in 1903. Already at the beginning of the twentieth century, the club grew and a clubhouse and a grandstand were built. However, these ambitious undertakings meant that the club was burdened with debt until its tenth anniversary.

The city of Vienna terminated the lease of the home in Rudolfsheim for the young football club. The rug was also pulled out from under the club’s feet, the roof over its head was gone, as the future of SK Rapid was at stake. „Mr. Rapid“ Dionys Schönecker, equipped with a master plan to change the fortunes of the struggling club, took over Schönecker as secretary and coach. The young SK Rapid started like a fire brigade and became champions for the first time in 1911/12. Already in the first championship season the building project Dionys Schonecker Brother Edi was completed and the new home ground, the Pfarrwiese, was opened.

In harmony between families, neighbors, and workers, the legendary unit was formed. The Green & White Band has been welding them together ever since. This has made them the biggest and most popular football club in Austria and Vienna. To maintain this bond, the members of the Rapid family see themselves as equal partners, distinguished by integrity and trustworthiness. „Those who stick together win“: This wise advice from the legendary Dionys Schönecker, the „father of the Rapid spirit“, proves true time and again. Now they can also rely on a Mission Statement that was developed in a democratic process by and for the Rapid family, involving hundreds of Rapid fans and led by a dedicated project management team. For the first time in the club’s rich and varied history, the key principles and values were formally written down, and this Mission Statement was written into the club’s statutes by club members in November 2015.

SK Rapid stands for traditional values. Their name is and will remain „Sportklub Rapid“. Their colors are green and white and will remain so. They have been fighting for success with a full commitment since their foundation and never give up. The Rapid quarter-hour (the crowd attendance at every game with 75 minutes on the clock) is an expression of their will to win. The 4-time winner Super Cup Rapid Wien enjoys a huge fan base. Rapid SK is open to all. Human diversity is and has been the catalyst for their success. That is why they are also because of their social commitment to an open society where everyone has the right to be part of the Rapid family. Their will to win is independent of gender, faith, class, and preferred lifestyle.


Our goal was to support the client set up several digital marketing tools to achieve the goals of Rapid Wien. When we started, our primary goal was to set up an appropriate tracking structure to evaluate the potential for web monetization through banner and video ads. Then we developed a suitable strategy for remarketing and ultimately increasing the CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) of their visitors/customers.

Since there are so many great digital marketing tools out there, we decided to start with Google Search Ads. General fan shop/online store ads were further expanded to include remarketing of shop and homepage users with specific promotions and products.
We standardized the webshop and homepage tracking to make the advertising investment measurable and to make it clear from which channels the most traffic comes to the website.

We also promoted the new Rapid App via Google Search with app campaigns. In addition, Google Display banners were placed for specific products and promotions. The next stage is Google TrueView Video Ads and Facebook Ads for the football interested target group as well as for remarketing.


As the results of our analysis show, paid search and Google were the most important channels of the online shop to generate traffic and reach many interested users. Also, the remarketing lists, which were set up right at the beginning, are a good basis for retargeting the online shop visitors with current offers in the shop. During the course, over 15,000 users were brought into the online shop, making over 360 purchases, and over 600 new customers were registered. An average visitor coming to the online store via paid Google search stays for 03:17 minutes and looks at over 14 pages. Interestingly, the app campaigns generated over 1,100 app downloads for the new Rapid app, at a very low CPI of 0.38€.

It is indeed very special for the whole team to be able to work with such a famous and traditional football club. As expected, the team at SK Rapid Wien was very efficient and productive, resulting in a smooth process. We were able to achieve many improvements in the planning and execution of our comprehensive marketing strategy.


We are looking forward to a very long and growing partnership together!

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