At MY GYM you will find everything you need for you to stay fit and healthy! Doing sports together is fun. Don't make any more excuses!

Doing sports and working out together is fun. MYGYM is the place where you meet your friends and get to know new people while training. MYGYM is cool, modern, and offers fitness and health training at an affordable price. At MYGYM, helpful and very friendly staff make everyone feel comfortable. If you want to work out, you should have fun and enjoy coming to the gym. With a MYGYM membership, working out 365 days a year should be easy and fun – and that’s the way it is at MYGYM.


MYGYM’s Franchise option allows the brand to spread across the country. There are currently 11 locations for MYGYM fans, including Klagenfurt, Hollabrunn, St. Michael/Lungau, MYGYM Bruck/Glstr., St. Johann/Pg., Eugendorf, Obertrum, Saalfelden, Salzburg Nord, Salzburg Wals, and Salzburg ZIB.

The branded equipment and facilities are modern, well maintained, and well cared for. Cleanliness and hygiene, as well as a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, are important to them. Competent personal trainers are always on hand to help everyone reach their goals faster and more effectively. Getting fit should not be a question of money. The customers only pay for what training they actually use as a member. Therefore applies: 14 days long free of charge test – and then to the best price train.





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That’s just more at APP, which makes training easier in every way. The MYGYM app is key for anyone thinking of setting up a home gym and wanting a perfect digital workout experience right away. All exercises and classes are free and available exclusively to MYGYM members. MYGYM offers a huge library of exercise videos & the trainers in the app provide tips for anyone looking to get in shape.

Online classes are now streamed through the app, making it easier to work out at home. They stream workout classes created by the MYGYM community, custom workouts from Personal Trainers or members can even create their own type of workout, which is a lot of fun! It’s also very easy to track every repetition, set, or mile completed, as they are instantly saved in the workout and will show up in the next workout as well. Members can also share the results of their workouts with friends and workout buddies.

All in all, MYGYM has succeeded in creating a sense of community where members help each other stay motivated and inspire them to get up and move. The MYGYM app not only helps keep track of workout schedules, but also provides up-to-date information on gyms, class schedules, and equipment.

With the app, managing membership information shouldn’t be difficult anymore. Generate a unique QR code and scan it at the entrance to your gym – no more need for a membership card. The MYGYM app aims to make people fitter and healthier. Using digital technology, the MYGYM app focuses on bringing all kinds of workout experiences directly to members‘ fingertips. MYGYM also reached out to us to help with digital marketing services. With digital marketing, MYGYM wanted to make an impact that would benefit its customers.


Growth can bring many challenges and one of them is expanding to new, unfamiliar locations. MYGYM took on this challenge and expanded with new gyms in various locations. Their goal was to let potential customers know that they now exist in multiple locations and are ready to welcome them. As MYGYM continues to grow, focused digital marketing efforts could be key to increasing awareness and attracting more potential customers. Therefore, our task was to help target as many interested and potential customers as possible to encourage them to purchase a fitness subscription – either on the website or offline. MYGYM needs to continuously find ways to reach out to new potential customers to increase their gym membership sales.

First and foremost, we used Search Engine Advertising (SEA) to ensure MYGYM is found wherever its existing and potential customers are searching. SEA is a great tool when it comes to growing the customer base. By advertising on the Facebook and Instagram platforms, we also had the opportunity to make potential customers aware of MYGYM’s great offers. Therefore, we took full advantage of Facebook and Instagram and made the most of the large audience using these platforms to drive sales to MYGYM’s website. Additionally, our content creation team created some great banners for MYGYM to further impress existing and potential customers. After all, an attractive banner ensures that customers are excited and want to learn more about the brand in question.

This project of ours once again showed how different client projects can be and ultimately deliver different results. Before we tackled this client’s project, we already had a lot of experience with gyms and fitness centers like Speedfit, Femme Fitness, SitSpot Graz, and sports clubs like SK Rapid, OÖFV, and spusu Handball Liga to name a few.

But in the end, and this is a fact, the results here were quite different. In this case, our task was more focused on increasing the Search Impression Share generated via Search Network, as the overall number of impressions outside of larger cities turned out to be very low. We realized that we still had a lot of opportunities and that we could scale MYGYM’s success if we paid attention and achieved a higher share of impressions once our campaign was well optimized.

We thought it was a great opportunity to help MYGYM with their new gym openings in new locations in terms of digital marketing activities and we are sure that their new customers will get the best possible training experience as they could have with the multi-location company.

A great collaboration & we can not wait for MYGYM to continue growing!

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"Our task was to help target as many interested and potential customers as possible to encourage them to purchase a fitness subscription - either on the website or offline. MYGYM needs to continuously find ways to reach out to new potential customers to increase their gym membership sales."
Andreas Kraus – CEO of NDA Agency


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