JUFA Hotels is a tourism flagship company, that offers family-friendly accommodations with a variety of amenities in popular holiday destinations in Europe.

JUFA first opened its doors and has been welcoming with open arms for over 25 years. At JUFA, they strive to provide quality services to everyone, in the best way possible. They believe in making everyone feel welcome and valued, no matter where they are in the world. This is because they genuinely care about the people and communities they serve and pride themselves on providing all services and facilities of the highest quality. Whether you are going on a rural adventure, enjoying some quiet time at the spa, taking advantage of their high-quality services, or booking a city break. JUFA awaits you with family-friendly hotels with sports and conference facilities.


JUFA hotels stand for experiencing special moments together that you will never forget. Every special shared experience counts for time spent with family, friends, team, or work colleagues. For collecting memories that you will always look back on with pleasure. Holidays and happiness belong together in JUFA’s view. They simply belong together. Just like the variety of JUFA hotels in the most beautiful regions in the heart of Europe and „Happy Together.“

What makes them so unique are their more than 60 locations in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, and the Principality of Liechtenstein. In scenic locations, they offer the best family-friendly resorts and allow their customers to have an exceptional experience. They want everyone to get the most out of their stay with them.

JUFA wants you to feel comfortable during your family holiday and cultivates values such as hospitality and openness as their overriding principle. The JUFA family hotel is a meeting place for people and cultures of all ages and nations. According to the concept „feel good“ you will be looked after in the best possible and friendly way.


Are you looking for a family holiday in Austria with lots of fun family activities all year round in the Austrian Alps? One of the best destinations for a family holiday. Whether it’s a mountain road to glacier-covered peaks, deep blue waters, a visit to a spa, or a water park with water slides and waves, they have a hotel for you. A romantic getaway in evergreen pine forests – Austrian family holidays are always the scene of crystal clear lakes, steep hills, and green meadows. Historical sights and majestic nature combine in an international alpine landscape with countless traditions such as coffee houses and inns, wineries, and festivals.

JUFA’s mission statement is „young in spirit and rich in experience“. Based on this statement, their warm and sincere welcome conveys a sense of caring and leaves a great first impression. They create a memorable and friendly experience that makes the whole family feel like they’ve made a good choice by taking advantage of one of JUFA’s fantastic spots in Europe.

In addition, JUFA places great emphasis on environmental sustainability and focuses on the health and safety of guests and staff by encouraging the use of local suppliers. JUFA invites its guests to participate in sports activities such as climbing, ball games, swimming, sauna, hiking, or skiing. In addition to sports and activity programs, JUFA also offers camps and educational programs.


Our clients come to us for help in solving their problems and we are proud to say that JUFA is our client. We have helped them with campaigns. The company’s goal was to test different locations of their hotels against each other, so they worked with us to get positive results. To do this, we needed to draw conclusions after the campaigns were completed to analyze and define each hotel’s most valuable target audience.

It’s hard to tell how effective content creation is for companies. It’s important to know that visual content is more likely to catch people’s attention, so it may be the better option depending on the brand. NDA Agency helped JUFA create great content for campaigns and achieve its goals. Our strategy focused on producing, promoting, and publishing a range of content that, when executed and promoted properly, delivers amazing results over time. This can build a stronger foundation for lasting success.

Our Content Creation Team has created the banners to ensure absolute accuracy and consistency so that JUFA’s digital marketing campaign achieves maximum impact. The banners we produced come in a variety of formats. Our goal was to draw more attention to the brand, attract more customers, and recognize the characteristics of the customers at each location.

We knew the popularity of both Facebook and Instagram would provide powerful tools to test JUFA Hotel’s various geographic locations. As predicted, creating and running campaigns across these platforms helped to easily track performance. Facebook and Instagram campaigns together can help businesses achieve their goals. The same photo or video content can be used on both platforms. When Facebook and Instagram Ads are used together, campaigns can be easily run to reach a wider audience for the content. Our goal was to help JUFA position one location over the others.

What made this campaign so special was that we were able to compare different locations of the company and figure out their differences. This data was then used to work on a plan to strategically grow the business. The goal was to help the JUFA team to recognize and accept differences between the locations. We successfully completed our task and reported our „lessons learned“ directly to JUFA’s marketing manager as part of a very satisfying dashboard. As a result of this quite rare type of campaign, we were also able to find out more and become aware of the different customer engagement behavior in significant areas in Austria. During this process, we developed insights into how individuals engage, search for information and interact with the brand.

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"It was pretty amazing that there were so many different results. Every location had its own sweet spot and showed significant KPIs."
Andreas Kraus – CEO of NDA Agency


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