The G-POWER brand is synonymous with excellence, enthusiasm, and an unwavering ambition to be the greatest. They create items that inspire by combining breakthrough technology and high-quality materials with meticulous attention to detail and a vibrant, fashionable design language.

Countless world records and amazing unique cars are a testament to the commitment that characterizes G-Power. The pursuit of perfection is present in every G-Power product and service. Innovation, dependability, and pure passion drive the company and team members to dedicate hard work to create the best cars with their unique design styles. G-Power does not promise experiences, but guarantees them!


The history of the G-POWER tuning manufactory dates back more than 30 years. One of the first tuning companies from Germany to specifically target the refinement of BMW models. One thing has certainly not changed in the last 30 years. The passion and dedication that has characterized G-POWER from the beginning have only gotten stronger today. In 2008, G-POWER was integrated into Group ASA. Both brands celebrated their 25th anniversary when they joined together. As a partner with ASA, G-POWER has only further developed in the market to be an active and highly reputable supplier of exclusive cars.

Some of G-Power’s innovations have had a big impact on BMW society in recent years. It is no accident. G-Power is one of the few in the world of tuning that works and develops with its own engineering team. Its unique performance software ensures the accuracy and perfect usability of the finished products.

G-Power components go through long test phases until they reach end-users. Particular attention needs to be paid to the production of components that contribute to the significant extra power of each BMW. The G-Power holds several speed world records that have never been approached to date. In the development of G-Power products, numerous computer simulations, material tests, and real road tests are performed.

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G-Power has several world records to call its own! The most interesting of these are:

The M5 Hurricane RR model, which holds the record for the fastest sedan in the world with a top speed of 372 km/h. Based on the expertise and knowledge that comes from the BMW M5 HURRICANE versions that produce up to 800 hp, G- POWER has managed to limit the torque values during the shifting process and reduce the power transmission. This effort makes all the difference in the quality of G- POWER’s electronic performance upgrades over the competition. Simply pushing the performance fingers is something many can achieve. That being said, G- POWER offers a well-balanced, high-quality package for BMW M5 performance upgrades.

Other word records held by G- POWER include:

– Fastest LPG-powered car with the 660 hp G- POWER M5 HÚRRICANE GS and a top speed of 333 mph

– Fastest Sedan with the 750 hp G- POWER M5 HÚRRICANE RS on the ATP high-speed oval in Papenburg with a measured top speed of 367.4 km/h. G- POWER surpassed its own record with the 800 hp G- POWER M5 HÚRRICANE RR with a top speed of 372 km/h

– Fastest 4-seater coupé with the 750 hp G- POWER M6 HÚRRICANE CS and a top speed of 370 km/h

– Fastest station wagon with the 820 hp G- POWER M5 Touring HÚRRICANE RR and a top speed of over 362 km/h (governed)

– Fastest BMW 1 Series with the 600 hp G1 V8 HÚRRICANE RS and a top speed of more than 330 km/h (governed)

– Fastest BMW M3 V8 with the 580 hp G- POWER M3 SK II and a top speed of more than 333 km/h (155 mph)

G-Power has focused exclusively on tuning BMW models for the past few decades, but as a lover of high-performance automobiles, they are going in a new direction. Mercedes-AMG models have not been lacking in performance, but G-Power felt there was still something to look for when it came to tuning. Mercedes-AMG’s tuning was approached with the same level of intelligence that set them apart in the M-BMW realm. Today they have a comprehensive tuning program for almost all AMG models.


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"G-Power is an insane brand with a very strong community, especially in Germany. They have a good experience, maybe the best when it comes to the power tuning of BMWs and AMGs. We visited them in person some kilometers outside of Munich and the overall experience of the location, the company and the team was great."
Andreas Kraus – CEO of NDA Agency


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