CONDA is a crowdfunding platform founded in 2013, but it's more than just that. CONDA is an essential part of funding the growth of a business. It's about connecting entrepreneurs with investors and helping them achieve their goals.

CONDA focuses on professional service and expert advice to create the best possible foundation for business success. Their extensive partner network and the CONDA community contribute greatly to this. With CONDA, one has the opportunity to invest small amounts in promising companies with high growth potential. By financing a project or company in this way, they enable the implementation of innovative ideas and benefit from the company’s long-term success.


Daniel Horak is co-founder & managing partner of CONDA; he also serves as CSO of zero21, the business club for founders, investors, and companies. Additionally, he is (advisory board) member of AustrianStartups and Digital Asset Association Austria (since 2018). He tells how they started in 2013 and grew to 20-25 employees in a few years. Now they are also involved in the startup300 group, which supports passionate entrepreneurs and startups as well as investors and innovative companies in their ventures with the brands Pioneers, CONDA, Startup Live, factory300, and The MINTED.

MINTED is part of zero21 since 2019. At MINTED, the focus is on optimal funding from various sources. They are happy to take over the preparation of any project into a structured business plan and concise executive summary. The MINTED team helps with the conception and ongoing support of crowdfunding or crowdinvesting campaigns in order to present the ideas to the crowd in the best possible way and to achieve the targeted goals.

Its mission is to help startups and SMEs grow through crowdfunding. On their platform, people can invest from their own savings, starting from €100. Since their launch, they have been very successful. They have raised approximately 40 million and count almost 40,000 investors in their community, giving them the opportunity to invest in companies across borders in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Poland. Moreover, they actually manage to launch new projects every week.

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BLUEPOWER, founded in 2016, stands for high-quality small wind turbines for the B2B and B2C sectors. BLUEPOWER offers the opportunity to become the leading supplier in this market with its high-quality products. BLUE POWER launched its crowdinvesting campaign at the end of 2019. Just one week after the launch, the company was able to count more than 120 investors – what a good start! The aim of the crowdinvesting campaign was to accelerate the expansion of small wind turbines in Austria and beyond the country’s borders. In this way, BLUE POWER would make a significant contribution to achieving the 2030 climate targets. With the help of the crowd, BLUE POWER aims to enable affordable and sustainable energy generation for households and businesses. With BlueOne, they have created a small wind turbine that is 30% more efficient than conventional wind turbines.

“We don’t just want to generate electricity. We want to rethink wind. With our specially developed small wind turbine “BlueOne”, we have taken the first step towards making wind power accessible to everyone.” – Herbert Gösweiner – Managing Director / CEO of BLUE POWER

With BLUE POWER and Security Token Offerings (STO), two innovations come together that point the way to a sustainable future. With the introduction of STO, CONDA wants to take crowdinvesting to the next evolutionary level and make it even more attractive for investors and companies. Daniel Horak, CO-Founder & Managing Partner of CONDA, explains that the Security Token is both innovative and secure. It represents a revolutionary financial instrument, especially for Start-Ups and SMEs.

COVID-19 has impacted many businesses. CONDA staff have been in the domestic environment since the crisis, but are working at full stretch on their new CONDA HELPS initiative, which was founded after the Corona restrictions began. Daniel Horak says this was not something they had planned beforehand.

However, they adapted to the new situation and within a few days, they launched CONDA HELPS. It is an emergency campaign for startups and other entrepreneurs who are desperate for more resources and additional funding. What makes this initiative special is that the interest on the loan is paid out in the form of vouchers, products, or something similar. So something that can be used as additional income for the future. The emphasis with this project is not to get rich, but to help grow in these difficult times. It will run until they see that there are potential businesses in the business world that need support.


CONDA trusted us to align and restructure the analytics properties used by the marketing team. One of our most important tasks was to figure out how accurate or inaccurate the data we were dealing with was. Therefore, this required a deep understanding of Google Tag Manager and all Google Analytics properties that we were looking closely at. Our focus was on web analytics & custom tracking, which allowed us to measure and analyze user behavior across websites.

NDA was excited to support CONDA with custom tracking that helps drive success with performance campaigns. By analyzing data, identifying and driving the best possible results, and setting an appropriate budget, specific goals can be easily achieved. In addition, by managing and advising Google Analytics, CONDA has gained a better overview of the status of their online performance, as this is an essential tool for tracking and optimizing performance.

Managing so many different tracking and marketing tags can be overwhelming. That’s why we helped CONDA benefit from Google Tag Manager. It allows for the simplification of marketing tags and the management process. With Google Tag Manager, integrating future client projects will be easier, more reliable, and less complicated.


We are happy to be able to support Conda! It has been a great collaboration!

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"Working with the team of CONDA has been a very special experience for us. It’s a company that has created so much value in the Startup Scene. Including many interesting projects and topics to deal with."
Andreas Kraus – CEO of NDA Agency


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