Blecha is a stockholding aluminum distributor situated in Neunkirchen, in southern Lower Austria. For over 35 years, the company has provided standard and special profiles, fence systems, and fittings.


When local television station WNTV reported on the official Groundbreaking Ceremony of the new storage tower project in March 2017, Ingrid L. BLECHA GmbH, the proud owner, was already a success story beyond the borders of Lower Austria. The family business has been growing at an impressive pace for 31 years and was already considered a leader in the wholesale of aluminium products and fittings in Central Europe.

When the manufacturer of innovative aluminium products, Amari Austria GmbH from St. Johann i.P. in Tyrol, took over the company in 2020, Blecha’s success became not just an Austrian success story, but a global one with exciting expansion perspectives for the Blecha team and its customers. A diverse team consisting of 100 employees from 15 different countries, strengthened by Blecha’s mindfully applied values that put partnership between all stakeholders first, works tirelessly to live up to the company’s reputation. Teamwork at its best, combined with a respectful, family atmosphere, is the source of the exceptional quality of customer experience that now attracts loyal customers from many countries.

As mentioned above, Blecha represents over 30 years of knowledge and venture in the development of metal goods. Availability, quality and diversity are the dominant elements of their corporate strategy. Blecha’s products are not only used in the aluminium, CNC, metal or fencing industries, but also in applications throughout the automotive supply industry. Their customers like to use aluminium because of its excellent quality.

The product range includes a wide range of standard and special profiles, balcony and fence systems, sheets and panels, fittings as well as components for vacuum conveying systems. The wide range of additional services from cutting and surface treatment to 3D-printed special profiles are just some of the services offered to customers. Additional services are designed to give customers the option of having certain goods coated, anodized or cut to size. The use of high-quality materials and fast, secure delivery according to an agreed delivery schedule offers customers distinct advantages to their customers.

They have also won several awards for their work, such as Companies for Families, Austrian Coat of Arms, Austrian Leading Company 2015, Goldener Mittelbau, Lower Austria. In total, they have received five awards over the years.


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Since the beginning of the COVID -19 related lockdowns in Europe, the construction industry has been booming as renovations, re-modeling, and investments in new construction projects have received more attention than before. Blecha has been a pioneer in the introduction of digital technologies in order processing for many years now. These complement other storage technology innovations, such as their storage tower, which provides quick access to 300 euro pallets of small goods and fittings.

As part of their international expansion, they are now looking to use a wider range of digital tools to effectively reach customers in many markets. NDA is delighted to be part of this initiative and to support Blecha in achieving its ambitious goals, using best-in-class digital tools and a 360-degree marketing approach.


NDA makes digital marketing as accessible to Blecha as any other tool they use. In Blecha’s case, the 360-degree approach means that our team is involved in all aspects of digital transformation. This includes, among other tasks, campaign design, data analysis, and even content production from copywriting to videography.

We provided our client with a comprehensive approach that includes an initial strategy and structure. That way we could effectively attract many more potential customers. Thus, we needed to test the different channels in different languages, which was the biggest challenge but also the first essential step in the entire process.

Within a very short period of time, the two teams of NDA and Blecha were able to establish productive and efficient teamwork. Blecha granted us with taking over content production, including the creation of visual assets such as videos and photos. To ensure that Blecha maximizes the return on its investment in all marketing activities, the NDA team provides holistic support in the most effective coordination of social media management processes on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, on MyBusiness and other relevant platforms. On top of that, we have also initiated several campaigns such as those on Google Search Ads, Google Display Remarketing and Bing Ads. We had great results right from the beginning. Since then, we are constantly expanding into new markets by adding more languages and countries.

We are proud to be associated with a company like Blecha that never rests on its laurels and always strives for the best for customers. Whether they’re in their traditional markets or new ones, the company always delivers on tradition, inclusion, and diversity to delight existing and new customers. Helping clients enter exciting new markets is one of our favorite challenges. Our data-driven, targeted marketing has a proven track record of success.

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"We are glad to support a renowned local company like Blecha in their online advertising activities. Efficient workflows allow us to implement projects quickly and on point. We are pleased that the company is open to new ideas, which results in new interesting projects that are fun to work on. We are proud that we were able to achieve national and international success through the online campaigns in the last few months and we are looking forward to new exciting projects. Special thanks goes to the whole Blecha team for the uncomplicated handling and the great cooperation. I would especially like to thank Eva Wessely and Vesna Savkovic for their commitment and support."
Andreas Treitl – COO at NDA Agency


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