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Why LinkedIn ads?

LinkedIn is a distinctively professional platform with a spectacular variety of ways for expressing
yourself against your competition. Let us show you how.

760 million

people are active on LinkedIn, by average

30+ billion

site visits made to LinkedIn just in 2019

89% scouts

have hired someone by using LinkedIn

20% users

more likely to buy on mobile

Meet. your. goals.

LinkedIn provides a broad arsenal of tools to meet your objective. Pick a campaign plan and tweak towards the desired results.

Increase awareness of your brand, business, or campaign.

• Let people gain attention about your brand or business
• Make an extraordinary first impression to get them interested
• Lead raw traffic to your website

Boost conversions via product and sales promotions.

• Inform your audience about special deals and offerings
• Drive people to your product page with a single click

Get direct and personalize your ad for your target.

• Reach your clients directly via message or promote job openings

Target those relevant. Deliver at the right place. At the right time.

With 9 different ad types and a huge variety of customizable features we will ensure that
your ads reach the right people, at the right time.


Single image ads.

Promote your business, brand or product with a single image. Fair & simple, isn’t it?


Video ads.

Target with dynamism, movement & momentum. We love that too.


Carousel ads.

Wanna show off more images at the same time? Say, a product catalog? We got you.


Follower ads.

Their profile picture, your ad. Get personal & advertise your business better.


Spotlight ads.

A form of personalized ad. Get personal & promote your products better.


Job ads.

Expand your hiring campaign by letting those looking know that you may have a position for them in your firm.


Text ads.

Classic advertising with simple text-based ads. A great support to your campaign.


Direct messages.

Send your prospects direct messages like you would do on Messenger or Instagram.


LeadGen forms.

Extend your arsenal by letting your customers engage with you while promoting your content.

Measure how your ad campaigns are performing.

Gain valuable insights from LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager, a centralized dashboard where
you can test, learn, and optimize your campaigns.


Track. website. conversions.

Measure conversion events across devices. The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a piece of code which receives information on actions taken on your site. It collects data on visitors, users, bounce rate, time spent on a page, and many other indicators as well.

Optimize bids for conversion events. Upon implementing the Tag, you can measure conversion events, like purchases that occur on your site. Later on the information can be used for planning your next campaign or optimizing your current ones.

Re-target LinkedIn users. LinkedIn allows you to re-target users who have already shown interest, such as taking an action on your site. It could be especially useful for converting traffic into purchases.

Learn about who is engaging with you.

You can customize your branding too. It starts with understanding who is visiting your website. The Insight Tag unlocks powerful demographic insights about your website visitors – such as their job titles, companies, industries, and more. This can be extensively relevant for any kind of campaigns running, especially branding.

You can create ads tailored to the people you want to engage, and target the specific audience segment for each ad. The Website Demographics map you unlock direct professional targeting traits, which will help you measure the impact, so you can keep learning and optimizing your ROI.

Finally, you can engage those people in more personal manners too, either the way you want to or you are required to. You can add a custom call-to-action to your ads using LinkedIn’s LeadGen forms. Once members click your ad, they’ll see a form that’s pre-filled with accurate professional information from their LinkedIn profile, such as their name, contact info, company name, seniority, job title, and location. This boosts up to process and puts a decreased pressure over your audience’s shoulders.

Important terms for advertising with LinkedIn.

You now know how advertising on LinkedIn works in principle, it involvs a tremendous amount of keywords & indicators regarding your campaign. Hence, here is a brief list of the most important terms for you.

Common terms.

Sponsored content: Includes native advertising types, such as single image, video or carousal ads.

Sponsored InMail: You can also create targeted direct messages. Next time your target logs in (s)he will be welcomed with a new message in their inbox.

Dynamic Ads: If you want to personalize your content shown to your prospects, you can do that with ads falling under this category.

Elevate: a paid platform where Elevators (brand advocates) help you to achieve your marketing goals.

Matched audiences: LinkedIn advertising features an audience option that expands your reach through their network of publishers, in case your net reach is not large enough.

Targeting terms.

Company: targeting by the company selected

Industry: targeting by the given industry

Education: targeting based on employee education

Job experience: targeting based on past carreer

Functions / skills: targeting bases on KSAs

Interests: target people showing interest in a certain topic (based on groups they’ve joined, and so on)



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