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Week 52 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened throughout this period. TikTok is introducing a recap feature, while Telegram has reached 500 million users and is creating a monetization plan. Google, at the same time, has released multiple important updates throughout December.

Be sure to read on.

1. TikTok Recap Feature

TikTok has been in the spotlights for quite some while now ever since the Trump Administration issued its 1st official statement requesting the Chinese company to essentially sell itself to the U.S. Obviously, the letter was better formulated, however, as Trump’s claim was that the Chinese are potentially spying on the U.S., it made sense to issue an official letter requesting the fast-growing social media giant to simply sell itself to a U.S. company, ensuring that data is no longer stolen from the U.S. & given to the Chinese, but it rather stays inside the states.

What happened now?

Despite the spotlight the social media platform is, well, still responsible for its social media-related operations primarily. The core product of TikTok is obviously in short-duration video production, which helped thousands of creators gather thousands if not millions of followers & ensure a steady stream of income, eventually turning their hobbies or KSAs into a well established self-brand. With its core product corresponding to video production the tech giant has been making regular feature updates to its already quite broad arsenal.

What’s up with recap?

The newest feature update, just introduced last week is an annual recap feature. The vision is similar to those “this is what happened to you in…” videos on Facebook, or the yearly recaps on Snapchat, however, the manifestation puts on quite a different outfit. The TikTok recap features a personalized retrospective on your most watched videos and other relevant criteria to simply provide an overview of how you personally spent the last 365 days on the app. External alternatives for a TikTok recap exist as well, e.g. Retroplay recently (this month) launched a more detailed TikTok recap available. We are interested in what the future brings.

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2. Telegram is Monetizing 500 Million Users

Direct messaging or instant messaging? Messenger or WhatsApp? How about Telegram, the messaging app which is about to reach 500 million monthly users is planning on introducing a monetization system to, simply put, put a strategic business model behind its user base.

The Situation.

Telegram promises a friendly & privacy-driven direct social media platform where users can interact with each other in the well-established way of direct messaging, just like on WhatsApp or Messenger.

“If we monetize large public one-to-many channels via the Ad Platform, the owners of these channels will receive free traffic in proportion to their size.”

– Pavel Durov, Founder @ Telegram

Monetization is a practice unique to each social media platform, however, with Telegram quite a few ideas pop into mind. One of those ideas is premium stickers, which would allows artists who create & design those stickers to get a portion of Telegram’s revenue on a commission basis closely measured with how their stickers are performing. .

What’s NOT happening & what to expect?

Durov also stated that private message ads will NOT be introduced into the platform, unlike the features available on WhatsApp, for instance. According to Telegram’s CEO, it’s just a “bad idea”. Additionally, as a feature update, Telegram also introduces voice chats, similar to Discord’s always-on room feature which allows up to thousands of participants at the same time, simultaneously.

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3. Google’s December Feature Updates

The Situation.

Google has been introducing more and more important updates since the beginning of the month for their different SaaS and PaaS solutions. While the tech giant is making major investments, some changes may go subtle and actually occur only in the background, without the vast majority of users actually being informed. Let’s briefly go through what has happened.

SMITH algorithm could go live.

Google’s algorithm is pretty difficult to crack, especially with a decreased delay between feature updates, as well as the ever-increasing complexity of the codes themselves. When Google added BERT, for example, many couldn’t notice as it’s safe to say that no announcement was made regarding the cause. SMITH, the company’s WIP AI-driven algorithm could see an introduction on the platform soon too, which would disrupt the flow of what is happening in the background when you, the user, is requesting a search query. Simply put, SMITH is much better at interpreting longer pages of content, directly outperforming BERT.

A drop in manual search actions was seen.

This could mean that Google has improved its ability to rank sites in a reliable manner, where they belong, making users satisfied with their search result up to a higher extent as well as preventing them from having the need to manually update their search query afterwards. Google’s December updates probably contain more updates, as noticed, however since no official statement is made concerning that, it is only safe to make assumptions that seem the most valid.

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4. Final Words

Last week’s news reached out to social media advertising & Google. TikTok is introducing a yearly recap feature which works similar to those on Snapchat or Facebook, while Telegram is planning on monetizing the app. At the same time, Google has introduced some important feature updates throughout the course of the month, some of which gained high attention while some, potentially, went unnoticed.


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.

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