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Week 49 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened throughout this period. Facebook has made a staggering $1 billion investment into a start-up, while Pinterest shareholders are becoming increasingly more dissatisfied with the company’s performance.

Be sure to read on.

1. Facebook Acquires Kustomer Start-Up

Approximately 10 years ago Facebook laid down the cornerstones for helping people stay connected over the internet in a convenient way by taking some of the features of the, by the time, most modern technological solutions and spicing them up with innovation. A lot of innovation.

However, each opportunity taken brings its own cost, which is not different in Facebook’s case either. The platform has been criticised for its inefficient and close-to non-existing customer support up to such an extent that third-party sites were given birth to, specializing in providing support for questions & issues related to the social media site. Last week, Facebook took action to improve upon the happiness of its customers.

What happened?

Facebook officially acquired Kustomer, a start-up with a market value of approx. $1 billion. Kustomer aims at innovating the customer support industry by “providing agents with better data and a more unified picture of users by bringing together the many social media and other channels and longer history between them and the company in question.” (Techcrunch, 2020).

What really happened?

Kustomer and similar CRM solutions aim at providing an omni-channel customer support, providing the support agent with a more complex picture with all relevant platforms involved, broken down in a user-friendly and understandable manner. In Facebook’s case, this moves is clearly to improve upon their own customer support.

Will we be seeing live-chat support for Facebook? We can’t tell, but surely, the company is in the need of improving upon its weak-points, so to say, and a working and efficient customer support would surely improve the platform’s place on the Social Media Satisfaction Index.

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2. Shareholders Sue Pinterest

Shareholders of Pinterest are suing certain members of the company’s board of directors and top-management for allegedly allowing gender and race-driven discrimination in the company.

The Situation.

The claim mostly surrounds two top-executives of colour from the company and its former COO, stating that the board of directors purposefully ignored high-degree discrimination pointed at the individuals mentioned. The claim also points directly at CEO & co-founder for ignoring claims of pay disparity and internal inequality for women and people of colour.

“He repeatedly placed himself before the Company, surrounding himself with yes-men and marginalizing women who dared to challenge Pinterest’s White, male leadership clique.”

– unknown, regarding the suit

The upper managerial employees first shared their feelings regarding being underpaid, undervalued and being discriminated against on a racial and / or gender basis. This resulted in other employees of the company speaking up as well. Two months later, a gender discrimination lawsuit was fined against the company. The lawsuit details specifically how a fromer Pinterest managerial employee was being dramatically underpaid regarding her stock compensation and the fact that she was cut out of meetings upon raising her voice. Later on, she got fired.

On Pinterest’s side.

The lawsuit, although not finalized, resulting in turning into a shareholder derivative lawsuit, a special form of suit where shares derivation is being involved.

#social #media #lets #get #equal

3. Snapchat Acquires

The Situation.

Snapchat takes a different approach to improving its customer service by investing into vocal AI to deal with their users and customers. While Facebook does so for normalizing their weak points, Snapchat aims at expanding upon its strengths, as customer support has not been an active issue for the company.

Is the future here with

The acquisition occured approximately one month ago, however, the move just became relevant for the social media industry in general, given Facebook’s acquisition of Kustomer. Text-based live chat agents have reached a point at which they are almost a basic & must-have feature for any websites dealing with any size of recognizable traffic, especially considering the fact how “easy” setting up a bot has become with the help of nodes-based visual programming, without the need to write a single line of code, but rather simply design the algorithm and have the app write it for you. revolutionises AI-powered customer support by allowing site visitors to not only chat, but actually talk with the robot.

Vocal AI is the future.

Speaking is faster and feels more convenient than chatting, we all prefer to speak to an agent if the possibility is given rather than chatting, an exception of course is long waiting-times. With, Snapchat’s customer support will theoretically reach its current potential as the robot is powered by such advanced technology that it almost feels like talking to an actual human. With AI, the drawbacks and challenges of voice-based live chat could be eliminated and general UX over the site can see a major improvement.

#future #is #here #go #digital

4. Final Words

Last week’s news reached out to social media advertising. Both Facebook and Snapchat made a major investment into improving their customer support, while Pinterest is facing a lawsuit for gender and race-based discrimination. With social media all in the spotlight for the better or for the worse, we can’t wait what the future holds. Stay tuned for next week’s #backslash #news series coming on Monday!


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.

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