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Week 48 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened throughout this period. Instagram promotes engagement among users and businesses, while recent findings suggest that 5G could not only improve the browsing experience, but open gates to whole new ways of surfing the web, like web-AR or display demos.

Be sure to read on.

1. Instagram Let’s Advertisers Manage Client Accounts

Instagram aims at improving how their users and advertisers interact with each other. The platform introduced branded content ads last year with the aim to help influencers check upon when their posts and which of their posts are being currently sponsored by an advertiser. This helps with transparency, communication, and also promotes influencing at the first place, as it ensures that you, an influencer get a clear overview on your content. This also helps advertisers identify which influencer is making a post about their product.

What happened now.

You could call it an feature upgrade, the platform is releasing an update where advertisers can now actually do the same and make sponsored postings themselves, crediting the influencer in the post. Until now, crediting the model advertising your product could be only done by tagging them. It’s better than nothing and it does give credit to the model, but it does not make them stand out from normal users. Now, however, once an influencer makes a branded post, or an advertiser does the same a clear headline will be visible above the post which highlights which influencer and company is involved.

How does it work?

Creating a branded content or forming partnership with influencer becomes easier than ever as well. Simply send an official request to your desired influencer, and the only thing (s)he has to do is either accept your proposal or reject it. Actually, it’s just an official way of contacting influencers to replace the old-fashioned DM-ing which for official manners looks quite unofficial, to be honest. With the new feature, fake influencing can be mitigated and real influencing can be pushed to the top.

#influencers #rise #together #grow #together

2. Web-AR, Interactable Ads & Product Demos

The pandemic has pushed back non-digital ways of conducting business and has been continously promoting digital transformation. This led to certain industries seeing a decline, industries which rely on physical ways of trading at their core, while other industries either emerged from dust, or have been placed an upward pressure upon leading to latent markets seeing a major growth. The rate at which digital technology is advancing has been advancing as well for the past year, 5G being the protagonist in the entire story.

The Situation.

5G is meant to replace its older brother, 4G and makes almost unearthly promises which do make technological sense, but are quite hard to believe when heard for the first time. Bandwidth becoming a non-existent problem and super fast internet available to everybody? Early adopters are already looking at ways the technology could be implemented in the near future, advertising serving as one of the leading perspectives.

The reason why ads are receiving feature upgrades with optimization being the number one question in mind, is exactly dues to bandwidth issues, to ensure that ads are loaded in an optimized manner, so advertisers get the exposure they are paying for not only on paper, but in reality as well. Over the past years, completely new types of web-based ads have not been released, as it did not make too much sense to invest into R&D for such purpose. With 5G, however, this could (and probably will) change.

Augmented Reality. Interactable ads. Web-demos.

We already have the technology to create extensively fresh & engaging digital content, the number one factor being interactability. Videos and pictures feel different when only the two are taken into consideration, but when compared to 3D interactable ads or augmented reality they tend to fall into the same category. With 5G, you could expect to see 3D interactable models of products in ads while scrolling your Facebook feed, web-embedded augmented reality while googling, or web-optimized demos of video games available online, with no download, on your favourite social media sites. The future is interactable, and it is here.

#we #live #in #the #future

3. Digital Survival: How to Get Through the Pandemic

The Situation.

COVID-19 has been in the spotlight for over a year now. People thought they knew when would it “end”, now we think differently and rather just accept is as an external factor which requires adaptation. Going digital is no longer an option, but an absolute requirement for business survival.

Why do you need to go digital.

With so many restrictions being placed upon physical ways of existing at the first place, and social isolation slowly becoming a living standard the internet is only what’s left to connect us. This applies to both our personal lives and our communication, marketing & sales mix with our customers. In today’s world adaptation serves as the primary factor for survival, and honestly, the pressure to go digital shouldn’t feel like a pressure at all. It is a transparent and straight-forward process if you find a reliable partner who thinks long-term and is, in fact, a digital geek.

What to look for?

The success of digital transformation is determined by how realistic your view is on budgeting, which requires you to find a partner who is not only a digital native, but also understands the shady and unexplored landscape of online advertising. Going digital can cost you a lot or earn you a lot. People are hesitant due to the former, understandably, as under such circumstances you have enough risks already, you don’t want to take another one. However, digital advertising, if done well, will not only help you survive but will lead your survival and eventual growth. Simply put, by going digital with a reliable partner you are not only beating competition, but you are growing your business at the same time.

We think digital. We are #geeks, #nerds and we breathe #online #content. We help many businesses survive & grow, the same way as we are doing so too. The pandemic – from a business standpoint – can be a risk or and opportunity. It’s #your #choice.

Let’s grow together.

#through #cooperation #comes #success #lets #grow #together

4. Final Words

Last week’s news reached out to social media and digitalisation. Instagram promotes sponsored advertising for both influencers and businesses, while the R&D surrounding 5G is accelerating rapidly. WebAR and interactable display ads could become a thing in the near future. In order to survive and live that as a business, you have to go digital, however.. #staysafe #wear #a #mask #go #digital


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.

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