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Week 47 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened throughout this period. Facebook‘s Messenger app just received an interesting update, while Google Maps is adding live COVID-case tracking to the app.

Be sure to read on.

1. Messenger Adds ‘Vanish’ Mode to Messages

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular chat apps by today, if not the most popular one. And, while other apps appear to be more specialized in a certain area, such as Snapchat with sending snaps or WhatsApp for classic messaging, Messenger appears to be a “general” messaging platform. One feature which has been part of other social media / messaging platforms has just been introduced to the app, which makes an interesting turn regarding how users approach staying in touch with each other.

What happened.

Snapchat was the first globally known social media app that introduced disappearing messages. In fact, from a certain viewpoint it was part of their core competence, a distinctive feature which not only allowed Snapchat to differentiate itself from its competitors, but also encouraged a whole new way of online “chatting”. Facebook’s Messenger app does share certain features with other social media apps, such as filters, lenses, live mode, or stories, which appear to be part of the basic arsenal of modern social media apps, but were actually not included in all just a few years ago. A few days ago, Messenger introduced Vanish mode.

Vanish mode?

The new Vanish feature on Messenger allows you to send disappearing messages to your friends. The app already had a similar feature for “Secret Conversations”, however, let’s be honest, if you wanted to send a message that disappears for whatever reason, you shouldn’t open up an entirely new convo with somebody just to send that one message. On other apps, like Snapchat, disappearing messages are part of the normal chat window. From now on, Messenger will work in a similar fashion. Simply put, if you send a message with “Vanish”, the message will automatically get deleted for the both of you after a certain period of time upon being read.

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2. Instagram Introduces Keyword Search

Instagram with its 500 million daily active users (DAU) is about to launch a new way of browsing within the app. Until now, you had the option to search by #hashtags or simply via text if you wanted to search for an account by the account holder’s name or username. However, you did not really have the option to search by keyword, a quite common feature all over the web. Brace yourself, keyword search is coming.

The Situation.

Keyword search is going to make life easier for both users and advertisers on Instagram. Without the feature, if you wanted to search for a specific topic, let’s say vegetarian dinner, you would need to include those hashtags in your search that you think would lead you toward the search results that you desire. Additionally, with popular hashtags this could get pretty complicated as the more saturated the market is, the more saturated your results are going to be. Keywords will definitely help you get more accurate search results and gain a much higher control over what you see on your feed.

A new advertising potential.

Keywords are such a homogeneous and intriguing topic in the world of online advertising that marketers tend to pay extra attention to ensuring that their keyword optimization is on top, be on Google or social media platforms. Keywords carry quite a potential for more accurate marketing campaigns, however, a challenge also comes with them as it opens up a whole new form of competition, where the more accurate your keywords are with respect to the content you produce, the higher tendency (at least on paper) you will have to get shown in the search results for users searching for keywords relevant to your content. With the new feature on Instagram, searching will take up a new form both for users and advertisers.

#find #what #interests #you

3. Google Ads Live COVID-Map to its Maps App

The Situation.

With COVID-19 having passed its official birth date reported by the media and the number of infections increasing day by day we all need to think outside the box and reach out to any possibilities which carry even the slightest potential for decreasing or at least mitigating the rate both individually and as a collective. Google thinks the same, and technology is, in fact, here to help us out.

Google Maps & live COVID-19 reporting.

The company has announced that Google Maps is getting a top-priority update in the following weeks which will show you real-time how “dangerous” an area is around you concerning COVID-19. With the pandemic update the app will differentiate between different areas in your neighbourhood and aims to help you avoid “red zones” where you are more likely to get infected. The feature will rely on both historical and live data to show you the number of new cases, total cases and deaths over a 7 days period and provide you with a predictive trend-line about what you could expect to be coming over the upcoming days, following a similar philosophy to Google Trends, for example.

What else is coming?

In addition to the COVID-19 cases update Google will reportedly also roll out a “crowdedness” feature in the near future to indicate safety measures regarding public transportation. In other words, you will know how crowded or spacey the bus, train or tram is you are about to take.

#wonder #what #the #future #brings

4. Final Words

Last week’s news reached out to social media advertising and COVID-19. Messenger and Instagram provided small feature updates that lead to yielding much greater results. Google, at the same time, officially announced that the planned update regarding live COVID-19 cases reports via their Maps app is seeing introduction to both iOS and Android over the course of the next couple of weeks. #staysafe #wear #a #mask


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.

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