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Week 42 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened throughout this period. Pinterest announced new features, including Story Pins, while Instagram is on the quest to tackling fake advertisers on the platform.

Be sure to read on.

1. Capture the Moment with Pinterest’s Story Pins

“Historically, Pinterest has always been much more about what it is that you’re looking to find rather than who it is that you’re looking to be inspired by.”

– David Temple, head of content at Pinterest

The new, currently only creators-first features are meant to bring people more to the forefront of the social media platform, as explained.

Story pins to Pinterest.

Pinterest has always been a different social media site to the rest, it had unique features, and it did not have some common features the most popular platforms do have. The company is introducing Story Pins to the platform, a similar feature to Instagram’s or Facebook’s stories function. However, to make the site be more appealing for influencers, in contrast to the aforementioned SM platforms Story Pins do NOT expire, and they can be viewed later as well.

Messaging and engagement on Pinterest.

The company is also planning to add a direct messaging function to the app, mostly following TikTok’s and Instagram’s philosophy and capabilities of DMs. Additionally, an updated analytics hub will be available too. More interestingly, Pinterest is also planning on adding reactions to their pins, such as “wow” or “thanks”. With the new features pinners will be able to create content inside the app, whereas many creators now still leave the app and use an external source to create before they post.

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2. Is It an Ad? Instagram Wants to Figure It Out

It has been an on-going problem on social media platforms, but especially on Instagram recently that advertisements are created, posted, but are not paid for. Last week Instagram announced an investigation saying that in the future they would ensure that an ad is easily distinguishable from a post.

Influencers on the top.

According to CMA, hidden advertising exists on Instagram mostly in the form of influencers getting paid by brands to promote their products and services, but without clearly stating it while doing so. How many times have you seen an influencer on a sponsored post? Yes… Sponsored ads do exist on IG, but profiles with a lot of followers and a high engagement ratio a lot of times just make a simple post, not a sponsored one, while actually advertising in it.

What to expect in the future?

Instagram stated that they would introduce a kind of “paid partnership” tool, where users would be prompted to choose whether they have received incentives to make that post or not. Additionally, a new AI-driven algorithm will be used to determine which posts are in question. Additionally, IG will introduce a tracking solution for businesses to allow them to track where their products have been posted.

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3. Google? Yahoo? Say Hello to Mojeek.

The Situation.

When it comes to browsing the web we immediately think of the most popular search engines available to us, mostly Google, Yandex or Bing. However, these engines track each step we take inside the digital jungle. Mojeek, a new search engine aims at solving the issue of privacy and hopes to make itself become one of the top search engines on the market.

A different approach.

While many “search engines” only re-wire the results found by Google, Yandex or Bing, Mojeek actually is a real search engine. Mojeek does the search itself, delivers you the results, and presents its capabilities alone. Mojeek’s data warehouse is located at Custodian Data Centre’s Maidstone. Since its independent and the company has its own data storage solutions Mojeek can truly work independently and be the newest competitor on the search engine market.


What Mojeek does differently is it, at its very core, prevents websites from tracking you, it is the raw results you are seeing upon pressing the Enter button after entering your search criteria. Commercial-wise, however, the technology is a whole different question, as in the world of paid content and advertising selling an idea which does just the opposite is sure going to be a challenge.

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4. Final Words

Last week’s news reached out to social media advertising and search engines. The future looks quite promising Pinterest, considering the major updates being tested creating a true competition with Instagram’s, Facebook’s or TikTok’s story or messaging functions. The future looks interesting for IG too, as hidden advertising is meant to be dealt with. At the same time a new competitor, Mojeek, has delivered its introduction to the search engine market to get down to the very bottom of raw browsing without tracking. The. Future. Is. Interesting.


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.

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