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Week 41 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened throughout this period. Google introduced Performance Max, while Reddit announced ad-inventory for its marketing framework.

Be sure to read on.

1. Google’s Performance Max

“We’ve been working on automation for a long time, and COVID really felt like a turning point for a lot of advertisers, because when you have a big shock to the system like this and you’re operating things manually, the load is so high … You’ve got to be focusing on other things like running your business.”

– Jerry Dischler, VP of ads at Google

Performance Max is Google’s newest automated campaign type to date. Unlike other forms of automated campaigns, which specify in a certain kind of inventory, the new one can be run across all inventories. Performance Max campaigns will be eligible to serve on the Google Display network, Gmail, YouTube, discovery, and the list goes on. It serves as an expansion to normal search campaigns.

What’s so similar, though?

The same way how other ad types behave, the user has to provide Google with its graphical assets and the AI will do its tinkering via machine learning to serve the responsive ads. Performance Max comes with smart bidding as well, allowing for an automated way of marketing spendings. The point of Google’s new invention is having one universal campaign running across different platforms, rather than having multiple campaigns separated by which platforms are they running on.

What to expect?

Performance Max is in early-testing and only a small circle of people are currently invited to it, although this will definitely change in the future.

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2. Reddit Announces Invetory-type Ads

Reddit, the social media platform with over 300 million active users per month made a huge announcement regarding its ad manager. Advertisers soon will be able to divide their campaigns based on common marketing-related factors. At present, approximately 30 partners are testing the feature.

Type of inventories & options.

Promoted Reddit ads will have three options to choose from: standard, limited & expanded. Standard inventory type is the default option and it is the platform’s recommended setting. Via the standard model you have a balanced output of reach and precision. With limited inventory you have the smallest reach, but Reddit ensures your brand’s protection up to a higher extent. For that, they teamed up with Oracle. With expanded inventory, you are reaching out to up to a 20% increase in your target audience.

What to expect from Reddit?

Reddit’s moderation protocol still applies for both communities and ads. Advertisers will still have the option for customizing their ad’s output, such as whether commenting is enabled or not. The ads on Reddit will appear within communities or manually-chosen lists.

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3. Snapchat Advertises Platform Burst Ads

The Situation.

Snapchat announced that a sort of ad-boost option will be added to their ad-manager soon, with which advertisers will be able to ensure that, specifically stated, at least 40% of their target audience is reached 15 times for the corresponding ad campaign. Snapchat refers to this as “Platform Burst”.

“The high frequency of the ads with this media buy on Snapchat could make people more amenable to the messaging if the creative execution is there. That’s a simple yet powerful behavioral trait that marketers can exploit by doing this Burst over a few days in a number of different places on the app.”

– Simon Gill, Chief Creative Officer at Isobar

The price for Platform Burst is not set and not fixed, but an approximate amount of $125 000 can be expected.

What is covered.

For that price, advertisers will be able to split their campaigns, including both the Discovery feed and Story ads, as well as commercials and Snap ads. Although Platform Burst is a great idea by itself, a cheaper alternative would come in handy, as competition, such as TikTok with their $90 000 Take Over ad, has done. With Platform Burst, the advertiser will be able to ensure that his ad is seen on the first place when somebody opens the app.

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4. Final Words

Last week’s news reached out to Google ads and social media advertising. The future looks quite promising for search engine marketing with Google’s upcoming Performance Max ad-set up. With Reddit’s improved control over its ad-management advertising will come more in handy. Snapchat’s Platform Burst is questionable at the current price tag, but we haven’t seen it perform in practise, so it is early for a final judgement. Either way, digital advertising is living an interesting time, and the updates made to social media advertising will definitely allow marketers for a more precise ad set-up.


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.

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