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Week 36 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened throughout this period. Meredith launched its Data Studio Monday to help brands better understand their customer interactions, while Snapchat saw an astonishing 28.5 million new unique downloads in August.

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1. Meredith Data Studio for Branding

Media and marketing management company, Meredith, launched its Data Studio last week. The platform is the company’s way to monetize the way data is handled and provide an independent solution separate from their core revenue chain.

12000 terms, 12 billion signals, 800 templates and 60 predictive segments. Numbers on top of numbers…

A lot of numbers, right? Well, Meredith Data Studio is powered by an identity graph which allows the system to reach out to articles and place them into categories in 12 000 different potential ways. Additionally, the technology can recognize 12 000 000 000 (billion) different intent signals by customers. THAT’S A LOT.

A traditional DMP doesn’t capture all the data you have, this new platform allows you to capture all your data.”

– Meredith Chief Business and Data Officer, Alysia Borsa

For the company diversification is the key now, that is why Data Studio was invented and developed at the first place. In addition to the features described above, 800 pre-built templates are available to marketers for accessing targeting related practices, as well as 60 predictive segments are attainable via the platform.

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2. Snapchat Makes It To The Top With 28.5 Million

Snapchat saw a major growth in August, 2020 as compared to the previous fiscal year of 2019. The platform is especially popular among people below 25, and has just increased its user base even further.

28.5 new downloads in August.

Just in August, 2020 Snapchat was downloaded 28.5 million times to new devices, increasing their user base by a high margin and resulting in a YoY, year-on-year growth of 29% .

COVID-19 & TikTok.

This incredible increase under such a short period of time could be a result of the fact that TikTok is (potentially) getting banned in the U.S. in mid-September and users are seeing Snapchat as a fulfilling alternative. The other factor is Snap’s newly introduced feature, mini-games which are 3rd party app integrations.


This is Snapchat’s biggest growth since the May 2019 41.2 million downloads record. By the end of Q2 the platform’s daily active users corresponded to approx. 238 million users worldwide.

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3. Amaka Expands On Business Automation Tools for SMEs

The Situation.

Reporting has always been a problem for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is a clunky and inefficient process with a lot of precious seconds lost when you look at it from an opportunity cost perspective. SMEs are also in the need of valid and reliable tracking & reporting solutions.

What Amaka does.

Amaka developed a business tracking suite, an easy-to-integrate almost plug ‘n play solution to help SMEs track incoming and outgoing data in their firms with a vastly increased efficiency.

When it comes.

The suite will be released in the following weeks and be made available for businesses and entrepreneurs. The AI-driven tracking solutions, reporting tools, analytical integrations and data sorting features “will be a game changer” – Pedram Afshar, CEO of Amaka.

#data #should #not #give #headache

4. Final Words

Last week’s news reached out to data integration and social media advertising. With a 29% increase to its user base Snapchat is definitely seeing a golden age in Q2-Q3 2020. Meredith released its data studio platform to help making branding and customer insights easier to handle, while Amaka announced that they are releasing a data tracking suite targeted at SMEs in the following weeks.


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.

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