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Week 15 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened throughout this period. Facebook introduces a new feature that allows businesses to schedule their stories. New updates were released about Google’s fight against cookies and third parties. Facebook also follows the new trend, Clubhouse.

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1. Facebook Introduces Story Scheduling

Businesses can now schedule posts for Instagram and Facebook using the Facebook Business Suite. This new feature could be a great way to save time and stay on top of your scheduling without having to manually make every single story post. 

What we know

Facebook announced that businesses will be able to schedule stories on Facebook and Instagram. For example, e-commerce stores could decide when they want to promote a new deal or product and the story will show up at the right time. This is a great way to boost your social media management or engage with your followers. It also gives businesses another way to get people to visit the page. A regular Facebook post can be effective, but there’s no guarantee that the Facebook user will respond and the same goes for stories. With this new capability, however, advertisers could schedule stories which would provide them with an overview of the entire social media flow for a specific period. 


Story scheduling is one of those aspects of social media management which has been simply inconvenient until now, as such a basic yet highly important step for SMM had to be done via third-party services. You don’t want to make manual postings when managing tens or hundreds of social media feeds, right? The same goes for stories. As a core function and one of the driving factors for engagement on Instagram, later introduced to Facebook as well, it makes perfect sense for the company to announce such an interesting feature update. We are not sure about the timing, though, why not months ago or months later, but we are definitely interested in seeing where Facebook is heading in 2021 regarding overall user experience. 


Social media platforms have a certain characteristic that they provide feature updates not only on a regular basis, but rather seemingly continuously. It is important to keep hundreds of millions of people entertained and satisfied with the overall experience the app provides. We expect to see a higher and higher number of important feature updates in the near future. 

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2. Google’s Fight Against Cookies Hits a Wall 

The situation

Google has already shown interest in the past to fight against cookies & third-party data usage. New updates were released for multiple browsers in the past for iOS and Android, intended to eliminate the need for cookies. Not coincidentally, though, these updates also contained a way for third-parties to create a different kind of cookie for that tracking instead. That makes the ban on third-party cookies moot, as the new feature can be used against the original vision of the project. 

The idea

The idea of eliminating the need for cookies serves a good cause. However, a plan and implementation are two entirely different aspects of project management. As Google serves only as the initiator of this vivid idea, there are other players in charge of approving or denying Google’s privacy & security-driven innovation. Multiple browsers are questioning or rejecting the attempt to revolutionize the entire cookie-system, which acts as a prevention for making actual progress. 

What is gonna happen now?

Google started testing the so-called FLoC system at the end of last month. Now, if you want to test how people behave when put under certain circumstances, you better not tell that about the test as that would probably affect their behaviour. That’s exactly what Google did when they casually tested their new cookie-eliminating solution on 100+ million Google Chrome users around the globe without their consent. Also, for not it turns out that the initial vision of FLoC, making browsing more privacy-friendly doesn’t look to be the case either, as it is just as much against privacy protection, just in a different manner than classic cookies. We are looking forward to seeing where the project will be by the end of summer. 

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3. Facebook Clubhouse Shifts Focus to Audio 


Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement that the firm is shifting focus from the visual experience Facebook provides to more of those features that contribute to a “sound” experience while scrolling the social media site. What we know right now is simply that the feature goes by the name of Live Audio Rooms and is planned to go live this summer. 

What does it do actually?

Now, you may be wondering what’s the purpose of this new feature, why now and who will be able to take advantage of it? One word: MONEY. Live Audio Rooms will allow users to charge an entrance fee for joining the conversation, which opens a lot of opportunities. A LOT. Now, it’s another question whether users will actually adapt to using the feature as there are so many different solutions for such cause, however, we expect it to hit the big market as basically a lot of apps which act as substitutes to Facebook newly announced upcoming feature simply exist because there is no more convenient solution to them. What would be more convenient than having the entire functionality embedded into Facebook itself, right? 

What about other updates? Anything else? 

Yes. Facebook is also coming up with other audio-driven stuff, such as in-feed short sound clips, called Soundbites. Soundbites will be in-feed shorts, similar to YouTube’s way of dealing with short videos just instead, it will be audio clips. This is truly something that we haven’t seen before, and could actually be quite disruptive if implemented well. Now, having something is not really a big deal in the XXI. Century, you need users to actually use it and Facebook has a plan right for that as well. Zuckerberg also stated that Facebook is planning to release an Audio Creator Fund to financially motivate content creation on SoundBites. Finally, Spotify will directly support SoundBites it seems, but that is not finalized yet. 

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4. Final Words

Last week’s news reached out to Facebook and Google. The social media giant is working on disruptive feature updates to both innovate and fight competition, including live session monetization, as well as in-feed audio shorts. At the same time, Google continuous fighting the war on cookies with questionable progress, but a vivid vision. 


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.


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