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Week 13 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened throughout this period. The advertising industry is slowly shifting its focus to disruptive technologies, FLoC and SWAN . Instagram Reels is here and ready for the users to try. In the meantime, augmented reality glasses are reportedly going to be shipped by Snapchat to creators to help them level their game.

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1. What is SWAN & Why Is It Disruptive?

What will happen with the ad industry?

Alternatives to web cookies are being pushed by digital advertisers in response to a Google proposal, the latest industry move to respond to new limits on how personal data is used online. On Wednesday, a group of ad executives and lawyers unveiled an anonymous identifier that allows people to select which advertisements they see on the internet. PubMatic Inc., OpenX, and Zeta Global Corp. are among the ad-tech companies that endorse the SWAN technology.

Marketers, publishers, and others in the industry will now participate in a 60-day public-comment cycle before the SWAN system goes live in the summer. The Trade Desk Inc., an ad-tech firm, pioneered this technology, and it plans to delegate management of the project to non-profit industry groups in the future.

What do we know?

Last year, Google surprised the industry by announcing plans to phase out third-party cookies, which advertisers use to monitor users and assess the efficacy of digital marketing campaigns. Antitrust authorities are looking into the change.

According to James Rosewell, a software entrepreneur who helped found SWAN in early 2020, the removal of third-party cookies creates a gap that SWAN can fill and “address issues that we all see with the unfettered” use of data for ads. He describes it as a new tool for publishers and marketers who don’t want to rely on Google and would rather have identifiers controlled by a so-called “common interest group,” a legal body located in the United Kingdom, and a framework he compares to ICANN’s domain name management.

FLoC, Google’s latest initiative, replaces third-party cookies with a framework that groups users into cohorts based on shared interests. Users have the option to opt out.

SWAN functions in a “special” way. When people visit a website in the SWAN network for the first time, they will be asked to consent to all publishers using SWAN showing them ads. Personalized advertisements are an option, but they are not required to agree.

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2. Remix For Reels Is Now Here

What is the new feature about?

Instagram introduced Remix for Reels this week, appropriating yet another aspect of the social media platform.

“Now you can use the Remix feature in Reels to create your own reel next to one that already exists… Whether you’re capturing your reaction, responding to friends, or bringing your own magic to trends, Remix is another way to collab on Instagram.”

– Instagram, 2021

Following TikTok’s possible U.S. ban last year, Facebook launched Reels, a feature update that allows Instagram users to film, upload, and watch 15-second videos. The new functionality, which can be found in the Explore tab of the app, contains a music library as well as augmented reality effects.

How can you get there?

Instagram is now doubling down on the function. To begin, choose your favorite clip, then tap the three-dot menu and select “Remix this Reel.” You can shoot in real time or upload pre-recorded videos, and you can change the sound of the original video, add a voiceover, and make your own edits. Remixing is only possible with new Reels; to change older clips, go to the menu and select “Enable Remixing.”

Facebook isn’t the first organization to want to compete with TikTok. In 2018, the social network launched Lasso, a standalone video sharing app that enabled users to create 15-second clips using a smartphone and a library of millions of licensed songs. Last summer, the software was shut down, just in time for Instagram’s Reels launch.

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3. Snap To Ship AR Glasses To Creators

What’s happening with Snapchat & AR?

Snapchat has shipped three smartglasses products to date, running under the brand name of Spectacles. The models so far don’t have any form of display system – they function solely as a wearable camera, exporting captured clips to the Snapchat app. As they are still in the development stage, we are far from knowing their true, potentially disruptive potential. For reference, however, Snap announced that the vision is an AR-driven pair of glasses where you could see Snapchat’s effects and filters via the gadget, rather than your phone.

What can these glasses do?

Certain features include water resistance for example, which was introduced in Spectacles 2, but it was removed in Spectacles 3, which instead added a second camera for 3D video capture and effects. This transition from smart glasses to augmented reality glasses could be the key for Spectacles, with a display system and spatial tracking capable of superimposing Snapchat filters on the real world.

There’s no mention of hand tracking or a joystick, indicating that the specs will remain connected to the Snapchat app on a smartphone, according to the article. A button on the top of the current Spectacles enables you to stop and start recording. Simply put, when Spectacles gets released to the public we can expect a new form of smart device primarily released for on-the-go entertainment purposes.

What to expect price-wise?

The Spectacles 3 costs around $380, meaning that an AR model will probably be more pricey. Snap’s stated emphasis on developers and creators could give it time to create a lower-cost product before releasing it to the general public.

According to reports, Snap’s cofounder said to investors.

“To fully realize this idea of computing overlaid directly onto the world will require a new device: a completely new kind of camera that is capable of rendering digital content right in front of us, with the power to instantly and continuously understand the world as our own eyes do, and all in a light, wearable form factor”

Evan Spiegel – Cofounder of Snapchat

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4. Final Words

Last week’s news reached out to technology and social media. The cookie-disruptive FLOC & SWAN technologies are being talked about at Google, while Instagram is providing new and new feature updates to its Reels integration. Finally, Snapchat is investing a high effort into innovating its way into a truly digitally connected world.


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