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Week 08 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened throughout this period. Google revealed that they are introducing new updates that might be life-changing for some users. At the same time, social media giants are going more and more after Tik-Tok to keep up with the pressure from competition. Finally, Pinterest is planning something really interesting for brands with its new-born feature update, creator tools.

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1. Google Has Some New Tricks Up Its Sleeve

Messages, Google Maps, Password Checkup, and other Google services are getting new features. Google previously reported that some Android applications would be updated.

Password Checkup is available in all Android apps.

Google’s password autofill feature has also been modified to inform you whether the passwords have been exposed and when it’s time to adjust them. This update is for anyone who uses Google’s Password Manager to autofill usernames and passwords in Chrome or Android apps. All of your login credentials will now be checked by Google to see if they’ve been compromised or revealed in a hack. If your information is identified, a prompt will appear informing you that you need to update your password. Devices running Android 9 or higher are getting the latest Password Checkup app.

You don’t have to do something special to get the tool to warn you when it learns that your information has been leaked. It can give users a more secure feeling when it comes to their login data.

Google Maps now has a dark mode.

Google Maps is getting an upgrade as well, with a true dark mode available in the app, not just during navigation. Fans of dark mode in Android apps should keep an eye on the Play Store for a Google Maps update. Google is gradually introducing a real dark mode across the board. Google Maps only had a dark mode when you were actually using the navigation until the new update. This feature might be useful for those who find dark mode more comfortable for the eyes. When Google Maps is updated on your Android phone or tablet, pick Always in Dark Theme if you want to keep dark mode on all the time.

Schedule a text message.

The changes also include convenient new functionality to the Messages app, such as the ability to schedule when a text message will be sent. If you haven’t already moved to Google Messages as your default text messaging app, this could be the push you need. Google is rolling out an update that provides the ability to send messages on a schedule. If you don’t want to interrupt anyone at the wrong moment because they’re in a different time zone or you know they’re busy at work, scheduling messages are particularly useful.

When your Messages app has received the new update, you can begin writing a message as usual, except instead of pressing the send button, long-press it. A menu will appear, asking when you’d like it shipped. That’s what there is to it. Timing can be crucial in the business world, so scheduling a message can be the key to success.

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2. The Giants Are After Tik-Tok

Facebook creates an app similar to Tik-Tok.

Facebook’s internal R&D team has released BARS, a new content creation platform aimed specifically at rappers who want to share content using professionally produced beats. Users can select one of their professionally produced beats, then write their own lyrics and record 60-second rap videos over it. While users are writing lyrics, BARS can automatically suggest rhymes. For those who label themselves as “beginners,” the app also includes an auto-rhyme dictionary.

One of the key reasons for the app’s development, according to DJ Iyler, was the pandemic. Which as a matter of fact had so various effects on different industries.

“I know access to high-priced recording studios and production equipment can be limited for aspiring rappers. On top of that, the global pandemic shut down live performances where we often create and share our work.”

DJ Iyler – NPE Teammember

BARS can be considered as Facebook’s new effort to build a TikTok competitor. Last year, Facebook’s NPE Team launched Collab, a similar musical app that allows musicians to collaborate on songs while offering separate pieces.

YouTube is also after Tik-Tok.

With improved productivity brands may reach very specific groups of customers with new goods or services, which is highly advantageous for startups, small businesses, and smart large corporations. It also means that the most effective advertisers can charge higher rates for their ads because they are more effective at generating results.

YouTube created Shorts, which is currently in beta, so it won’t be available to all users until an upgrade to their software. YouTube has been working on Shorts for the past year, the feature’s stable version should be available shortly.

Although still in early beta, YouTube’s Shorts received over 3.5 billion views, so it’s no surprise that the short videos are now reaching a broader audience. Tik-Tok, for example, has reached one billion monthly active users and is on track to become the first network to do so in such a short period of time.

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3. Pin Your Brand – A Creator Update

What is “Pinterest Presents”?

Pinterest has never considered itself as a “social media” site in the same way as Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube have. However, the launch of story pins in September, as well as the app’s announcement that it had over 400 million monthly users last summer, indicates that the app is growing a loyal audience that is taking advantage of the latest features.

Pinterest will host ‘Pinterest Presents’ for advertisers in March, the app’s first virtual summit for anyone wanting to use Pinterest as a business tool. Pinterest has analyzed user reviews and statistics to improve the app’s creator base, making it a more valuable forum for businesses. Pinterest is putting in place resources that are inspired by their users’ tastes, with the goal of making the platform more shoppable and community-based.

Pinterest is more and more interesting for brands.

Pinterest’s creator base is increased, which strengthens the entire platform and makes it more attractive to brands. Pinterest’s movements in this direction reflect how users and their interests have grown.

Pinterest launched Story Pins at the end of September, enabling writers to tell multi-page stories with their pins. This beta version also included a new creator profile and performance analytics software. Pinterest’s trends platform also provides developers access to analytics from around the community.

The new Story Pins format is, at its heart, a gamble against how other digital stories are told. Instagram posts, for example, are only true for 24 hours. They don’t jump around on Pinterest. This feature takes advantage of Pinterest’s evergreen value, allowing Pinners to discover and rediscover content that might have been missed previously.

Pinterest shopping helps businesses greatly.

“That’s our vision for shopping with Pinterest. We have launched shopping products that bring shopping everywhere across the platform, including our Verified Merchant Program and our partnership with Shopify, where brands can easily upload their product feeds and turn them into shoppable Pins.”

Colleen Staufer – Global Director of Creator Marketing for Pinterest

Pinterest has also taken steps to make its site more shoppable this year, including Story Pins. It currently has an augmented reality try-on feature for some beauty products incorporated. Pinners that use this feature are five times more likely to demonstrate purchase intent.

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4. Final Words

Last week’s news reached out to tech and social media. With Android’s newest updates both users and marketers will see new ways of application, either from a user or business side. Facebook, as well as YouTube both, came up with something to directly compete against the short-videos tech giant, TikTok. At the same time, Pinterest expands its arsenal with more and more on the functionality side to provide brands with further opportunities.


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