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Week 07 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened. Google revealed the first developer preview of Android 12. What is happening with Pinterest? The platform is going through unexpected growth. Snapchat 6-second ad data is changing the game.

Be sure to read on.

1. Google Reveals the First Developer Preview of Android 12

What are the main goals?

The first developer preview of Android 12 was revealed by Google, which is the major update to the mobile operating system that controls Android phones. Why would it interest our business-savvy readers? Businesses can definitely benefit from the release updates, the ones that Google highlights are image support, service optimizations, rich content insertion, and quicker & more sensitive alerts. Dave Burke, Google VP of Engineering claims the main goal is to make the operating system smarter, easier to use, and better performing, with privacy and security in focus.

“In Android 12 we’re also working to give you new tools for building great experiences for users. Starting with things like compatible media transcoding, which helps your app to work with the latest video formats if you don’t already support them, and easier copy/paste of rich content into your apps, like images and videos. We’re also adding privacy protections, refreshing the UI, and optimizing performance to keep your apps responsive.”

Dave Burke – Google VP of Engineering

What are the most significant updates?

As Dave Burke states, there are many updates on Android 12 that will benefit business owners and help to make online marketing more accessible for clients and easier to follow. To start with image support, in contrast with older image formats, such as JPEG, this significantly increases image quality for the same file size. Google is also introducing a new unified API (Application Programming Interface). It will allow content from any source to be approved by developers: clipboard, keyboard, or drag and drop.

Google redesigns alerts, makes them more modern, simpler to use, and more functional. Android 12 will block notification trampolines to save users from notification overload. And on the efficiency side, in Android 12, Google is reducing device variability. The business-ready phone might interest ambitious business leaders with its optimized features and high focus on business orientation, making their work smoother with the device.

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2. Pinterest Has Something That Makes It Outstanding In The Competition

Comparison of Pinterest’s competitors..

Over the past year, social-media stocks have flourished since the pandemic pushed the planet to digitally interact. Over the past four months, Snap’s shares have more than doubled during the news-heavy election season, besting both Twitter and Facebook. But the pinnacle of all of them was Pinterest online product and concept discovery site, which has grown into an e-commerce hub and one of the biggest pandemic winners as its shares have approximately quadrupled since the start of last year. Pinterest has increased its revenue twice as fast as Facebook did.

The numbers are here to back up.

Last week, the image-based social network shattered expectations of sales and earnings for the fourth quarter. Revenue amounted to $705.6 million, far exceeding analyst consensus at $645.6 million. Also earnings per share of $0.43, exceeding consensus expectations of $0.32. The monthly active user base grew 37% over the past year. Fourth-quarter showed that the Pinterest market is on fire with its price more than tripled over the last year.

Pinterest is dedicated to continuous development.  One of the reasons Pinterest was so popular last year is that it introduced new items such as automated advertising bidding, shopping advertisements, and story pins., which are crucially important new features that marketers need to get familiar with. how will it create benefit.

What is left for future developements?

There are several new features in store for 2021 as the company aims to enhance the experience of Pinner by investing in video and creating an ecosystem of creators. Pinterest also looks after advertisers, so by enhancing performance monitoring capabilities and extending sales reach to all forms of advertisers, it aims to make it easier for them to thrive on the site. By making companies list their goods on the website, the idea behind is to make Pinterest more available to purchase. Businesses are willing to follow the lead of the giant, however without the guidance of a professional agency the overflow of information can be overwhelming can be harmful.

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3. Snapchat Reports On 6-Second Ads

Can 6-second ads overrule longer ads?

Could 6-second video advertisements now be more successful than longer versions, with attention spans decreasing and media consumption habits evolving? That’s what Snapchat, based on its new research study, says. Snap commissioned MAGNA Global to perform a survey of over 7,700 consumers, on both desktop and mobile devices, to gain further insight into how the reaction habits of people are changing, in order to get an understanding of their responses to different types of video ads.

The numbers were compared.

Snapchat says that irrespective of the duration, vertical full-screen advertising on Snapchat drove more awareness boost than tested by other platforms. Of course, to some degree, that’s still proportional to ad quality, but since ads are only 6 seconds long, that reduces the intrusion and aligns with user behaviour more. Snapchat also states that within the test pool, its 6-second adverts were more convincing than 15-second slots. However, the results here were not universal across all campaign types. Snapchat says that for brand launches, 15-second ads still worked better.

“We found that of the ads tested, the ads that marketed a new product saw longer lengths provided greater efficacy on Snapchat. Therefore, new product launches should be a time to consider Extended Play Commercials in your media mix.”


So if you’re trying to share more information, you’ll probably want to consider longer ads in your approach, as in your initial launch process.

No decline, sounds promising.

Snapchat also found that on the website, both custom advertisements created for Snapchat and advertisements created from longer campaigns performed similarly. So you can cut and re-shape your longer video ads for the Snap audience without having a major performance decline. Again, your creative features matter, which can be perfected with the help of professionals.

Snapchat introduced a Vertical Video Conversion tool in Snap Publisher that will enable advertisers with horizontally-aligned assets to easily convert them into a vertical format. That makes sense, with the popularity of Snaps, Stories, and now TikTok clips, as users become more accustomed to short-form content.

#snapchat #ads #short #versus #long #ads

4. Final Words

Last week’s news reached out to Google, which revealed the first developer preview of Android 12. Pinterest’s numbers from last year are shocking. The platform grows and conquers. Snapchat 6-second ad results are also surprising, marketers need to re-think some of their current ads.


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.


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