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Week 04 has ended and a lot of interesting things happened. Google is introducing a new feature that can help researchers to choose their sources even better. YouTube shares some interesting facts about 2020 as well as its priorities for 2021. Pinterest is joining other social media platforms to boost engagement with stories.

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1. Google Search Results

New feature of Google search.

An update of Google Search is rolling out, a new three-dot icon on the top of the right will be visible. Clicking on the icon will show a card with additional information about the searched result. The new “about this result” cards include various useful information. There will be a description of the domain. The user will see if the domain is safe or not. The full URL of the search result will be shown. It will be indicated if the result is organic or an advertisement.

Which ads can have this feature?

Not all search results will have one of these new features. In case the domain has a Wikipedia page associated with it, the card will automatically appear. If you have never heard of that specific webpage before, that additional information can give you the context you are looking for, especially if you’re looking for something important or urgent, like health or financial information.

When the search occurs Google is sourcing all information immediately about domains from Wikipedia. There are no on-site optimization methods that could assist Google with filling out these info cards.

Are there setbacks?

Google’s reliance on Wikipedia restricts search results. This way smaller sites that do not have their own Wikipedia entries are excluded. With this update, Google aims to help searchers to be more informed about what sites they are about to visit. All the added context about sites is presented without the need for searchers to visit the site themselves. Whether it is good or bad is a matter of perspective. On one hand, it gives searchers information they need even faster. On the other hand, it may impact traffic on search results in a way that’s yet undetermined.

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2. YouTube Priorities For 2021

What happened on YouTube during COVID-19 so far?

2020 has brought unexpected changes in many industries. For some companies, it has brought the best opportunities and some on the other hand failed to cope. Susan Wojcicki shared that the number of new channels that joined the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) in 2020 more than doubled over the previous year. YouTube is in a favourable position since the content of YouTube is created by its users. In the first quarter of 2020, YouTube watch time increased by 25% worldwide. Gaming content was one of the most popular among all genre. Daily live streams grew by 45% in the first half of the year. From musicians giving concerts from their living rooms to churches streaming their services online, these “first-time streamers accounted for more than 10 million streams on the platform. The numbers might seem shocking but this is how people decided to spend their time or tried to find new ways to grow their businesses.

So what is next for YouTube?

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki shared the company’s priorities for 2021. Growing the creator economy is one of the main goals. Wojcicki revealed that over the past three years, YouTube has paid out more than $300 billion to creators. Another priority will be, living up to corporate responsibilities. YouTube pays extra attention to COVID-19 policies. As one of the main actions in 2020 YouTube has removed more than 500,000 non-compliant videos. Helping people learn new skills is a further priority. Wojcicki cited, “77% of YouTube users say they used the platform in 2020 to learn a new skill”. The word “beginner” in the searches received more than a billion views since March. Building for the future of YouTube will also gain extra attention.

Mobile Creation is in testing. YouTube is now beta testing YouTube Shorts in Indie. Commerce is also a new area for YouTube. Wojcicki cited a Talk Shoppe survey in stating that 70% of consumers have made a purchase recently after seeing the brand on YouTube. Finally, about regulatory landscape, Wojcicki said, “There’s another area that will be under significant focus in 2021 – regulation. Last year, these partnerships were incredibly helpful as we worked together to provide people with accurate information during the pandemic.”

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3. Stories On Pinterest

Story Carousel.

Pinterest is following suit with the popular stories feature that is now widely implemented across many social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The social media platform is now following the trend in order to push interactivity between creators and followers.

The benefit.

Now Pinterest creators will also have the opportunity to entertain and engage their follow base with stories. The addition of the story carousel on the means that creators who update their stories regularly will always end up on top of their audiences’ feeds. The new feature gives influencers the opportunity to further build audiences and share even more unique content on the platform. Pinterest isn’t commonly recognised as an influencer marketing or influencer native platform. However, with this additional feature, the app can get more similar to other social media platforms on the internet with its interactive feature.

This development could mean that we will get to know native Pinterest influencers as well. Considering the fact that Pinterest hosts content for target audiences at all end of the scale, from parents of young children to those with a passion for baby fashion or cooking and baking, we may begin to see a wide audience heading to Pinterest as their go-to social platform. 

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4. Final Words

Last week’s news reached out to Google’s new search feature, YouTube priorities and Pinterest updates. Google reveals a new feature that can help researchers to choose the right source. YouTube reveals some new trends from 2020 and shares some of its main goals for the coming year. Pinterest joins team Story Carousel as other social media platforms did before.


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.


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