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Week 53 has ended, taking us to a whole new 365 days worth of challenges & opportunities. As the year was coming to an end, the pace of technological innovations, feature updates and announcements for 2021 have increased. Let’s briefly recap what happened in 2020 on the digital landscape & how it may affect your life in the near future.

Happy new year, archetype! Be sure to read on.

1. COVID-19 Boosted Digitalization

It’s safe to say that 2020 was, in fact, full of surprises and when you thought it couldn’t get any different, without taking a sweat it simply just did. COVID-19 proposed such an external challenge for firms, that it made digitalization no longer optional, but a requirement for not only survival, but even for the potential to rebuild & grown in the future. It also led to certain results which could, in fact, be expected but still made our eyes open wide up as a result.

The elderly went digital.

Millenials are clearly the king of online spending, right? Well, the generation of 65 and over says different as baby boomers decided to conquer the digital landscape and go from being hesitant to use social media to essentially doing the shopping there like a real professional. The elderly going digital provides a lot of interesting insights, such as how an external challenge could change our lives at its very core, as well as how quickly we are willing to adapt once the situation clearly requires us to do so.

Boomers reportedly read their emails (hurray!) and they also use search engines to browse the internet with a much higher attention paid to the results instead of just scrolling the results page with little to no interest to actually immerse in the process of finding the most suitable article for their needs. Newspapers did the job in the past, it seems. 😉

Money spending has shifted, e-commerce got boosted.

The global e-commerce business saw an extensive rise in 2020 too, with a major focus not directly shifted to any industries specifically, as the pandemic simply affected all industries. As such, businesses providing either goods, services or both, essentially any form of products transformed their business models partially or completely in order to maintain their operation. Health & Beauty, as well as Home & Garden were the two segments that saw the highest growth early on in e-commerce, while entertainment started seeing a slow decline, yet managed to magnify a positive growth later on during & after the first lockdowns worldwide.

E-commerce has been a well accepted form of buying and selling for the younger generation, however, with the pandemic other generations & social groups are now showing higher adaptation as well.

Mobile functionality saw a demand increase.

As people are now spending much more time in front of their smart devices it comes of no surprise that the niché for mobile functionality related solutions saw a rise as well. This includes solution provides in UX design, web-development and landing page optimization, but also gadgets which and computer-related equipment which helps mitigate issues related to the change in our lifestyles in relation to the pandemic. In simple terms, COVID accelerate the technological advancement rate of digital functionality & ease of usage solutions.

Online marketing (if done well) saw a rise.

Since businesses are going / have gone digital and they needed a solution now, the demand for basically anything that could make a valuable contribution to such cause has seen a rise. Digital marketing was really put to the test, as it is responsible for ensuring and optimized overall online presence in details, while staying loyal to the company’s vision. It is essential for success and failure too. Agencies who done well saw a major increase, as the demand for their services rose. Other, similar areas include digital consulting and e-commerce assistance where demand saw a magnificent increase.

A latent need for digital marketing solutions exists for every company, as your online presence is at least just as importance in today’s world as your physical presence used to be 10 years ago. COVID led many companies to this recognition, which promoted a long-term cooperation between them and (great) digital marketing firms.

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2. The Biggest Social Media Hits of 2020

Social media is an essential element to our everyday lives. Whether we are Instagram fanatics or old-schooled and prefer direct messaging or calling, social media is still going to affect our lives either directly or indirectly. As a natural outcome, as the usage of smart devices saw a major increase the most popular platforms on those devices had to see an increase as well. Furthermore, let’s not forget about the fact that the theory of scarcity states that there is always going to be a demand for that what is missing, and it’s an understatement to make that social distancing boosted the demand for social media consumption. Let’s recap what happened to the most popular platforms in 2020…

TikTok in the spotlights.

TikTok has been in the spotlights for multiple reasons for the past 12 months. This year did not only contribute to the Chinese platform gaining an extensively fast increasing popularity, but it also became a major competitor to other popular SM platforms, like YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram.

The fight for TikTok’s U.S. integration between ByteDance and the Trump administration also contributed to the site’s media presence, not talking about the devastating move of India’s ban of the platform. Also, more and more creators switched to TikTok as it provides a new way for self-branding and advertising with certain practises taken from other social media platforms with a taste modernity added to turn the site into a major competitor of Insta, Snap or YouTube. Also, its brand perception saw a change as well, from a video sharing platform to a complex social media site now great for monetization too. With a continous expansion in features, such as the newly introduced yearly recap, we are excited to see what’s going to happen with the platform in #2021.

Snapchat’s extended plans.

We talked about in one of our weekly news articles how Snapchat had been making continous investments into further business expansion. The “king of AR” did not only improve its core product in 2020, but also made important feature updates and spectacular expansions which further increased our interest in the platform, such as the acquisition of, the unorthodox and arguably one of the most technologically advanced approaches to vocal artificial intelligence-related solutions.

The world of technology, media and even entertainment have been all around artificial intelligence for the past few years, and the latest acquisitions made by the biggest companies truly make us feel like we are slowly but steadily approaching a futuristic present. Let’s just all take a moment & hope it does not turn into Black Mirror, that wouldn’t be amongst the greatest ways to celebrate the new year. For now, we are really excited to see what the largest social media companies are planning to do in the following 365 days 😉

Instagram & Messenger made a difference.

It’s not harsh to claim that A LOT of things have been going on with Instagram for the past 12 months. From core feature upgrades, through privacy policy changes to an overall improvement to their ad & campaign management system the platform is clearly trying to show how innovation needs to be done in the digital industry.

Insta introduced product shopping to Reels & made shoppable videos available to the public. The platform, alongside Messenger added core feature updates to their DMs, giving them a modern & fresh feel while improving upon their functionality as well. The introduction of Vanish mode was an unexpected move, but we can easily dig it. Ways to monetize the platform has been getting better and better too, considering the advertiser-advertisee relationship improvements and the fight against policy-breaking advertising. Overall we could say that Insta is not only going in the right direction, but is keeping up with the drastic increase in competition as well.

Reddit is making a… debut?

Reddit is one of those social media platforms which a lot of people use but not necessarily for advertising & doing business. It’s a platform with a loyal and extremely active & supportive community where you could go and consume content sort of anonymously and just generally do stuff.

Lately, the site has been paying an increased attention to internal business expansions, such as new feature introduction and a more optimized way for ad integrations. Recently Reddit has also acquired Dubmash and is planning on further becoming an overall better social media site too. We are definitely excited to see what other surprises 2021 holds for the platform.

Spotify is monetizing podcasts.

With the increased popularity of podcasts, especially after the pandemic stepped into our lives, the most popular audio-driven social media platform Spotify figured out a clever way to monetize the genre. Podcast monetization was… meh due to multiple reasons, but with the company’s newest monetization solutions accurate tracking is now possible.

Podcast marketing is a relatively new practise, as the genre itself is still new too. Many celebrities, who originally operate in such industries have, however, decided to switch to content creation and express themselves, share their thoughts and focus on building a loyal community while being unable to continue their normal operations. Podcast marketing is gaining popularity in Central-Europe too, such as Austria or Hungary.

Pinterest went latent.

Recipes, crafts, quotes? Pinterest is the all-around social media platform, however, 2020 did not look as appealing as for its competitors. Despite the company’s grow its internal managerial issues and the lawsuit charged against potential racism against the company’s management resulted in a reduction to growth during the second half of 2020. However, as we all know life is full of ups and downs, and the latter is usually followed by the former, which is no different in a business’ life cycle either.

We are interested in what Pinterest is going to bring to the global social media landscape in #2021.

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3. Technological Breakthroughs & Black Mirror

5G will change things.

We have seen 3G and 4G and we were given an introduction to 5G as well. Those who have ever surfed the net on a fully 5G-driven network with a fully 5G-capable device know exactly the difference it makes. It is one of those things that you don’t notice until you try, but you will never want to go back to the old ones once you actually do. 5G is not just an upgrade, like 4G was from 3G, but it breaches such technological barriers which have been preventing certain industry nichés from noticeable further development for the past years.

With 5G, we are either going to live in a utopian digital economy or we are going to find ourselves in one of the most popular dystopian TV shows on Netflix…

We are interested in seeing what the future holds, 5G will definitely crack some nuts and open a whole new range of possibilities for digitalization.

AR & interactable in-feed ads.

If you really think about it, you haven’t really seen any fundamentally new ad formats for a looong time for now. We have seen a LOT of updates and upgrades to pre-existing ones, like static display ads or animated ads, however, a completely new ad format hasn’t been introduced for quite some time. With 5G, it could change…

Google Display ads are expected to receive a completely fresh & new way of advertising in the form of making the ads interactable. Interacting with an ad is already possible, you could click on them, some you could “play”, however, the former is not a big performance let’s be honest and the latter usually feels jaggy too. With 5G, Google feed ads will probably get AR-integration which will allow users to project the product found in the display ad to the real world using their smart device’s camera.

Furthermore, Google has recently made Google Swirl available to the public, a new interactable 3D ad format with in-feed integration where you are able to rotate, zoom in or out, as well as even modify the digital version of a 3D product REAL. TIME. IN. FEED.

In-game advertising is seeing a rise.

In-game display advertising is a lot of times annoying, let’s be honest. They pop up when they shouldn’t, a lot of times they cannot be skipped, and they usually serve as a sneaky tool for generating revenue on people. How about embedded, real-time in-game advertising?

Adverty has achieved noticeable results with their breakthrough in in-game advertising. Simply put, walking on a map in CS:GO will may not contain billboard ads from real-life. I know what you are thinking about… Those gigantic open-world games hold a lot of potential for advertising after-all, don’t they? 😉

#say #yes #to #technological #disruption

4. Final Words

Pandemic, earthquakes, explosions? The year clearly proposed to be a challenge to overcome, both for individuals and businesses. A LOT of things happened on the digital landscape and if we wanted to include everything we would need to write a book about it.

We would like to thank to all our business partners & clients who continue their contribution to the development of New Defined Archetype, without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. We are going to continue our support with as much effort, enthusiasm, and professionalism as we have & we will do our best to ensure that the year of 2021 will bring good food to the table for partners & clients as well! 😉

Stay safe & feel free to contact us anytime you feel so!

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