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All measures are focused on the economic success of our clients. To ensure a 360-view on our campaigns, we keep ourselves up to date about recent metrics and changes in order to handover high-quality feedback quickly.

Detailed Nerds.

How can we improve, optimize or simplify? We dive deep into our metrics to enhance our understanding of what's happening inside, which also includes continuous learning.

Responsible Actors.

We are aware of the consequences of our actions; a wrong move can lead to loss and cause damage - we must prevent that. Either bigger or smaller budgets, we perform a maximum of attention on every cent.

Respectful 360.

We are committed to sustainability and are looking for partners who fit to our philosophy. Posterity is not possible without our positive action - that is what we are working on.



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Our team consists of a colorful mix of young and young at heart. We focus on the long term and rely on an international spirit and a lot of language skills. The new way of working, which is particularly sought after by employees in the marketing / agency sector, requires a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. For this reason, we have both properly employed people, fixed contracts ("Experts") and mixed constellations in action, which enables us to be very quick and responsive in onboarding and in campaigning.

"Beyond all, a company must belong to a social community. If we spend a lot of time together anyway - why not with people we like? "


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Ing. Andreas Kraus, MSc. CEO

Before the agency was founded, Andreas graduated from the higher technical college for mechanical engineering in Wiener Neustadt and graduated as a career officer of the Austrian Armed Forces 2014 as a lieutenant in leadership support. After using it in the federal states of Salzburg and Vienna, he founded a SaaS start-up, from which NDA GmbH emerged in 2018 due to increased customer requests. Andreas is an entrepreneur and passionate online marketer in the field of strategy and conception. He advises customers on site to identify potential for marketing their products and services. Specialising in digitisation opportunities, he aims to support those who want to benefit from digitization.

Andreas Treitl, MSc. COO

Andreas combines the technical and economic view on digital projects and is responsible for the quality assurance of all internal and external projects.

Always looking for new challenges, Andreas has found his way into agency life. During his technical education combined with economic aspects at the University of applied science Wiener Neustadt, Andreas worked for an IT investment consulting company, where he acquired the basic knowledge of programming for insurance solutions. During his master's degree, this allowed him to work for a German insurance company in the area of sales process management, which he did not miss. Thus, the longtime companion football was turned its back and the shoes were exchanged with a keyboard. With this experience and new friendships Andreas returned to Austria and worked on various insurance and SAP projects. He could spend more time in the mountains and pursue his passion for freeriding, where he leaves his marks in the deep snow every year. The urge to work creatively has always been present in Andreas and now it was time for him to pursue this chapter professionally. With a further education the journey into agency life began. Today, Andreas combines his experience with creative approaches to solutions and coordinates projects within the company. The belief in team play is not only evident in the projects, but also in playing basketball, where assists are just as important as baskets to win a game.

Sophie Scharl, BA Head of Campaign

Starting with a sound education at the higher educational establishment for economic professions Theresianum Eisenstadt with a focus on cultural tourism & project management, she continued her interest in new media with the bachelor's degree in Information, Media & Communication at the University of applied sciences Burgenland, which she completed in 2014.

She then began her career in online marketing in a large Viennese agency, where she was able to gather a lot of experience for almost 5 years.

Since June 2019, she has been supporting the NDA team as Head of Campaigning for Paid Media Campaigns, in all areas whether search, display, programmatic or in various social media networks.

Clearing the head works best for her in nature, whether you are hiking, mountain biking or taking a leisurely evening stroll.

Their list of countries that absolutely must be seen has grown even longer since an Asian holiday 2 years ago. They were immediately fascinated by the continent, its warm people and culture.

Sophie approaches new projects strategically and works on them step by step, from research to setup and ongoing support of campaigns and customers.

She likes to work in a team, but also works very well in lone fighter mode when it takes longer or gets stressful.

Christoph Vetchy, BSc. M.A. Head of Social Media

Christoph has many years of experience in brand communication and brand building. He previously worked for NESTLÉ Professional for two years, where he was a brand manager, responsible for the brands NESCAFÉ, KIT KAT and SMARTIES. After completing his bachelor's degree with a focus on marketing management and change / development management at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, he completed his master's degree in communication management at the „Fachhochschule Wien“. Content creation and social media management are part of his daily business and thus guarantees the necessary conversion on your social media channels.

Due to his voluntary work as an organizer of numerous charity runs, including the Austria and Vienna Charity Run, Austria's largest charity run organized on a voluntary basis, he has also a lot of experience in event management / content creation and was awarded the title „Österreichs Sportler mit Herz" in 2019. As a former competitive athlete in middle-distance running, structured, goal-oriented work is one of his strengths.

Tobias Lorenzi Senior Content Expert

After many years of working in the television media sector, where he was involved in a wide range of activities related to film production, Tobias decided to apply his skills in the online sector of digital marketing.

Philipp Tikowsky Content Creation Expert

In addition to his apprenticeship as a technician, he discovered his creative streak and it was not long before he acquired his first camera. Through an insatiable thirst for knowledge and self-discipline, he was able to quickly acquire the knowledge of photography and the handling of the camera, recognized the connection between light and shadow and the eye for the essential. Whether Innsbruck, Linz, Vienna or Berlin, no renowned photographer was left out to get valuable tips and tricks for coaching sessions and workshops. The hobby photographer, who took countless souvenir photos during his holidays, has become a professional, who besides landscape and architecture focuses on portrait, product and event photography. Meanwhile, the camera has become his faithful companion, whether training with a dog, playing tennis or hiking - he is always looking for the perfect moment to be captured photographically. The right equipment for this task, as well as his own studio, which was moved from his own living room to the agency, was of course not to be missed and so he established himself as a serious partner for photography and image editing. As a house and yard photographer he is responsible for the creative visualization of the client's wishes in the agency.

Lisa Oelschläger, BBSc Senior Campaign Manager

Her love for the mountains and snowboarding drew Lisa from Germany to Austria in 2012. Besides her studies of economics, she also decided to study sports management. The combination of these two courses of study enabled her to broaden her knowledge and, above all, to acquire specialist knowledge in the fields of marketing and service economy. Her cosmopolitanism and curiosity for foreign countries and cultures were not neglected during her studies. In 2015, she completed a semester abroad at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Besides the numerous professional experiences she was able to gain during her semester abroad, she also learned to speak Portuguese fluently. After successfully completing her studies, Lisa moved to Indonesia, where she worked in a resort in the field of marketing. Her passion for SEA was awakened by working as an Account Strategist for Google Ads for a year. Besides snowboarding, surfing is her great passion. In her free time, she likes to travel to faraway countries in search of the perfect waves.

Ing. Martin Holoubek Web Design Expert

He is a passionate designer & developer as well as entrepreneur with heart and soul. After his apprenticeship, he founded the design agency, a business to provide companies with exclusive designs and sophisticated full-service solutions.

Deniz Kaya Accounting & Admin

He grew up in a quiet place in the district of Neunkirchen and completed his Higher school certificate in 2017 and saw his future in the university. After completing community service as a paramedic, which brought with it a lot of experience on a human level, student life was not long in coming and so the teacher training at the University of Vienna began. But he soon realized that his interests did not lie in perfecting his knowledge of past stories and German studies. A case in the family, where the employer deliberately exploited his position illegally and such abuse was not compatible with his morals, aroused in him the curiosity to become aware of his rights so that he would not have to simply let such events take place and apply the acquired knowledge, among other things, in everyday situations. The additional pursuit of a business education led to the study of business law. To prove and further strengthen his interpersonal strengths and logical thinking, his further path led him to the sales department of a digital agency in Wiener Neustadt, where experience is to be gained for his future life as a lawyer.

Ing. Anna Horvath Marketing Strategy Expert

After Anna's training as a media manager at the Higher Federal Graphic Teaching and Research Institute Vienna, she spent 3 years with Austria's market leader in outdoor advertising design and another year as manager of a small advertising foiling agency. She packed this know-how into her first company Artfolie, which she founded in 2015. Always interested in the sensory question of an advertising measure, the M2 marketing agency, which develops communication strategies for SMEs, emerged in early 2019.

Alexander Steiner Content Marketing Expert

Passionate and eager to see what comes next Alex loves to have his fingers on the pulse of time. He started his career in advertising a long long time ago ;) after graduating from the Werbeakademie, a college for advertising and market communication in Vienna.

In the course of his professional life, he has run through various stages. He has experience in classic agency work as well as from clients perspective, producing content as well as leading projects and managing client accounts. He has been team-leader as well as team-member and believes that an enthusiastic and cohesive team is an important key to success.

His journey finally guided him to the field of his true passion - Content Marketing and Brand Strategy.

Alex loves researching on topics focusing on digital technologies, the resulting changes in culture and society as well as the shifts within the media world. His drive origins in a strategic mindset, outside the box-thinking and change of perspective.

He always strives to discover new trends and ways of storytelling to help clients find their own direction. Every brand, company and product has a story to tell. Alex sees his role in helping clients to filter their story out and clothe it into something consumers resonate too.

He finds his balance in nature. Climbing, running, hiking or just chilling in the sun helps him to be in the right mindset and fill up his energy tanks.

Markus Hagmüller Senior Content Creation

Oh, hello! You don't know how much a polar bear weighs? Enough to break the ice. This is Markus and I love to design stuff. Most of the time I have a lot on my plate. Hats, sunglasses and a lot of work. Nevertheless, I always find time to do some mischief, in the graphic sense of course.

Ivan Nikolic Senior Campaign Manager

After finishing higher education in marketing science, he continued expanding his knowledge by learning and practising frontend development which leads him to the digital advertising business.
During his 7 years of experience in a US-based Google partner company, he levelled up from ad operations manager to leading a Sell-Side Programmatic team, laying his hands on all different types of ad technologies e.g. display, video, native, header bidding, etc.
His main strength is fast learning and wide knowledge of web technologies, always energetic and eager to learn new skills.
Out of all things, he loves spending time with his family (wife, son and baby daughter) especially cooking, playing music, hiking and travelling.

Daniel Kovacs, BA Business Development Manager

Prior to taking on his journey towards the world of business & advertising Daniel had already been involved in the daily challenges of emerging technologies concerning the world of IT.

Having gone to an IT and English-driven high school in Hungary he immediately recognized his burning interest for the digital world. Graduating from the University of Applied Sciences in Wiener Neustadt with a multi-cultural experience gained on the land of Westeros, Croatia Daniel finds a great balance between the technical and social side of advertising on an international scale.

With a stable arsenal of digital KSAs & an eager mind he takes content creation to the next level and ensures that no contact remains untouched. Also, he has 4 cats.

"Stay awesome, and valar morghulis"

Elif Celebi Senior Campaign Manager

Although she graduated from the Economics Department of Bilkent University, she was always passionate about other fields such as scriptwriting, music and digital marketing. After graduating, she took an off year to pursue her dreams and eventually stepped into the digital world. Having worked as a Digital Associate for more than a year, she finally crossed paths with NDA Agency.

Musa Yaldir Junior Web Designer

Martin Sebesta Content Creator

Before starting an apprenticeship as media specialist, Martin worked as a fitness trainer, flight attendant and for a detective agency.
After years of transforming people into muscle machines and hitting people's knees with beverage trolleys (mostly not on purpose),
he reevaluated his career goals and, in the course of this process, discovered his passion for graphic design and video editing.
He began creating all kinds of digital art and soon realized that he had to turn his hobby into a profession.
Martin is very happy now to be part of the NDA Team.

Favourite hobbies besides designing things: music (singing, songwriting, playing guitar), tennis and talking about Iceland.

Mag. Michael Walter Business Development Manager

After studying at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and having over 12 years of experience in corporate marketing & communications (group of companies as well as medium-sized companies), Michael is primarily responsible for the global business development. Among start-ups we work for and cooperate with regional and interregional agencies too. Key segments are SMEs which are currently in the process of transforming offline “only” to a strong online marketing focus. The biggest pains on the customer side are identified in a consultation sprint. Afterwards solutions with verifiable added value are developed and implemented. Michael is in a class of his own when it comes to leveraging the unused online potential of his customers.

Fanni Baranyai, BA Social Media Manager

After 5 years in a bilingual high school in Hungary Fanni decided that it was time for her to step out of her comfort zone and move to a different country all alone. She started her studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Wiener Neustadt in 2017. Living and studying in an international and multi-cultural environment made her experience unforgettable. Her passion for online marketing developed in these three years and she was determined that after her graduation in 2020 she will work in the digital world. It’s a good thing she spends all her time on social media anyways.

Dora Szombath Internship

Soon to be graduate.

After leaving secondary school, Dora decided to take gap years to travel and learn about different cultures. Up until now, she cherishes this time of her life. Yet, Dora always had the aim to study further and abroad. She is finishing her studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Wiener Neustadt where she knew from the very beginning that she takes Marketing & Sales as her specialization.
She always wished to complete her internship at a digital agency. So Dora is more than happy to be here, gain real-life experience, and learn essential skills at NDA Agency.

By the way, she is very much interested in the process of content creation, so she is in the right place.

Kinga Kalina, BA Marketing Assistant

After studying in an English-Hungarian bilingual high school she decided to move to Austria and study Business at FH Wiener Neustadt. Her major was Marketing and Sales and since she was planning to stay in Austria she worked on her German skills too.
She completed her internship in a big telecommunication company in Vienna, where she realized, that agency life and its work experience could be a stronger start for her career.

She is a Marketing Assistant in NDA Agency, meaning she has numerous different tasks that are either creative marketing or sales related.

Balasz Borbely de Roff, MBA Senior Marketing Strategist

Balazs has always had a keen interest in marketing, although his early experiences were not exactly encouraging: At 23 years of age, he found himself Director of Marketing in Budapest at a corporate project, without relevant qualifications and weekly changing expectations from the project's initiators. In absence of opportunities to grow, he turned his attention to another lifetime passion: horses.

A lot of learning, steel banging and business development followed, but as a result he succeeded in completely re-booting the ailing industry of farriery (professional horseshoeing) in Hungary with the help of only a handful of others, gained experience working in Austria, instructed farrier apprentices in Hungary and Turkey; and collaborated with several veterinary surgeons in rehabilitating injured equine athletes worldwide. As an eternal seeker of progress and novelty, he moved to New Zealand in 2003.

He continued to build a successful career in orthopaedical horseshoeing and consulting in farriery there, but he has also returned to two of his other passions: entrepreneurship, and storytelling.
To build a solid foundation of knowledge of these subjects, Balazs attended university while working full time. He earned himself a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and later a Master of Business Administration in his new hometown, Auckland. He is also currently completing his Thesis for his second Master, in English and New Media Studies at AUT University (Auckland). His research topic is the discursive construction of personal brands on LinkedIn, where he investigates how people use discourse as a social practice and a tool for advancement with the latest linguistic software tools. He does the final stage of the work remotely from Austria, where his heart brought him back again, after nearly 30 years.

Balazs is passionate about the role of language and storytelling in business, marketing, and leadership. He feels himself at home in the company of people of any age, gender, or cultural background. He refers to himself as the only Hungarian Kiwi living in Austria and loves to connect people from around the globe to create new opportunities in business, science, or education - for all of us.

Horses, dogs, cats, children, and crazy people seem to like him, and he is quick to connect with people from high tech and traditional industries and business in general. However, he has a hard time refusing profiteroles or prolonged conversations about nearly any subject. He also drinks way too much coffee while working.

Andras Révész
 Web Development Expert

After running his own online projects, such as webshops with a subscription packages, András turned his focus on developing custom solutions for clients as a freelancer before joining the NDA team. His versatile skill set covers anything from CMS systems such as Wordpress, all the way to fullstack web development using PHP and Javascript. He’s passionate about website performance and architecture, and also has an eye for design. Recently he’s been researching the domain of machine learning using Python and the Tenserflow library.

Andras is also intrigued by startups and acts as an advocate in helping the startups that can be found in the region with their IT and online needs.

Mag. Iwona Chelminska, MSc. Marketing Strategy Expert

Iwona loves absolutely everything what is set in global context, multilingual or international. Speaks fluently German, English, Polish. She studied in Poland, Germany and Austria and get her academiacal background at international business management, journalism and PR. Her international professional experience in sales and marketing she gathered while working for IT and consulting companies and was responsible for business operations in 10 countries in CEE/DACH region. After decade on sales path she became inspired of evolution in marketing and sales therefore she was eager to dive deeper in online marketing and afterwords graduated as online marketing professional. She is passionate about technology however human being with all individual needs stay always in the center of her attention.
During her engagements as business development, sales and partner manager she took care about solution sales, product marketing and sales strategy for quite many years. Now with these experiences from that time she helps companies sell more, be competitiv and grow their businesses through combinig her practical knowledge in sales management and integrating modern marketing tools.
She is dadicated to work with clients on improving their customer journey maps and leads her workshops, provides management consultancy in sales and online marketing. If needed she supports clienst with hands-on execution of all to do’s when it comes to sales, project management, e-mail marketing or website. Still fascinated about new tools and ways to make customers happier.
She is thrilled of inspirational talks with open minded people and creating an unique values together, for both personal and business growth.
In her spare time you can meet her on walking-tours in Wienerwald downoading healing power of nature or while tai chi qi gong practice bringing her in line with life. If not touching computer keybord for work she is passionate about music and touches emotions while playing piano.

Roland Reither Web Development Expert

From department manager to technical supervisor, he feels at home in IT since 2011.
Over the years, he got to know servers, networks, operating systems, firewalls, electronic controls, databases, development environments, programming languages and concepts.
He feels comfortable in the field of software development and his passion is programming and managing web projects.
His solutions are tailor-made and as individual as the customer's wishes. Whether common, or unusual, he can implement it. Every pixel is important to him and no bit is random. Every project brings new experiences and continuous learning motivates him.
Roland speaks "technology" fluently and enjoys to translate. That's why he is able to act as a link between customers, partners and developers at the NDA Agency.

Philip Steiner Sales Expert

Philip was born with a penchant for creative work through his father's company. After a short excursion into the IT sector, he took evening classes to catch up on his A-levels and then completed a bachelor's degree in business administration in Linz with a focus on marketing and management. Only a short time after graduating, he took a course to become a "certified sales manager", which he completed with distinction.

During his studies, Philip gained experience in several advertising and event agencies before taking the step into self-employment and supporting regional clients in Upper Austria with advice and support in branding, social media and event management.

Besides consulting, Philip also likes to be involved in the execution himself, helping his clients to create professional websites and develop automated email marketing solutions for their specific needs.

In his free time Philip can usually be found in the mountains of Upper Austria, Salzburg and Styria. The fresh air and the tranquility of nature give him strength, energy & creativity for his daily work, with the deep desire to make his customers happier and more successful.

Simona Rusnakova SEA Expert

As a professional Google Ads consultant, I have learned that advertising on Google is not just about clicks and budgets, it's actually much more fun - creating ads which will come up in Google exactly at the time when people need them. 

Google is here to help people find answers to their queries, and Google Ads should contribute to this service by providing valuable information that will help people – and yes, they will end up buying your product or signing up for your service – because that's what they were actually looking for!

Having worked with dozens of Slovakian, Irish, UK, and US websites I gained lots of experience across a wide variety of sectors, including technology, e-commerce, education, and non-profit around the world.

Specialties: I think it's nothing special in marketing to listen to your customers. However, so few companies really ask their customers and prospects questions on their needs, wants and pains, and even fewer companies really try to respond to these. In my work I try to use your customer value proposition based on your customers' views and this, as our experience proves, always leads to positive results.  

Sebastian Tahlhammer Marketing Strategy Expert

At a very young age Sebastian taught himself to craft his first stories on a typewriter. A real one. This was before blogging even became a thing.
Although his working style changed and his career and life took many (many) different directions he always found himself in one spot:
Crafting and telling powerful stories. Stories that engage, inspire and have meaning.
Whilst he stands in front of the camera from time to time or uses his voice acting skills for videos he mostly loves interacting with people in the form of conducting interviews, doing podcasts or videos.
His true skills come into play when he becomes the sparring partner for others to help them nail their positioning, messaging and communication.
Because after all, with all the benefits and improvements of digital technology - at the beginning always was and will be … the word!
And it’s in our duty to craft powerful messages, so customers will listen and engage with your brand.
Based on that solid foundation you can build truly build powerful marketing material in the forms of websites, marketing campaigns, etc. - that truly work.

Peter Erni Partner Schweiz

Proven expert for strategic content marketing, social media and new media communication. CEO at Brain & Heart Communication.
Experienced leader and project manager for small to medium teams and complex omnichannel marketing projects. An entrepreneur with management qualities in good and bad course of business with real crisis communication experience.