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When it comes to virtual means of advertising, what normally pops into our minds is a new form of technology which replaces the previous one and makes it not only appear but also feel completely outdated. Incorporating digital products into the real world has been done already, the technology we refer to as Augmented Reality, or AR. What about the other one, though? What about turning physical products into virtual assets and advertising them on the digital landscape?

Gamer or not, 3 billion users is no joke. Be sure to read on.

1. What Is Adverty & How Does It Help Me?

Social media advertising has been on the verge of a gigantic boom as the global population spends more time on their phones and other smart devices than ever, a number that became even higher with the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, the competition is becoming more and more saturated day by day, and the demand for a profitable alternative has been rising increasingly.

“Adverty unlocks unreachable audiences and comprehensive monetization streams in the largest exclusive network of seamless in-world advertising for games, esports and brands.”

Source: Adverty, 2020

Adverty serves as the bridge between gamers and advertisers. Video game monetization has been a thing ever since the video game industry was born as it is today. However, monetization is usually a question of what kind of business model the developer or publishers aims to rely upon to generate a stable revenue chain. Adverty, on the other hand, is an advertising platform for brands interested in gamers witnessing their CI, corporate identity, in the games they are playing.

How do you advertise on Adverty, then?

Advertising on Adverty occurs in the form of paid in-game advertisements, where the marketer pays for their corresponding brand or product placement for the specific game. It could be a simple road-side banner in an open-world game, or it could also be a virtual bottle which resembles the drink your company produces in the real world. Theoretically, it works exactly like real-world non-digital advertising, in practice, however, the market has been growing, rather than maturing.

How could Adverty help me better advertise myself on the market?

With social media advertising ads are placed at their corresponding places, which are a lot of times pretty obvious. Less obvious examples include ads that appear randomly on any website, with more obvious examples include ad placement which literally communicate “it’s an ad, watch it”, such as what you are seeing with unskippable commercials on YouTube, Snapchat or in some smartphone apps. With Adverty, your ads do not carry the negatives that an ad brings in terms of overall user experience, UX, as the ads are really just assets from the virtual environment around you. Being forced to watch a Coca-Cola commercial on YouTube right before watching the video you are so excited about feels like an ad, seeing the product itself in stores is not that actively noticable.

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2. Is The Platform Ad-Worthy?

3 Billion gamers word wide. 100s of millions active per month. Lots of numbers…

Whenever you are about to do something which feels like a change to you, you want to ensure that the change is actually worth it. You never know until you try, but the best thing you can do is looking at the latest statistics surrounding the change you are embracing. According to Adverty there are approximately gamers worldwide, of whom 100s of millions are active each month. Sounds believeable, as you don’t need more than some of the most popular e-sport games as of today. Pick them, put them together, and you hit a hundred million easily.

Many, many, many large corporations have been using it already.

Another way to predict whether a platform would actually keep up to the promises it makes is via customer testimonials. In Adverty’s case, even a fractured list of key accounts does the job quite well, as well. Among other companies, Red Bull, Coca Cola, Lenovo, McDonalds and Asus are using the platform for delivering seamless in-game ads. SAYS. A. LOT.

How flexible you are with Adverty’s ad manager?

The company offers support for Android, iOS, Windows, gaming consoles, as well as virtual & augmented reality driven applications too. The firm also claims to have a lightweight SDK, source development kit, which allows for an easy-to-use integration. There are multiple ad formats available, such as In-Play ads and In-Menu ads. Be a developer or advertiser, Adverty definitely provides a helping hand.

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3. Legit or Fake? A List of Testimonials.

“Apps are now key for a brand to engage with its audiences. Adverty is delivering an immersive advertising experience that integrates with the user, driving a more positive response that moves them closer to the brand.”

– Jonas Söderqvist, Regional Director Northern Europe at PubMatic

“Adverty has created a new way for our clients to effectively communicate with Generation Z, a very important audience that is getting harder and harder for most brands to reach out to.”

– Clara Grelsson, CEO at Mindshare Sweden

“Exposing our brands in safe gaming environments while reaching our target audiences at scale is an exciting, new way for us to communicate.”

– Jonas Johnsson, Head of FAST at Mindshare FAST

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4. Final Words

Adverty definitely serves as a great future potential of the in-game advertisement market. With a well-structured ad management dashboard, a user-friendly SDK and a high potential shown for growth the platform does serve as a great way to advertise in-game.


We hereby expressly do not declare that we are the author of the post or the content it contains. It is our intention to summarize the essential information from several sources and to provide our site visitors with knowledge about our services.

Adverty. 2020. “Creating a Seamless World Between Brands and People”. Accessed 24th September.


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